After Zero Wing's main force left the Ruins of the Crow God, the news spread like wildfire.

If one were to point out which Guild in White River City had the highest chances of obtaining the First Clear of the Ruins of the Crow God, it would undoubtedly be Zero Wing. Not only did Zero Wing's team possessed excellent equipment, but it also had plenty of experts. Following Zero Wing would be Overwhelming Smile and the other Guilds. It was especially true for the recently-established Guild, Heaven's Burial. The new Guild's raiding speed was only slightly slower than Zero Wing and Overwhelming Smile.

"Leader, it seems that Zero Wing has left," a Level 28 Ranger in gray reported to a youth in white robes.

"Everyone's already at the point of clearing the Dungeon, yet, Zero Wing has given up?" The white-robed youth pondered the situation. He was greatly confused about Zero Wing's actions.

"Leader, Zero Wing must've determined that they aren't able to raid the Final Boss and gave up," a gorgeous woman wearing low-cut crimson robes commented, smirking. "Everyone talks about how Zero Wing has so many experts. Now, however, it seems that they only amount to this. Despite our Heaven's Burial having such a late start, we still caught up to Zero Wing's raid progression of the Ruins of the Crow God, reaching the third phase of the Final Boss. As long as we familiarize ourselves with the Boss's third phase, today might be the day we surpass Zero Wing and become the first Guild in White River City to reach the fourth phase of the Final Boss."

Hearing this beautiful woman's words, pride appeared on every face in the team.

"Leader, just ignore Zero Wing. We are the experts the company has recruited. Zero Wing arrived in White River City only a few days before us. If we had arrived earlier, Zero Wing would not necessarily be White River City's overlord," a tall and robust Level 28 Berserker said, laughing.

Although Heaven's Burial was a newly-established Guild, the power backing the Guild was much stronger than even the power behind Overwhelming Smile.

Moreover, their company had paid a huge price to recruit quite a few well-known experts in the virtual gaming world. Among them, the commander of Heaven's Burial's main force, Flame Blood, had been crowned as one of the top ten newcomers of the virtual gaming world during the previous year. He had once been an expert who had become an overlord in a large-scale virtual reality game. Now that Flame Blood and so many other experts have arrived in White River City, if they could not surpass Zero Wing, they would have wasted their many years of playing virtual reality games.

"Indeed. Regardless of what Zero Wing does, we will be the ones to obtain the First Clear of the Ruins of the Crow God," Flame Blood said, revealing a refreshing smile. "Soon, Ghost Shadow and the others will arrive. At that time, Heaven's Burial will claim the Ruins of the Crow God in one fell swoop."

Hearing the name 'Ghost Shadow,' a hint of reverence appeared in everyone's eyes.

The Ghost Shadow Workshop was one of the industry's first-rate Gaming Workshop. It had came conflicted with Super Guilds in many virtual reality games before. The strength of the Workshop's core members was extraordinary. Meanwhile, in terms of popularity, Ghost Shadow was even superior to the Snow Goddess, Gentle Snow and the Guild Leader of Star Alliance, Galaxy Past.

Two days ago, the company successfully purchased Ghost Shadow Workshop, rebranding the Workshop's members as members of Heaven's Burial. Heaven's Burial's strength soared instantly and even showed signs of surpassing Zero Wing.


Aside from Heaven's Burial, Overwhelming Smile had also made ample preparations in order to conquer the Ruins of the Crow God. War Wolf, who had been based in Maple City, had come to White River City. In addition, he brought with him a group of experts with domineering auras. If Shi Feng were present, he would definitely be shocked as a few of War Wolf's team actually consisted of Ouroboros's top combatants.

Among them was the gifted Soaring Snake, who had undergone a massive change. Not only had he reached Level 29, but he also carried two blue longswords whose quality could not be determined. The two longswords looked identical, and it was obvious that they were a set.

"Brother Wolf, now that Zero Wing has given up, the rest will be up to you." Feng Xuanyang addressed War Wolf respectfully.

