"Repair the Bible of Darkness?" Shi Feng laughed bitterly.

In God's Domain, some Fragmented Legendary items could be repaired to their peak conditions, which was Legendary rank.

However, very few Fragmented Legendary items could actually be repaired. Otherwise, Legendary items wouldn't have been so rare in the past.

In the case of the Fragmented Legendary ranked Heavenly Dragon's Breath, the ring's description clearly expressed how it could be repaired. In the case of the Bible of Darkness, however, the description only provided a vague clue. How was he supposed to repair it?

"Of course, it won't be easy to repair the Bible of Darkness. With your current strength, you can't repair it at all. Fortunately, you have only removed one seal on Moloch's Ring thus far. You still have enough time to prepare," Sharlyn said slowly after perceiving the current state of Moloch's Ring with her magic.

"Lady Sharlyn, how long do I have?" Shi Feng asked rather anxiously.

"That depends on you." Sharlyn smiled as she glanced at Shi Feng.

"Me?" Shi Feng was stunned.

"That's right. The stronger you are, the more time Moloch's Ring will need to accumulate enough power to devour you. Based on your current level, you have roughly fifty to sixty days. It would be the best if you reach Tier 2 within fifty days. If you can do so, Moloch's Ring will require far more power to devour you. Of course, there is a catch.

"If you continue releasing the seals on the ring, the speed at which the ring accumulates power will grow. Hence, the deadline depends on you."

Hearing Sharlyn's explination, Shi Feng immediately came to a realization.

In the past, the first top-tier expert to have been promoted to a Tier 2 class appeared three months after God's Domain launched.

However, Shi Feng was a Blade Saint. He required twice as much EXP as ordinary classes to level up. Although he was a reincarnator, it would still be somewhat difficult for him to become a Tier 2 class within 50 days. The issue wasn't leveling speed, but that the Advancement Quest was too challenging and time-consuming. Hence, in the past, even top-tier experts had only obtained their Tier 2 classes three months after the game launched.

The Advancement Quest for hidden classes were far more difficult, and the time required to complete them was much longer. If he had to complete his Advancement Quest within 50 days, he really didn't have much confidence of succeeding. If he had 60 days instead, then he would have significantly more confidence. Yet, the deadline Sharlyn had given him ranged between 50 and 60 days. Who knew how much time he actually had?

Because of how specific Sharlyn was, Shi Feng even began to wonder if the Main God System set such a deadline purposefully.

"You are already very lucky. If you had not acquired the Bible of Darkness, Moloch's Ring would not have required so much time to devour you. However, with your current strength, you have no chance of repairing the Bible of Darkness. Look for me again once you are promoted to Tier 2." Sharlyn waved her hand lightly. The Bible of Darkness then floated to and hovered before Shi Feng. "Oh, right. Don't forget about the task I gave you."

Finished speaking, Sharlyn vanished. There was no trace of her throughout the Star-Moon Hall.

"This is… Will Projection!" Shi Feng stated, shocked when he saw Sharlyn disappear.

Will Projection was not a profound Skill or something similar. It was an ordinary Tier 4 Skill. In the past, many Tier 4 magical class players had known how to use the Skill. However, the doppelganger summoned through Will Projection only possessed a small portion of the original's strength. The doppelganger could not be used as a fighting force. It was a Skill normally used for probing and reconnaissance. Yet, it had not been Sharlyn who had summoned a Demon Gate and suppressed a Tier 4 Great Demon with a Tier 5 Curse, but her doppelganger. Sharlyn had easily completed these feats by relying on a weakened copy. In terms of strength, she definitely stood at the very top among Tier 5 NPCs.

When Shi Feng recovered from his shock, he discovered that the Bible of Darkness had undergone some changes.

[Bible of Darkness] (Fragmented Legendary Item)

The Bible of Darkness had been destroyed during the Great Destruction. However, the Power of Darkness contained within the Bible is extreme. If one can gather the other fragments, they can restore the Bible's power, gaining dominance over all Demonic Creatures and become the Lord of Demons.

Skill 1:

Demon Summoning: Summons the Demon Gate with the Power of Darkness, calling forth a random Demon that is no higher than 1 Tier and 10 Levels than the summoner (Maximum Tier cannot exceed Tier 5). The holder of the Bible of Darkness can command the summoned Demon for up to five hours.

Cooldown: 3 hours

Skill 2:

Gate of Darkness: Allows teleportation to the Dark Den. Can also be used in the Dark Den to teleport to the outside world. Can teleport a maximum of five people at a single time.

