“Leader, who is that?” the vice-leader of the team, a beautiful Level 29 female Cleric named Evening Lotus, could not help but ask as she looked to Blue Frost.

Blue Frost was the number one player in District One. Not only were his combat techniques excellent, but he also possessed plenty of contacts. He knew a lot of experts and even a few rarely-seen Mavericks. Moreover, he had been a Beta Tester of God’s Domain before the game had launched.

Out of all of the players of the available Shelters, nobody was more familiar with God’s Domain than Blue Frost.

“I wish to know that as well,” Blue Frost replied, smiling bitterly as he shook his head. “None of the experts I know of are capable of reaching such a standard.”

Just a single attack from Shi Feng had managed to cause over -30,000 damage to Noya.

Shi Feng’s damage could already rival the damage of their entire 100-man team. The difference between them was inconceivable.

Blue Frost recognized himself as one of the players standing at the top of God’s Domain.

However, after experiencing Shi Feng’s power, he finally realized that there would always be a sky above the clouds.

“It would be great if we can befriend him. Such an expert will definitely be one of God’s Domain’s leading figures in the future. If we can become friends with him, it could massively help our District One’s Shelter,” Evening Lotus stated.

“Indeed. If we can recruit such an expert into our Shelter, we will become one of the strongest Shelters out there.” Blue Frost nodded in agreement.

Their District One was only considered the top Shelter in this region. However, that was not the case when they included other regions. Currently, players could only travel to their desired destinations using their own two feet. Their range of activities could not extend past a single region. Hence, for now, exchanges between different regions were very inconvenient. However, that story would change once other forms of transportation appeared. When movement between regions became more convenient, more competition would certainly greet them. Naturally, their District One would no longer be the strongest Shelter.

If they had an expert like Shi Feng supporting them when such a time arrived, the position of their Shelter could rise significantly.

“Leader, what are we going to do now? Leave? Or…” Evening Lotus asked.

Currently, Shi Feng still fought an intense battle against Noya. If they joined the battlefield now, it would look like they were trying to take advantage of the situation. If that happened, rather than finding friendship with Shi Feng, they would become enemies instead.

“Isn’t it obvious? We wait,” Blue Frost said very definitively. “Wouldn’t it be a pity if we lost the chance to befriend such an impressive expert? We have the perfect opportunity to do so right now. Although he is very powerful, he must’ve used some sort of Berserk Skill to achieve such strength. Such Skills won’t have a long duration. Sooner or later, he will have to escape. At that time, if we lend him a helping hand, won’t it be easy to get acquainted with him?”

Evening Lotus nodded in agreement after hearing these words.

Mavericks were very arrogant. Normally, they did not bother with people like them. Hence, it was not easy to befriend a Maverick. However, if they sacrificed themselves to save Shi Feng, even a powerful Maverick like him would be willing to get to know them.

Hearing Blue Frost’s words, the other members of the team also expressed their agreement.

It was not easy to earn the favor of a Maverick. It was especially true for a Maverick like Shi Feng. If they could get such an expert to owe them a favor, they would not mind suffering some deaths or injuries.

Hence, everyone quickly started to prepare. As soon as Shi Feng turned to flee, they would move in to hinder the Great Lord.


Currently, Shi Feng had no idea what was going on around him. He was already intoxicated with the feeling from his previous attack.

Is this what a 100% Completion Rate feels like? Shi Feng looked at the Abyssal Blade in his hand in disbelief, his mind recalling the previous attack.

Since he had begun playing God’s Domain, this was the first time he had achieved a 100% Skill Completion Rate. The sensation was simply wondrous.

As a result of Thunder Flame Explosion achieving a 100% Completion Rate, the Skill displayed 220% of its effect.

Although the Skill’s Fainted effect was ineffective against the Great Lord, the Gargoyle had received the Movement Speed Reduction debuff in full. Moreover, due to Shi Feng achieving a 100% Skill Completion Rate, Noya’s speed, which originally would have reduced to one-sixth of its normal speed, had now reduced to one-thirteenth of its original. The debuff’s duration also lasted over a dozen seconds.

