As the giant flame serpent was about to devour Shi Feng…

Suddenly, Shi Feng raised his head and glared at the serpent before opening his mouth and activating Dragon’s Breath. A dragon’s roar resounded throughout the surroundings, and a shockwave slammed into the flame serpent.

When the two collided, both attacks dispersed.

However, the Gatekeeper was not done. Tightening his grip on the black spear, the Gatekeeper thrust it towards Shi Feng’s heart.

Shi Feng immediately activated Flame Rush, his Movement Speed increasing by 100% for ten seconds.

As his speed soared, Shi Feng launched himself backward, barely avoiding the spear.

_As expected, it really is pushing it too much to challenge a Great Lord with the combat power of a Tier 2 class._ After Shi Feng landed, he focused on Anubis’s Gatekeeper, having no intention of initiating an attack.

Survival was his main priority. He would delay as long as possible.

Despite using his twofold berserk technique and pushing his combat power to the max, he had still lost close to half of his HP after a few seconds. If not for the fact that he was a Blade Saint and that he owned a Fragmented Legendary item, the Gatekeeper’s spear would have long since claimed his life.

However, Anubis’s Gatekeeper clearly had no intention of letting Shi Feng delay for time as he raised his spear and slammed it into the ground. Suddenly, the Great Lord split into three copies of himself, each copy having a maximum HP of 6,000,000.

“Crap!” Shi Feng could not help but curse.

Although the Gatekeeper had split his strength by three, with each copy significantly weaker than the original, they still possessed the combat power of a Tier 3 class. Even if Shi Feng faced one of the copies one-on-one, he would not find his opponent any easier to deal with.

On the other hand, Shi Feng now had to deal with three Gatekeepers simultaneously. The danger he currently faced was far from just three times greater.

Having no other option, Shi Feng used Phantom Kill, his doppelganger appearing by his side. Although his doppelganger only possessed 70% of his Attributes, it could still relieve some of the pressure.

“Trespassers of the Holy Land, die!”

The three Gatekeepers charged at Shi Feng, launching a barrage of attacks.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng used Nine Dragons Slash to pin down the middle copy. Both he and his doppelganger then turned and fled in opposite directions.

Even if he were a Tier 3 class, he still could not take on three Great Lords at once.

When the two unrestricted Gatekeepers saw the identical Shi Fengs running off in different directions, they split up from each other to chase both the original and the doppelganger. As for the Gatekeeper pinned down by Nine Dragons Slash, he remained where he was.

For a time, a game of cat and mouse transpired.

Although the Gatekeeper’s ability to split himself into three copies had greatly increased the danger Shi Feng faced, the situation had also given Shi Feng a lifeline.

The three Gatekeeper’s Attributes could not compare with the original Great Lord’s. Initially, Shi Feng had been far slower than his adversary. Now, however, their speeds were almost equal. Moreover, after Anubis’s Gatekeeper split himself, his copies could no longer use Instantaneous Movement. His copies were only capable of chasing Shi Feng on foot, and this allowed Shi Feng to catch a breather.

The seconds ticked by slowly. To Shi Feng, the seconds felt like hours.

Both Shi Feng and his doppelganger lost HP rapidly as time passed. As for Violet Cloud at the teleportation array, she refrained from healing her Guild Leader even once. It was not because she did not want to or that she couldn’t, but because it was likely that she would pull the aggro of one of the Gatekeepers if she did. If that happened, none of them would leave this place alive. Hence, Shi Feng had to rely on Regeneration Potions to recover his HP.

Fifteen seconds into channeling the teleportation array, Shi Feng’s doppelganger died. Now, Shi Feng had to deal with two Gatekeepers alone.

Realizing that the situation had become unfavorable, Shi Feng immediately retrieved a Speed Scroll from his bag. After using the scroll, he dashed into the narrow passage their party had come from.

All three Gatekeepers instantly took up the chase.

In less than three seconds, the Gatekeepers had caught with to Shi Feng.

However, Shi Feng suddenly turned to smirk at the three Great Lords.