After facing a series of failures, Feng Xuanyang's position in Underworld had fallen significantly. However, he had not given up. As long as Overwhelming Smile obtained the First Clear of the Ruins of the Crow God, he still had a chance to make a comeback. Hence, he had specifically invited War Wolf and the others to help him.

"Young Master Feng, you can rest assured. God's Domain is not a one-man game. Even if Black Flame is more powerful, his capabilities inside a large-scale Dungeon are limited. With Boss Wolf taking the lead with our expert support, the Ruins of the Crow God's First Clear will be ours for the taking," an Elementalist said confidently.

War Wolf only nodded silently.

After the third evolution of God's Domain, the powers backing the various large Guilds had begun placing importance on the experts in God's Domain. As War Wolf possessed extraordinary strength, his position in Underworld rose rapidly. Not only did Underworld supply him and his team with all sorts of resources, but the organization had also mobilized the Guilds under their control in order to gear up War Wolf and the others. In terms of equipment, their team was only slightly inferior to Zero Wing's main force right now.


While Overwhelming Smile and Heaven's Burial prepared to go all out in raiding the Ruins of the Crow God, things were getting extraordinarily lively in Zero Wing's Residence in White River City.

"Guild Leader is finally willing to lead us in a Dungeon. I want to see just what sort of reaction those bastards from Overwhelming Smile will have once we leave them in our dust." Cola laughed loudly.

"Guild Leader said that he would lead us in a Dungeon the last time. He's finally fulfilling his promise," Ye Wumian said, laughing as well.

Zero Wing had already proven its strength to the public many a time through the wars they've participated in. However, regardless of how capable a Guild was in PvP, their ability to raid large-scale Dungeons was far more important. Only when they obtained the First-Clear of the Ruins of the Crow God would they truly stabilize their position as White River City's overlords. Otherwise, other Guilds would always try to rise up and overtake Zero Wing.

However, compared to White River City's overlord position, what everyone truly anticipated was for Shi Feng to lead them in a large-scale Dungeon personally. That way, they could learn far more from him. It would be a huge help towards improving their own strength.

A moment later, the doors of the meeting room abruptly opened. Shi Feng slowly entered the room. He had already used the Demon Mask to recover Black Flame's appearance. Although there were no changes to Black Flame's character, his aura was much stronger than before.

Everyone was shocked by this change.

Originally, Shi Feng's aura had been contained, making him seem like only an ordinary passerby. However, after undergoing a series of challenges that pushed him to his very limits, his strength had improved vastly. At this moment, his previous strength could not compare. He would require some time before he could sheathe his aura once more.

Taking his seat on the Guild Leader's throne, Shi Feng swept a glance over everyone present and said slowly, "The reason why I've called you guys back is to notify you of one thing. You could also say that this is a core secret of Zero Wing."

Upon hearing the words "core secret," everyone immediately fell silent.

"There's no point in just telling you. I'll give you a demonstration," Shi Feng announced, smiling faintly. He then shifted his gaze to the Berserker Shadow Sword, saying, "Shadow Sword, come over here for a moment."

Shadow Sword revered Shi Feng. Ever since watching Shi Feng battle at the Teleportation Hall, Shadow Sword had been mesmerized by Shi Feng's combat techniques. He had watched and learned from Shi Feng's battle videos repeatedly, hoping to grasp even the tiniest fraction of Shi Feng's techniques.

Hearing Shi Feng call for him, despite his normal calm, he involuntarily grew excited. Immediately, he walked up to his Guild Leader.

Shi Feng stretched out his hand, a black ball the size of a fist suddenly condensing in his palm. The center of the ball looked like a miniature universe; it was fascinating.

Shi Feng snapped his fingers. This black ball then melded into Shadow Sword's body.

When this black ball vanished into Shadow Sword's body, the Berserker's aura changed. Suddenly, Shadow Sword released a frightening aura resembling that of a demonic beast.

"This is…"

Shadow Sword looked at himself in shock. He had never experienced such a strong force before.

With Shadow Sword's astounded reaction, there was no need to mention everyone else's, who possessed acute five senses.

So strong! Fire Dance faintly felt a sense of danger when she looked at Shadow Sword.



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