Chapter 700 - Improving Swordsmanship

After Shi Feng finished dealing with Zero Wing, he entered the Blood Refining Passage.

Regarding the Flower of Seven Sins, he could only focus on growing stronger.

He had already obtained an Epic Weapon, and he was nowhere near completing the Solomon's Treasure quest. If he completed the quest, he might be able to upgrade his equipment. If he could obtain an Epic Weapon for himself, his combat power would rise significantly.

"Is this the Blood Refining Passage?" Shi Feng found his surrounding somewhat stifling.

The Blood Refining Passage was a long and narrow passageway. Shi Feng could not even see the passage's end. Numerous blood-red runes had been carved into the walls on either side, radiating a faint Divine Might that made him very uncomfortable. It felt as if he were submerged in water; even walking down the passageway was difficult.

If he had to fight in such an environment, he wouldn't be able to exert even half of his normal strength.

The moment Shi Feng entered the passageway, the large, stone doors had closed, preventing any retreat. Right now, his only option to escape was to give up on the quest and use a Return Scroll.

Since his path of retreat had been closed off, Shi Feng could only advance down the walkway.

However, before Shi Feng had covered a distance of 100 yards, two monsters suddenly emerged from the walls on either side of the passage. These two monsters wore blood-red armor and wielded silvery-white bone spears.

[Blood Fighter] (Undead, Elite Rank)

Level 50

HP 100,000/100,000

"Undead?" Shi Feng unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the two three-meter-tall Blood Warriors. "Luckily, they're just Level 50 Elites."

With the Divine Might's suppression, the strength he could exert was limited.

If a Chieftain had appeared, he would have had no choice but to summon a Tier 3 Demon.

However, the Magic Amplification Scroll had limited uses. Shi Feng did not want to waste them.

After the two Blood Fighters appeared, they immediately charged at Shi Feng while thrusting their spears, each spear splitting into three. They fought like experts who had known the same weapon for many years. All six spears aimed for Shi Feng's vital points. With the two Blood Fighters working together, even Shi Feng could not avoid all of their attacks.

Such skill! Shi Feng was slightly surprised.

The Blood Fighters' spearmanship was on par with experts who specialized with the spear. In a fight without Skills, even elite players would stand no chance against these Blood Fighters.

Shi Feng retreated, dodging the oncoming attacks as much as possible. From time to time, he used his swords to block an attack.

The passage was somewhat narrow, and the two Blood Fighters took up the entire path. He had no room to circle to their sides; he could only face them head-on.


After Shi Feng tested Blood Fighters' skills, he took half a step back and raised the Abyssal Blade, intending to use Thundering Flash to end this battle quickly.

In the next moment, the Abyssal Blade transformed into a streak of black light as it descended.

However, the usual blue electric arcs did not appear. The two Blood Fighters did not receive any damage whatsoever. On the contrary, one of them thrust its spear at Shi Feng's head fiercely. Hurriedly, Shi Feng repelled the oncoming spear with Purgatory's Shadow in his other hand, deftly evading the silver spear.

I can't use Skills? Shi Feng felt his head begin to ache.

Skills were a player's advantage against monsters. If a player could not use any of their Skills, then more than half of their advantage over monsters would be gone.

However, Shi Feng was not a greenhorn.

During God's Domain's initial stages, players normally relied on Skills in a battle. However, battles between experts were usually fought without any Skills. Instead, they relied on their techniques against each other.

The two Blood Fighters were indeed powerful. However, their attack patterns were overly monotonous and lacked flexibility. To a sword expert like Shi Feng, a few exchanges were all he needed to find a gap to damage the two Elites.

When the Abyssal Blade slashed at a gap in one of the Blood Fighter's crimson armor, that Blood Fighter immediately retreated by a step, a crack appearing on the white bone beneath the armor. A damage of -1,056 points then appeared above the Blood Fighter's head.

Such a powerful Defense and Mana Body!

