Shi Feng traded all of his Ordinary Herbs and Rare Herbs for Thank You Gifts in one fell swoop.

Suddenly, Shi Feng noticed that Grand Duke Hartfield’s gaze had changed slightly.

The Grand Duke’s originally stern expression seemed to have softened significantly.

Was I just imagining things? After Shi Feng’s brain activity had improved, his five senses and intuition had become extraordinarily sharp.

Advanced NPCs of God’s Domain possessed very high intelligence; it was even higher than ordinary players’. It was especially true for a Level 200, Tier 3 NPC like Grand Duke Hartfield. Although Hartfield might not be as strong as Magistrate Weissman, not even Weissman dared to offend the Grand Duke.

Hartfield was the only Grand Duke throughout Star-Moon Kingdom, while the others were just Dukes. In Star-Moon Kingdom, his position was only below that of the King and equal to that of the kingdom’s Grand Marshall, Adolf Cerret. Working with the Grand Marshall, they protected the kingdom from both inside and outside threats.

If Shi Feng could form a relationship with Grand Duke Hartfield, it would greatly benefit his future development in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Forget it. It’s best to just focus on raising my Reputation.

Shi Feng shook his head to clear his mind. He then departed from the Grand Duke’s mansion and returned to purchasing Herbs.

The Thank You Gifts did not take up a lot of space, with each stack holding up to 1,000 Gifts. Shi Feng had received a total of 2,500 Gifts, which took up only three bag slots.

Upon arriving at the bazaar in front of the Palace…

Sure enough, the Herb-selling players had not moved. The moment these players noticed Shi Feng’s return, they immediately rushed over to welcome him.

In moments, Shi Feng’s bag was filled to the brim once more. He then returned to the Grand Duke’s mansion and began to trade the Herbs for more Thank You Gifts.

After spending several hours ferrying Herbs from the bazaar to the Grand Duke’s mansion, Shi Feng had purchased close to half of all the available Herbs in Star-Moon Kingdom, his total expenditure exceeding 400 Gold. Originally, Shi Feng had hoped to continue purchasing Herbs. However, his high-profile actions had attracted a lot of attention, and many people had begun secretly investigating the reason behind Shi Feng’s purchases.

After all, no Guild lacked Herbs. Even if a Guild were trying to nurture a large number of alchemists, there should be no need for such a massive supply.

It should be about time to call it quits. Shi Feng glanced at the several Assassins spying on him from a distance.

He would not give any of these people the slightest of opportunities to discover his intentions. Every time he visited the Grand Duke’s mansion, he would look for a secluded location before disguising himself. Even if his trackers were quite capable, without a particularly high-ranking Identification Skill such as Omniscient Eyes, it would be impossible for them to see through his disguise.

In reality, Shi Feng did not have to pay these people any heed. Even if they discovered this Special Quest, no Guild would willingly spend so much money to earn some EXP. To be safe, however, Shi Feng still disguised himself to avoid these players discovering the method of using money to earn Reputation Points just yet.

After he finished purchasing his last batch of Herbs, Shi Feng departed from the bazaar and randomly picked a restaurant to enter. After using the Demon Mask to disguise his appearance, he boldly strode out of the restaurant and headed towards Grand Duke Hartfield’s mansion.

Inside the Grand Duke’s abode, Shi Feng habitually walked up to the Grand Duke and took out the final 1,000 stacks of Ordinary Herbs and 1,000 stacks of Rare Herbs from his bag, trading them all for Thank You Gifts.

Suddenly, the familiar sound of a system notification reached his ears.

System: Grand Duke Hartfield’s Favorability increased by 30 points.

Sure enough, this Special Quest is not as simple as it seems. Shi Feng grew slightly excited upon seeing this system notification.

The higher ranked an NPC was, the more difficult it was to raise their Favorability. The fact that he had increased the Grand Duke’s Favorability just by spending around 400 Gold was completely worth it.

