This Haunted really is frightening. It is actually able to force a Red Name to drop every single piece of equipment they are wearing. Underworld should be shedding tears right about now. Shi Feng’s heart was filled with joy when he looked at the ground littered with items.

Killing the elite members of a Guild would not cause any significant damages to said Guild as these elite members only had advanced equipment. Such equipment could be easily replaced. The equipment of experts, on the other hand, was different.

Every single expert was an accumulation of a Guild’s top-tier equipment.

Meanwhile, behind every piece of top-tier equipment was the sacrifice of a large number of players. Being able to steal a piece of top-tier equipment from a Guild was the equivalent of slicing a piece of flesh off said Guild.

The Underworld Guard parties had a total of twelve members. Of them, ten were mostly geared in Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment mixed with a few pieces of Level 20 Fine-Gold and even Dark-Gold Equipment. As for Fifth Ghost and Sixth Ghost, their equipment was only slightly inferior to that of core members of Zero Wing. The majority of their equipment consisted of Level 25 Fine-Gold Equipment, and even the most inferior pieces were Level 20 Dark-Gold Equipment. Now, however, these twelve players were left with not a single piece of equipment on their bodies, thanks to Shi Feng…

In addition, the twelve had also dropped plenty of items from their bags. Among them were plenty of Haunted potions, as well as the good quality equipment such as Level 20 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment they had harvested from other players.

Making a rough estimate, Shi Feng had earned more than 100 Gold just from killing these twelve players.

“Split this advanced equipment among yourselves. Don’t forget to leave some for your dead companions.” Shi Feng only collected the top-tier equipment and Haunted potions for himself, leaving the remainder for the team. He then disappeared into the dense forest in search of other Underworld Guard parties.

“So cool! Is that person really our Guild Leader?” a female Summoner asked as she watched Shi Feng’s departing figure, her gaze carrying a seductive charm.

“It should be. Before, when that person named him Black Flame, he did not deny it. Moreover, he has even willingly left behind so much good equipment for us. Other than our Guild Leader, I doubt there would be anybody who would do such a thing.” The Ranger team leader nodded in reply, his heart filled with an indescribable sense of excitement.

“It really is great to be a member of Zero Wing,” the others could not help but exclaim.

Despite the ongoing war between Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile, as the leader of a Guild, Shi Feng had actually taken the initiative to enter such a dangerous location all by himself. He had even rushed to their rescue at the first sign of trouble. With such a Guild Leader, even if they fell back to Level 0 as a result of battling Overwhelming Smile, they would still do so willingly.

“Although Guild Leader has left all this good equipment to us, I suggest that after we set aside several pieces for those who died, we should place the remainder in the Guild’s Warehouse. Now that we are waging a war against Overwhelming Smile, the Guild’s expenditure is very large. We can’t take advantage of the Guild at such a crucial period,” the Ranger said.

The others promptly nodded in agreement.


Currently, Shi Feng was searching for treasure chests in the Watch Cemetery while waiting for Space Movement’s Cooldown to end and news to appear in the Guild channel. Space Movement had a five-minute Cooldown. As he did not wish to waste time during this period, he had started hunting for treasure.

Shi Feng could not be more familiar with the Watch Cemetery. He had visited this place many times in search of treasure in his previous life. Moreover, in the past, many treasure chest locations had been published on the official forums. Back then, as treasure chests that had already been found would not reappear at the same location, nobody actually cared about keeping these locations a secret. Instead, they actively publicized and showed off their discoveries. As a result, their actions would now benefit Shi Feng.

There were plenty of secrets in God’s Domain. In reality, Shi Feng had just taken a casual glance at these treasure chest locations back then; he had not paid any particular attention to them. Even if his memory was very good, he could only vaguely remember these locations now. After all, nobody knew that they would reincarnate into their past lives.

However, due to the improvement of Shi Feng’s brain activity, even his memory had received a huge boost. The things he could only vaguely remember before were now as clear as the sun at noon to him. Hence, his search for treasure chests became a very easy task. It was as if he was looking at a treasure map while treasure hunting.