Shi Feng had a very clear understanding of how high his Attack Power was. Not to mention, the Abyssal Blade even bore a Magic Device that increased its destructive power drastically. Against a Level 50 Elite monster, he should be able to deal at least -1,500 damage. His strike should also affect his target's combat power to some extent, not to mention an attack that had struck a vital point.

Yet, he had only dealt slightly over -1,000 damage after striking the Blood Fighter's bone. Moreover, only a small crack had appeared on said bone. The Blood Fighter's Defense could already rival that of a Chieftain ranked monster.

However, after repelling one Blood Fighter, the space available to him increased significantly. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Shi Feng quickly dashed to the other Blood Fighter's side, stabbing Purgatory's Shadow into the Blood Fighter's arm joint and forcing the Elite's attack to a stop. Immediately after, the Abyssal Blade struck one of the Blood Fighter's vital points.

One hit at the joints and one hit at a vital point. Shi Feng repeated this combination attack, preventing the Blood Fighter from retaliating as its HP rapidly decreased.

Even though the Blood Fighter had 100,000 HP, the damage would slowly accumulate if Shi Feng continued dealing -1,000 or so damage with his attacks.

In less than five minutes, both Blood Fighters fell to the ground, becoming no more than a pile of bones and armor while dropping a piece of Level 50 Common Equipment and a few dozen Copper Coins. They had also provided Shi Feng with an ample amount of EXP.

In the next moment, the red mist that the Blood Fighters released upon death suddenly flowed into Shi Feng's body.

System: Blood Refining Stone has obtained one point of Blood Energy.

System: Blood Refining Stone has obtained one point of Blood Energy.

"This is…" Shi Feng took out the Blood Refining Stone, which he had obtained from the Nine-headed Magic Snake.

The pitch-black stone gave off a faint, red glow. Its information had also changed.

[Blood Refining Stone]

Can evolve into a Blood Refining Crystal after absorbing 1,000 points of Blood Energy. (2/1,000)

Although Shi Feng did not know what use there was to upgrading the Blood Refining Stone into a Blood Refining Crystal, after giving it some thought, he realized that it might be a crucial key to completing his quest. Moreover, the Blood Fighters had provided an ample amount of EXP. It was roughly three times that of an ordinary Level 50 Elite. Hence, this wasn't a bad place to level up.

Following which, Shi Feng continued along the passageway.

He would encounter Blood Fighters every so often.

However, as he progressed down the passage, more Blood Fighters appeared with each ambush. From the initial two, the number gradually increased to three, then four.

However, this was still not the greatest change.

As the number of Blood Fighters increased, their attacks became more accurate. By the time Shi Feng faced four Blood Fighters at the same time, their spearmanship had also become far more flexible. Their attack patterns began to vary as well. Killing the Blood Fighters became more of a challenge, and the time it took for him to end each battle increased significantly.

After three to four hours of intense, non-stop combat, even an elite player would feel mentally exhausted. Fortunately, Shi Feng had long since adapted to God's Domain's battles.

Rather than feeling tired, he felt elated when fighting these Blood Fighters.

It was not very often that he could fight in a life-or-death battle purely involving techniques.

Without being able to use his Skills, Shi Feng gradually noticed the deficiencies in his own swordsmanship.

While he possessed plenty of attack methods, he lacked methods to defend himself with his swords, and he would often make up for this gap by relying on movement.

Hence, Shi Feng began to use his swordsmanship for both attacking and defending, no longer relying on his agility to evade oncoming attacks.

As Shi Feng engaged in more battles, his defensive swordsmanship improved.

Initially, he still had to evade attacks every so often against two Blood Fighters simultaneously. After a few hours, however, Shi Feng no longer needed to evade the attacks. He could fend off all of the attacks with his two swords.

"Huh? Another change has occurred?"

Just as Shi Feng prepared to deal with the next batch of Blood Fighters, the Elites stopped appearing. Instead, a skeleton wielding a two-handed saber and wearing exquisite armor pulled away from one of the walls. Life filled the skeleton's flashing, red eyes. It was completely different from the robotic Blood Fighters.



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