Even if the Great Lord were at its peak, having its speed reduced to only one-thirteenth of its original would slow it to a turtle’s pace, not to mention the current Noya, who had suffered two debuffs already. Noya’s current Attack and Movement Speeds were as effective as if it were in a Fainted state. At this moment, even a Level 1 could go up and give Noya a kick without dying.

Shi Feng also knew that this was a great opportunity that would not be available a second time.

Currently, Noya only had two million HP remaining. Not only was it suffering from two weakening debuffs, but it had also received a Thunder Flame Explosion at 100% Completion Rate. Most importantly, Shi Feng was at his peak.

Finish it!

This thought suddenly emerged in Shi Feng’s mind.

Originally, Shi Feng had intended to drive off Noya temporarily before shifting his focus to breaking the gray barrier. However, the rare opportunity before him was simply too tempting.

That was a Field Great Lord!

Even the loot of an ordinary Field Lord was astounding, with Fine-Gold Equipment being the most common among the drops. If one were lucky, they could even obtain Dark-Gold Equipment. Meanwhile, High Lords had a very high possibility of dropping Dark-Gold Equipment. As for Great Lords, they would drop Dark-Gold Equipment with 100% certainty, and there was even a good chance of Epic items dropping. Even if no Epic items dropped, there would still be forging designs, recipes, and materials of equal value.

In the past, even after sacrificing thousands of lives to kill a Great Lord of the same level, a Guild would still profit. One could just imagine how frightening a Great Lord’s value was.

Currently, a greatly weakened Level 40 Great Lord stood before him. How could he let such a golden opportunity go?

Without hesitation, Shi Feng activated Nine Dragons Slash and Phantom Kill. He even activated Black Emperor, the trump card he had saved all this time.

Blade Liberation’s effect only lasted 20 seconds. After these 20 seconds, if he were still unable to kill Noya, he would have no choice but to give up and run. Hence, Shi Feng decided to use all of his available Skills.

Immediately, Shi Feng, his doppelganger, and the twelve Abyssal Blade phantoms attacked Noya.

With its speed reduced, Noya was incapable of resisting the attacks.

However, Shi Feng was still not satisfied. Pointing the Abyssal Blade towards the sky, he activated the Magic Weapon’s newest Skill, Abyssal Curse. Clouds of black mist suddenly covered the sky. These clouds then submerged themselves into Noya’s body.

Immediately, the Gargoyle howled with anguish.

Although a Great Lord possessed very high resistances, Abyssal Curse still managed to reduce 10% of Noya’s Attributes. As a result, not only did Noya’s HP fall to 1,800,000, its Defense also significantly decreased.

At the same time, the twelve Abyssal Blade phantoms assaulted the Great Lord with a constant stream of attacks. Each phantom dealt over -1,500 damage, -3,000 damage if it were a critical hit. Fortunately, the Abyssal Blade had a critical chance of 50%. In total, the twelve Abyssal Blades were capable of dealing up to -30,000 damage every second.

There was even less need to mention Shi Feng’s doppelganger, who had activated Blade Liberation.

Every casual attack from the doppelganger dealt over -3,000 damage, or over -6,000 damage if it was a critical hit. Including the damage from by various Skills, the doppelganger’s damage output was simply mind-blowing.

The numerous critical hits allowed Shi Feng to accumulate 30 stacks of Death Auras quickly. He also continuously utilized the Death Auras to reduce his Skills’ Cooldowns.

Although the Death Auras could only be used to reduce the Cooldown of Skills he had learned, it was still a very powerful effect.

Take the Tier 1 Chop for example. Shi Feng could instantly remove the Skill’s Cooldown by using a stack of Death Auras. As for Skills such as Thunder Flame Explosion and Thundering Flash, Shi Feng could use them every three to four seconds.

Every one of these Skills could destroy more than 20,000 or 30,000 of Noya’s HP.