However, giving the situation some thought, Shi Feng felt that this result was quite reasonable. After all, he had already earned close to 120,000 Thank You Gifts. If each stack could hold 1,000 Gifts, that was close to 120 stacks. Currently, the prices of Herbs were only this cheap due to the fact that players of God’s Domain were still low-leveled and did not have much use for them. If Shi Feng waited two more weeks or so, the money he would have to spend to earn 120,000 Thank You Gifts would most likely increase by several folds…

If the Grand Duke had nothing to say even after such a huge contribution, his heart was definitely made of stone.

“Young Adventurer, thank you for your enthusiastic contributions. With this many Herbs, I can extract a sufficient amount of Herbal Essence to cure my daughter. To show my gratitude, you may use those Thank You Gifts to trade for the treasures I usually store inside my treasury,” Grand Duke Hartfield said happily.

“Your Highness Hartfield, it will be my honor,” Shi Feng replied, immense joy filling his heart.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to open the Thank You Gifts he had amassed in one sitting. He had never expected the Gifts to have such a purpose. Most likely, not even those several wealthy players in the past had exchanged as many Herbs as he had.

“Steward, take this adventurer to have a look,” Grand Duke Hartfield said.

“Yes,” the Grand Steward answered before leading Shi Feng to the treasury on the third floor.

The Grand Duke’s treasury was heavily guarded. The six white-robed knights guarding the entrance were Level 200 Tier 3 Judgement Knights. Not to mention, there was even a Tier 5 magic array protecting the vault. Even a Tier 4 class would require a significant amount of time to break through such a powerful magic array.

Upon entering the treasury, Shi Feng discovered that the place looked very much like a museum, with many treasures on display.

“This is the list of treasures. You are allowed to redeem the Gifts for any of the items inside.” The Grand Steward passed a list to Shi Feng.

There were not many items available for exchange on the list. However, Shi Feng was not surprised.

Grand Duke Hartfield’s Favorability towards him was only 30 points. The fact that the Grand Duke was willing to let him trade his Thank You Gifts for treasures was already a considerable outcome. If he wished to trade for every item in this treasury, he would need to raise the Grand Duke’s Favorability towards him to at least 300 points.

Shi Feng then examined the list of items. Sure enough, every item was very basic. The majority consisted of weapons and equipment that were close to his current Level, whereas the quality of the items ranged between Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold rank. Moreover, their prices were not cheap. Even the most basic piece of Level 25 Secret-Silver Equipment required 1,000 Thank You Gifts. If converted to Coins, it would cost 4 Gold. If not for the Herbs he bought being cheap, 1,000 Gifts would cost eight Gold or more.

Moreover, these Level 25 Secret-Silver and Fine-Gold Equipment were all individual pieces and not Set Equipment. To Shi Feng, these items did not serve much purpose.

Just as Shi Feng felt that he had nothing to gain here, he suddenly discovered the name of a very familiar item at the bottom of the list. “Isn’t this the Twilight Treasure Chest?”

The Twilight Treasure Chest had been very famous in God’s Domain. It was also referred to as both the Treasure Chest of Luck and the Indiscriminate Treasure Chest. Only Elite monsters that were Level 30 and above had a very low chance to drop the Twilight Treasure Chest.

As for why it was called the Indiscriminate Treasure Chest, the items one could obtain from it were extremely random. One might only receive two or three Copper and some trash items. One might also receive Epic or even Fragmented Legendary items. In general, the items one could get from the Twilight Treasure Chest relied heavily on luck.

In the past, the majority of the players who had obtained this item would promptly toss it onto the Auction House, selling it for around one Gold rather than opening it themselves.

On the other hand, each Twilight Treasure Chest only required 100 Thank You Gifts to redeem. In other words, each Twilight Treasure Chest would cost Shi Feng 40 Silver, which was significantly cheaper than its price in his past life.


When Shi Feng looked at the Twilight Treasure Chest, he suddenly recalled the Icarus’s Heart around his neck. This was a godly tool that could instantly raise his Luck by 25 points.

* * *

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