Shi Feng smiled faintly as he activated Space Movement. He then jumped into the black hole that appeared before him and disappeared from the narrow passage, leaving behind three dumbfounded Gatekeepers.

Although the Land of the Fallen Star prohibited the use of Return Scrolls, he could still use Space Movement. Only, the skill’s range was limited to the area within the Land of the Fallen Star; he could not use the skill to leave.

When Shi Feng had approached the golden stone tablet for the first time, he had marked its coordinates. Now that he had lured the Gatekeepers away, he used Space Movement to arrive before the golden stone tablet.

Shi Feng dashed up to the golden stone tablet and stored it in his bag space.

Meanwhile, Fire Dance had channeled the teleportation array for 18 seconds.

Shi Feng was currently close to 30 yards from the array. Just as he was about to rush over to his party…

Anubis’s Gatekeeper suddenly appeared in front of Shi Feng, an extraordinarily grim expression on the Great Lord’s face. At this moment, silver flames surrounded the Gatekeeper’s entire body. They even encased the black spear he carried. The instant he appeared, the Gatekeeper used Thousand Sweep against Shi Feng.


In the face of the Gatekeeper’s spear, even space tore.

The black spear was so fast that it could not be seen by the naked eye. The weapon slammed into Shi Feng.


An explosion shook the altar.

“Trespassers of the Holy Land, die!”

Although the Gatekeeper of Anubis had struck Shi Feng with his spear, the rage in his heart had only grown, not lessened.

The Gatekeeper had struck only Shi Feng’s afterimage.

“Guild Leader!” Fire Dance called out with surprise when she saw Shi Feng appear beside her.

Everyone had lost hope the moment they saw the Great Lord’s attack. That final strike had simply been too fast. Blocking the attack would have been impossible, much less dodging it. Yet, Shi Feng had successfully avoided the attack. Moreover, he even appeared right beside them. It was astonishing.

However, only Shi Feng had known how much danger he had been in just now. The instant the Gatekeeper appeared before him, he had immediately used Silent Steps on Fire Dance. Had he hesitated in the slightest, he would have definitely lost his life…

“All of you shall die!” Anubis’s Gatekeeper bellowed as he glared at Shi Feng. He then threw his black spear towards Shi Feng’s group.

The weapon was extremely fast; none of them had time to respond to the oncoming attack.

Meanwhile, there was still slightly over one second before the teleportation array would activate. That one second was more than enough time for the spear to annihilate them all.

Suddenly, Shi Feng moved and stood in front of everyone, prepared to receive the attack.

Just as the black spear covered in silver flames was about to reach its target, Shi Feng switched the Aura of Space for the Aura of Illusion, instantly increasing all of his Attributes by 30%. He also activated Fantasy World.

[Fantasy World]

Immunity to all Magic Damage and 15% of Magic Damage received will be converted to healing to recover player’s HP for 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

The instant the black spear collided with its target, Shi Feng instantly recovered close to 5,000 HP. However, before Shi Feng could celebrate, the immense impact from the collision between the black spear and his two swords eliminated 7,000 HP. As a result, he had still lost 2,000 HP.

_What a powerful skill._ Although Shi Feng had blocked the black spear, both of his hands were completely numb; he couldn’t move them at all now.

If he had not activated Fantasy World, the flames surrounding the black spear would have extinguished his life in an instant. The might of the spear itself was even more frightening. After switching to the Aura of Illusion, all his Attributes had increased by 30%. His Strength had exceeded the 1,900-point threshold. Yet, when defending against the black spear’s physical attack, Shi Feng had received -7,000 damage.

“Despicable trespassers! I will not let you off! You will receive the punishment you deserve!” the Gatekeeper bellowed as he snarled at Shi Feng.

However, no matter how angry the Gatekeeper was, he could not change the fact that the teleportation array had activated. The Great Lord did not have enough time to launch another attack, and it could only watch helplessly as Shi Feng and the others transformed into a streak of flowing light, vanishing from the Land of the Fallen Star.



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