Cooldown: 1 day

Skill 3:

Light of Darkness: Strengthen a player with the Power of Darkness, allowing said player to wield the Power of Darkness. Can strengthen up to a maximum of 600 people. Every player strengthened provides one Source of Darkness to the wielder of the Bible of Darkness.

Skill 4:

Power of Darkness: Fill your body with the Power of Darkness, increasing all Attributes by 60%, decreasing Cooldown of all Skills by 30%, and increase damage by 50%. Duration will be equal to the number of Source of Darkness*1 second. (Power of Darkness cannot stack. Can only strengthen players up to a maximum of Tier 5 classes)

Cooldown: 6 hours

"So, that's the case. It's no wonder Fantasy Extinguisher had stopped using the Bible of Darkness Replica after reaching Tier 4." Shi Feng was overjoyed after seeing the Bible of Darkness's Attributes.

In the past, there had been two reasons why Fantasy Extinguisher was able to become a tyrant among Tier 3 classes. One was his reliance on the Demon he summoned, and the other was the Power of Darkness. However, the Demons Fantasy Extinguisher could summon had only been as strong as their summoner, possessing the same Tier. Moreover, he could only summon a maximum of one Demon at a time. Even so, it had been quite impressive. After all, a Demon of the same Tier was a lot more powerful than a monster of the same Tier. Although it still could not compare to a Fine-Gold ranked Personal Guard, Demons that died could be resummoned. On the other hand, if a player's Personal Guard died, they would have to go through a lot of trouble to resurrect said guard.

However, the Bible of Darkness replica Fantasy Extinguisher had obtained most likely could only be used up to Tier 3. On the other hand, the real article in Shi Feng's hand could be used up to Tier 5. The gap between the real and the fake was massive. The most frightening aspect of the real Bible of Darkness was the fact that it was capable of summoning a Demon that was one rank higher than the summoner. Shi Feng was currently Tier 1, so he could summon a Tier 2 Demon. When he reached Tier 2, he would be able to summon a Tier 3 Demon. With this, who could possibly challenge him?

The only unfortunate thing was that the skill summoned a random Demon. There was no guarantee that he would summon a Demon of a higher Tier.

Meanwhile, Power of Darkness was a Berserk Skill that was famous throughout God's Domain. Although the Skill did not increase one's Attributes much, its duration was extremely long. It was at least two or three times longer than ordinary Berserker Skills. Moreover, there were no side effects.

"Fantasy Extinguisher's Power of Darkness lasted six minutes, while mine can last up to ten minutes. Even the number of people I can buff has increased to 600." Shi Feng's heart burned with passion when he thought of forming his own Black Demon Legion.

A Black Demon Legion with a total of 600 members.... As long as the members of the Black Demon Legion were around the same Level, they could definitely go on a crusade against a town controlled by the forces of darkness, capturing it and constructing their own Guild Town.

Shi Feng then stored the Bible of Darkness.

The Bible of Darkness was not equipment. It could take effect even from inside a bag. Hence, it was extremely difficult for others to plunder it.

Now that Shi Feng had the Bible of Darkness, he would not waste any more time. He immediately departed from the Library and headed towards Zero Wing's Residence by way of horse carriage.

On his way, Shi Feng contacted Aqua Rose.

"Aqua, have the members of the main force gather at the Residence," Shi Feng said.

"Guild Leader, the main force is currently raiding a Dungeon. Our efforts will go down the drain if we recall them now. Many Guilds in White River City have already reached the Final Boss." Aqua Rose did not understand Shi Feng's intentions. Currently, the various large Guilds in White River City desperately vied for the First Clear of the 50-man Team Dungeon, Ruins of the Crow God. If they recalled Zero Wing's main force right now, they would have wasted a lot of precious time.

"Relax; it won't be a problem." Shi Feng was very familiar with the Final Boss in the Ruins of the Crow God. It will not be that easy to raid. Smiling, he said, "Moreover, I'm calling them back to help them clear the Dungeon."

"Guild Leader, are you serious?" Aqua Rose grew excited. To conquer the Ruins of the Crow God, the various large Guilds had tried every hand and exhausted every ounce of brainpower they had. They have never encountered such a difficult Dungeon Boss before. They were truly helpless against it. Everyone could only try to force their way through the Boss again and again. If they had a raiding strategy, then they would have a much easier time dominating the Dungeon.

"Of course. When have I ever lied to you?" Shi Feng laughed.

"Okay! I'll notify them right away!" Aqua Rose's eyes shone with renewed passion. After disconnecting her call with Shi Feng, she immediately notified Zero Wing's main force.



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