After just a brief search, Shi Feng had already discovered a Bronze Treasure Chest, obtaining more than three Silver Coins and a Level 25 Mysterious-Iron Weapon from it.

“The number of treasure chests in this area is too little while the number of players is too high. Many of the treasure chests should have already been discovered by someone else. It seems that I can only try my luck somewhere else,” Shi Feng muttered as he collected the items inside the Bronze Treasure Chest. Currently, Level 25 Mysterious-Iron Weapons were still in high demand. He then took a look at the system map. “As I recall, there should be plenty of high-quality treasure chests located in the inner regions of the Watch Cemetery.”

Following which, Shi Feng dashed directly towards the inner region of the Watch Cemetery.

For a couple of hours, Shi Feng searched for treasure while killing any Underworld Guard parties that dared show themselves.

During this period, Shi Feng had opened more than thirty treasure chests. Among them, fourteen were Bronze Treasure Chests, sixteen were Mysterious-Iron Treasure Chests, and six were Secret-Silver Treasure Chests. He had also killed eleven Underworld Guard parties. Overall, he had gained a frightening harvest.

Although these Underworld Guard parties did not have experts like Fifth Ghost and Sixth Ghost, they still contributed plenty of top-tier equipment to Shi Feng’s harvest. After all, these Underworld Guards normally killed many players, so they had accumulated quite a lot of good stuff, both on their bodies and in their bags. Now, however, all these items belonged to Shi Feng. In other words, these Underworld Guards had just carried out free labor for Shi Feng.

Just the number of top-tier equipment Shi Feng obtained exceeded a hundred pieces, not to mention advanced equipment.

Shi Feng’s harvest had instantly made up for much of the losses Zero Wing suffered before.


Inside the Guild Residence of Overwhelming Smile.

“Fifth Ghost and Sixth Ghost died?!

“How is this possible?!”

Feng Xuanyang’s eyes widened in shock upon reading the report he just received. He could not at all accept this matter as real.

Fifth Ghost and Sixth Ghost were Underworld’s most formidable weapons. Now, not only had both of them lost all their equipment, but they could not even log back into the game right now. Just how was he supposed to report this incident to the higher-ups?

“This Black Flame is simply too vicious.”

Seated to the side, Youlan, who was garbed in a set of alluring purple robes that placed her exquisite figure on full display, knitted her brows tightly, a gloomy expression currently on her face. Contrary to expectations, Youlan was not particularly concerned about this piece of news. Compared to Fifth Ghost’s and Sixth Ghost’s deaths, she was more concerned about the number of deaths in the Underworld Guard parties.

Currently, statistics showed that more than eighty Underworld Guards had already died. As of this time, Underworld had sent over 200 Underworld Guards to Overwhelming Smile—and close to half had died. Practically all the Underworld Guard parties posted at the Watch Cemetery were dead by now.

This loss was already well over the limit they could endure.

Even if they emptied Overwhelming Smile’s entire Guild Warehouse, they would not be able to make up for the loss in top-tier and advanced equipment. Aside from that, there was also the loss of levels, as well as the fact that all those killed by Shi Feng were unable to log back into God’s Domain for a long period of time.

“Just how did he manage such a feat?” Youlan muttered in confusion.

The Underworld Guard parties were clearly scattered far apart from each other, making it extremely difficult to catch them all. Yet, Shi Feng had only used a few short hours to wipe out nearly every Underworld Guard party within the Watch Cemetery…


While Feng Xuanyang and Youlan were feeling depressed, information regarding Shi Feng’s feat spread like wildfire throughout White River City.

Players who received this piece of news were thoroughly amazed.

One hit per person. Shi Feng had actually managed to suppress a powerful Guild all by himself, slaughtering Overwhelming Smile to the point where it had no choice but to recall all its members from the treasured land known as the Watch Cemetery.

This was simply too frightening…

For a time, Zero Wing was once more the topic of conversation in the entire White River City.



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