“This…” Aqua Rose also could not help her surprise when she saw Shi Feng disappear.

It wasn’t just Aqua Rose who was confused. Even Blackie, who was standing beside her, was stupefied, not to mention Virtuous Cloud and her party, who had little knowledge regarding Shi Feng.

Everyone present couldn’t use any of their skills, and the same went for their tools as well.

Just what sort of method did Shi Feng use to disappear from everyone’s eyes? Moreover, unlike Assassins who had to go through a short process before vanishing, Shi Feng had taken only an instant to disappear completely.

“How could I forget that Guild Leader has this move?” At this moment, Fire Dance suddenly recalled that Shi Feng knew Void Steps.

Aqua Rose and the others had never seen Shi Feng use Void Steps before, so they did not know that Shi Feng possessed such a card.

As for Fire Dance, Flying Shadow, and Violet Cloud, they had personally seen Shi Feng use Void Steps before, so they knew how powerful this technique was.

Even if Summer Sunshine was incredible, he would be rendered helpless in the face of this move. After all, an enemy that one could not see was quite frightening; moreover, the attack method gave one no time to react at all. Even if Summer Sunshine removed all excess movements and increased his body’s speed to the maximum, he still could not block Shi Feng’s sword.

Meanwhile, traces of shock appeared on Summer Sunshine’s face as he failed to locate Shi Feng’s figure even after he searched his surroundings.

Suddenly, Shi Feng appeared beside Summer Sunshine. The silvery-gray Abyssal Blade also abruptly appeared at the Assassin’s waist, cutting across it.


Although Summer Sunshine used everything he had to dodge and block Shi Feng’s attack, the time the Abyssal Blade had taken to cut him was simply too short. The Abyssal Blade had already struck him before he could even dodge or block, and damage of over -400 points subsequently appeared above his head. In just an instant, Summer Sunshine had lost close to one-tenth of his HP.

However, Summer Sunshine had quick reactions. After being attacked, he counterattacked, his dagger suddenly striking at Shi Feng’s back with even greater speed. With the distance between them so close, there was simply not enough time for Shi Feng to withdraw his sword and defend himself. In addition, Summer Sunshine’s attack had no unnecessary actions, so his dagger moved at an extremely fast speed. Let alone now, even if Shi Feng was not in a Weakened state, he would still have great difficulty defending against this strike.

In Shi Feng’s desperate attempt at dodging, the dagger missed its mark and only managed to scrape Shi Feng’s shoulder. Still, this single attack dealt over -800 damage to Shi Feng, taking close to half his HP away.

“You’re quite good. You’ve actually managed to damage me. However, it seems that your Attributes have been greatly weakened. I just attacked you once, and you already lost close to half of your HP,” Summer Sunshine stated in a carefree manner as he looked at his injured waist. “That footwork of yours is amazing. However, you are bound to reveal yourself when you attack. Your one strike took away only around a tenth of my HP. Even if I just exchange damage for damage, it will still be your loss three moves later.

“But since you were able to harm me, as a reward, I won’t suppress you using my Attributes. I’ll let you see what real strength is.”

Summer Sunshine spoke in a very casual and overbearing tone. However, Shi Feng did not think that Summer Sunshine was bluffing, because the moment the Assassin finished speaking, the aura surrounding him underwent a complete change.

Previously, he had still leaked out a little killing intent. Now, however, he completely sheathed it. The gaze in his eyes no longer focused on a single point. Instead, it was a gaze that took in everything in the surroundings, looking at everything objectively.

This move was none other than Omnivision. However, compared to when Soaring Snake and the other amateurs used it, Summer Sunshine had mastered it to the realm of perfection.

_As expected of the Death God of God’s Domain. It seems he won’t be that easy to deal with._ Shi Feng had never fought against such a powerful character in the past. To be precise, he had not had the qualifications to do so.

Although a Tier 3 Sword King was similarly very amazing in the eyes of ordinary players, in front of god-tier players, he was no different from an ant.

In the past, there was a saying that went around in God’s Domain: everyone beneath god-tier was an ant. Without becoming a Tier 6 class, one would never know how frightening Tier 6 players truly were.

The Assassin standing before him was an expert that had always stood at the very peak of God’s Domain.

Shi Feng had never expected to fight such an expert.

However, the past and the present were different. First and foremost, the Summer Sunshine before him right now had yet to become a god-tier expert. Meanwhile, Shi Feng himself knew Void Steps, an advanced footwork. Defeating Summer Sunshine and escaping was not necessarily impossible.

As for escaping?

Looking at Summer Sunshine’s speed, Shi Feng knew escaping was not an option unless he defeated the Assassin.

In reality, there was another method he could use, and that was to execute Void Steps continuously. However, due to his Attributes being reduced, the distance he could move each time was also greatly reduced. Moreover, using Void Steps multiple times in quick succession was mentally taxing. He would most likely lose consciousness before he could even run one or two hundred yards away.

_It seems that I can only try to take care of him by continuously using Void Steps._ Shi Feng really could not think of a better idea right now.

Melee combat relied on Attributes and techniques. In terms of Attributes, Shi Feng was no match for Summer Sunshine at all. Hence, he could only try to gain victory through techniques.

Since using Void Steps only once was not enough, then he would use Void Steps twice in a row: once for attacking, and once for dodging.

After thinking up to this point, Shi Feng immediately used Void Steps and dashed towards Summer Sunshine.

Suddenly, Shi Feng disappeared from everyone’s eyes once more.

A short moment later, Shi Feng appeared beside Summer Sunshine once more, and the Abyssal Blade was also sweeping towards the Assassin’s abdomen.


Suddenly, the sound of metal clashing rang out, a dazzling spark appearing around Summer Sunshine’s abdomen. Instead of landing on the Assassin’s abdomen, the Abyssal Blade was actually blocked by his dagger. Immediately after, Summer Sunshine used his other dagger to strike at Shi Feng’s blind spot.

Shi Feng was shocked. However, with equally fast speed, he promptly used Void Steps and just barely dodged the dagger’s attack.

Everyone’s hearts trembled when they saw Shi Feng and Summer Sunshine exchanging moves.

“He couldn’t have possibly seen through Guild Leader’s footwork, right?” Fire Dance could not help but be shocked.

Void Steps was an advanced technique that allowed Shi Feng to easily defeat a Chieftain. Yet, Summer Sunshine had seen through it after just two uses…

“Your footwork really is mysterious,” Summer Sunshine chuckled lightly as he looked indifferently at Shi Feng standing four yards away from him. “Originally, when I first saw that footwork, I really did think that you had disappeared. However, when you used it the second time, I can say with certainty that you did not disappear. Only, that footwork of yours forces my eyes to automatically ignore all information relating to your existence, which is why you seem to suddenly disappear from my eyes. Unfortunately, you’ve met me. If it were anyone else, they would really be rendered utterly helpless against you, without undergoing special training.”

“That’s right.” Shi Feng nodded, having no intention of hiding the mechanics of Void Steps.

Although Void Steps was an advanced footwork, it was not invincible. In the face of a god-tier expert, it was nothing but a joke. Only, Shi Feng had not thought that Summer Sunshine would see through it so quickly.

Sure enough, Summer Sunshine’s title of Death God was not undeserved.

He really was as strong as a monster.

Just as Shi Feng was thinking of how he should deal with Summer Sunshine, the latter took a step forward, then abruptly dashed towards Shi Feng.



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