Moreover, Shi Feng continued to hack at the Great Lord with the Abyssal Blade, devouring HP as the Magic Weapon’s Passive Attribute quickly accumulated a bonus of 20% damage.

As the recipient of these attacks, Noya’s remaining 1,800,000 HP decreased at a rate visible to the naked eye. In total, the Great Lord lost around 90,000 HP every second.

In ten short seconds, Noya’s HP fell below 1,000,000.

However, Blade Liberation’s duration was reaching its end. During Shi Feng’s initial collision with Noya, he had wasted nearly one second. Taking everything into account, he now had less than nine seconds to finish Noya off.

Blade Liberation had a very powerful backlash. Once the Skill’s duration ended, Shi Feng’s Attributes would instantly reduce by 80%. At that time, even if Noya only had several tens of thousands of HP remaining, the Great Lord could easily kill him.

“Bring it on!” Shi Feng gritted his teeth. Right now, he was in a race against time.

Suddenly, Shi Feng sucked in a mouthful of air as he activated Dragon Breath.

A white beam lanced through the Great Lord Noya, causing critical damage of over -50,000 points.

Shi Feng immediately followed up with a Firestorm.

With both Heavenly Dragon’s Power and Blade Liberation activated, Firestorm’s power became even more frightening. Dragons of fire descended from the sky, one after another, completely devouring the Level 40 Gargoyle and turning the Great Lord’s surroundings into a sea of flames. Meanwhile, damages of over -30,000, and even -60,000, points appeared on Noya’s head. Firestorm lasted a full five seconds. During this time, Shi Feng continued his relentless assault on the Great Lord.

When only four seconds were left on Blade Liberation, Noya still had 500,000 HP.

“The final strike, Flame Burst!” Shi Feng shouted, the Abyssal Blade instantly transforming into a miniature sun.

At this time, Shi Feng’s doppelganger had similarly activated Flame Burst.

Shi Feng then activated Divine Providence, a faint golden glow suddenly enveloping his body.

Knowing that death was already on its doorstep, Noya’s eyes suddenly glowed a bloody red. It had actually managed to break free from the Movement Speed Reduction debuff and brandished its scythe at Shi Feng.

Every strike from the scythe seemed capable of cutting apart space itself.

This was also the last Skill in Noya’s arsenal, the Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Death’s Tribute. This move was a Domain Skill, and it was capable of causing horrific amounts of damage to enemies within a certain range.

Upon Death’s Tribute’s activation, the area 50 yards around Noya turned deathly silent. Wraiths and evil spirits began to emerge from the ground. There were also dark blades moving through the area, and anything that came into contact with these blades immediately turned into sand and dirt.

“What kind of battle is this?” Evening Lotus was shocked as she watched the battle from afar.

On one side, there was the sun. On the other, the end of the world had arrived.

If players like them participated in this battle, they would die instantly, without even ash remaining of their bodies.

“Die!” At this moment, Shi Feng couldn’t care less what the Great Lord was trying to do. Without hesitation, he dove straight into Death Tribute’s domain.

If he did not fight now, once Blade Liberation’s time was up, he would not be a match for the Great Lord.

Twenty-four consecutive strikes!

One after another, miniature suns melded into the darkness of Death’s Tribute.

In the next moment, Shi Feng and his doppelganger struck the Great Lord Noya a total of twenty-four times, each strike accurately hitting Noya’s weak points. Every one of Shi Feng’s attacks dealt over -20,000 damage and -40,000 with a critical hit. As for the doppelganger, every one of its attacks dealt over -10,000 damage and -20,000 if it were a critical hit.

In the blink of an eye, twenty-four dazzling blades of light illuminated the Gloomy Valley.

Noya’s remaining 500,000 HP plunged to zero, frustration filling the Gargoyle’s eyes as its body fell to the ground.

At this moment, Shi Feng also knelt; his complexion was deathly pale. Fresh blood covered his entire body as if he had just taken a dip in a gory pool. As for his remaining HP, he had less than 500.



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