“And just who are you, brat?!

“What a big mouth you have! Believe it or not, if I wasn’t Silenced right now, I could wipe the floor with you at any given second!”

Due to having been Silenced, Blackie had been disappointed that he could not display his strength. With Summer Sunshine’s sudden appearance and his arrogant tone when he spoke to Shi Feng, Blackie was instantly enraged.

“So fast!”

Looking at the youth in front of them, Aqua Rose discovered that he was actually Level 26, the same level as her. She also felt an intensity radiate from this Assassin.

This intensity was heavier and more chilling than that from a Lord ranked monster.

In particular, with confidence and arrogance, he looked at them as if they weren’t even the same species, but some lower life forms. He looked down on them like a god over mortals.

_Just who is this person?_ Aqua Rose was stunned and confused. Currently, her intuition warned her to flee from this man. This was the first time since she had begun playing God’s Domain that she had ever experienced such a feeling.

Standing beside Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud was similarly on high-alert. After participating in Ouroboros’s internal competition with Shi Feng, she had some understanding of monster-like experts. Compared to Aqua Rose, she knew how frightening these kind of people could be. Immediately, she pulled Blackie, who was prepared to throw himself to Shi Feng’s defense, back, warning him, “Brother Blackie, be careful. That man isn’t as simple as he looks. He’s on an entirely different level than we are.”

Violet Cloud’s caution calmed Blackie immediately. When he examined Summer Sunshine again, cold sweat suddenly dripped down his forehead.

Previously, the frustration of being Silenced had clouded his mind, so he had failed to detect the powerful aura or the boundless killing intent that emanated from the cocky Assassin.

“Oh? You guys aren’t too shabby after all. You’re only the second group of players that I’ve met since I arrived in Star-Moon Kingdom to possess such sharp senses. White River City really is an interesting place.” Summer Sunshine could not help his surprise when he saw Aqua Rose and the others’ reactions. Not even Underworld’s so-called great expert, Ming Sha, had sensed how powerful he was. Yet, Aqua Rose and the others had managed to do so. At least, this showed that they were slightly stronger than Ming Sha. Unfortunately, they were only _slightly_ stronger. Summer Sunshine then pointed towards Shi Feng, saying, “I’m not interested in you guys, so you can leave. He, however, has to stay.”


Though Blackie wanted to sling a flurry of curses, Shi Feng quickly stopped him.

“You guys can take off,” Shi Feng said.

“But…” Blackie understood Shi Feng’s current situation. To face the Great Lord ranked Anubis’s Gatekeeper, Shi Feng had used a berserk skill. He was still in a Weakened state at the moment, and his strength had been significantly reduced. Nothing good would come from soloing Summer Sunshine right now.

“Can we not defeat him even though we outnumber him?” Virtuous Cloud asked with astonishment. She could not understand the Shi Feng’s party’s current performance. They were experts who were capable of defeating 50 Red Names single-handedly. Yet, now, a single Assassin had stopped them in their tracks.

Even if the magical classes could not join the fray, the three of them were still elite players. They could defeat a Level 26 Assassin easily if they worked with Black Flame.

“You guys need to get going. If you waste any more time, the enemy will catch up.” Shi Feng waved his hand, rejecting Virtuous Cloud’s proposal. Virtuous Cloud and the others had yet to reach _that_ level, so they did not understand how frightening the youth before them was.

Aqua Rose was also helpless. If they had not been Silenced, they could have helped in this fight. In their current condition, however, they would be nothing more than cannon fodder to the Assassin. Hence, taking the initiative, Aqua Rose said, “Let’s go.”

Following which, Aqua Rose led her party members away.

“Guild Leader, I’ll help you,” Fire Dance said through the party chat when she noticed Summer Sunshine.

“No need. Lead Aqua Rose and the others away from here quickly. If anyone catches up, it will be very difficult to escape,” Shi Feng immediately rejected the offer.

It was not because Shi Feng did not believe in Fire Dance’s strength. However, the youth named Summer Sunshine was not an ordinary expert. Rather, he was someone who stood at the peak of all Assassins in God’s Domain, Death God Summer Sunshine.

The reason he had the title of Death God was that Summer Sunshine had successfully become a Tier 6 class in the past. He was an existence that stood at the peak of God’s Domain.

Summer Sunshine and Violet Cloud were different. Unlike the former, Violet Cloud had only begun to shine during the later stages of God’s Domain, eventually becoming a god and standing at the peak of God’s Domain.

However, Summer Sunshine had stood at that apex since God’s Domain had launched. He was one the few OP players.

Initially, Shi Feng had not believed the rumor about Summer Sunshine. Now that he saw the man in person, however, he believed it.

_Why is he participating in a battle between Guilds?_ Based on the information Shi Feng had obtained about Summer Sunshine in the past, the man had always been an independent player; he had never joined any powers and had never participated in struggles between powers. Now, however, he was actually helping Underworld.

However, there was no point wasting his thoughts. The thing he needed to do right now was to escape.

_My Attributes have been reduced by too much. Even though he is affected by the Movement Speed Reduction of the Aura of Time, my speed should still be inferior to his. I need to figure out a way to shake him off._ Shi Feng had no intentions of fighting it out with Summer Sunshine right now. He was simply at too much of a disadvantage. If the fight dragged on for too long, the crowd of players from Overwhelming Smile would catch up. He definitely wouldn’t be able to hold back the attacks of Summer Sunshine and the elite players.

While Shi Feng was thinking up of a plan to escape, Summer Sunshine suddenly asked, “What? Trying to think of a way to avoid me in battle?

“I advise you to give up that idea and focus on our fight. I can tell that you are an expert who has also broken through _that_ level. However, it will not be possible for you to throw me off.”

Saying so, Summer Sunshine took a step forward before abruptly vanishing. In the blink of an eye, he appeared right in front of Shi Feng, and before anyone knew it, his snow-bright dagger was just several centimeters away from reaching Shi Feng’s chest.

The entire process was simply too fast.

“How can he be so fast?!” Although Fire Dance was currently massacring the members of Overwhelming Smile, she had placed most of her attention on Shi Feng’s battle. When she saw Summer Sunshine’s attack, her heart was filled with an indescribable sense of shock.

Summer Sunshine’s swiftness was different from ordinary swiftness. He used an attack method that allowed his speed to become extremely fast by abandoning all unnecessary actions.

However, when Summer Sunshine’s dagger was about to pierce Shi Feng’s chest, the latter suddenly vanished from everyone’s sight.

“Where is he?” Lone Tyrant, who was watching the battle from afar, asked in astonishment when he saw Shi Feng suddenly disappear.

Shi Feng was definitely Silenced. Thus, he was unable to use any skills or tools. Yet, he had still vanished from Lone Tyrant’s eyes. This was simply inconceivable.

“What’s going on?” Youlan similarly widened her eyes, her complexion turning extremely gloomy. “Did he get away, just like that?”

In reality, it wasn’t just Youlan and Lone Tyrant who were shocked. Everyone on the battlefield was also shocked.

While stuck in a situation where neither skills nor tools could be used, a living, breathing human being had actually vanished. No matter how one looked at it, this scene defied all common sense.



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