Chapter 721 - Promotion to Sword King

After Shi Feng clicked "Use," the Mastery Book transformed into a silver light and vanished. A half-transparent prize wheel then appeared before him.

A Bronze Mastery Book offered a player anywhere from 5 to 25 Free Mastery Points. A player's Luck Attribute had no effect whatsoever on this type of prize wheel.

The needle of the prize wheel would only stop spinning when the player shouted "stop."

However, the prize wheel was not divided into equal sections. The higher the number of Free Mastery Points a section provided, the smaller its area was on the wheel. For example, the 5-point section occupied 25% of the wheel. It was easy to land on. Meanwhile, the 25-point section occupied less than 1% of the wheel…

As for relying on one's eyesight for a better outcome, it was simply impossible.

The naked eye could not keep up with the spinning needle. There was no way to determine when one should stop the needle.

After Shi Feng yelled "stop," the needle slowed.

The needle stopped at the 6-point section.

Sure enough, it won't be easy to land on a high-point section. Fortunately, I have 35 Mastery Books with me. I should gain enough points to become an Advanced Sword Master. Shi Feng could not help but laugh bitterly as he looked at the number he had obtained.

He needed 200 Mastery Points to reach the Intermediate Sword Master standard, and 300 points to reach the Advanced Sword Master Standard.

Currently, he had 177 Mastery points. With the addition of the six points he had just obtained, he would have 183 points in total. Even if he got five points from every Bronze Mastery Book, he would gain at least 170 Mastery Points. He wouldn't have any issues gaining the promotion to an Advanced Sword Master. His damage with the one-handed sword would increase by 50%. His strength would also rise significantly.

Following which, Shi Feng began plowing through the Mastery Books.

Mastery +5!

Mastery +7!

Mastery +5!

Mastery +9!

Not a single roll he made exceeded ten points. The Bronze Mastery Books the Ghouls had dropped were extraordinarily fraudulent.

However, after using 14 Bronze Mastery Books, Shi Feng managed to increase his One-handed Sword Mastery to 300 points.

I still have 20 books left, and I'm just 150 points away from 450 Mastery Points. Let's try for Sword King. Shi Feng had intended to leave a few Mastery Books for Fire Dance and the others. However, if he could upgrade his One-handed Sword Mastery to Basic Sword King, the lethality of his attacks would be no laughing matter.

If he went up against a top-tier MT, he would need roughly seven basic attacks as an Advanced Sword Master to end the battle. If he became a Basic Sword King, he would only need five hits. This was not including Skills.

In other words, if he upgraded his One-handed Sword Mastery to the Basic Sword King standard, it would be the equivalent of permanently activating a minor Berserk Skill with an indefinite duration. In PvP battles, this improvement could allow him to challenge opponents of a higher Tier.

Currently, Shi Feng was only at the Flowing Water Realm. The equipment of top-tier experts in God's Domain continuously improved. On the other hand, his equipment had long since reached the peak. It would be extremely difficult to improve his equipment for a while. Hence, his advantage of Attributes decreased as time went on.

In a battle of basic attacks, Shi Feng estimated himself to be only slightly stronger than a Void Realm expert wearing top-tier equipment and at his Level. If he wanted to kill a Void Realm expert, it would take him a relatively long time.

Against so many experts from the Flower of Seven Sins in a group battle, the longer the Void Realm expert pinned him down, the greater the danger he would be in. However, if he could become a Basic Sword King, killing a Void Realm expert would become much easier.

Hence, it was imperative for Shi Feng to become a Basic Sword King.

Shi Feng then continued using the Bronze Mastery Books.

One book… Two books… Three books…

One Bronze Mastery Book after another vanished from Shi Feng's hands.

Mastery +6!

Mastery +8!

Mastery +5!

Mastery +9!

"Eight more points!" Shi Feng looked at the indicator displayed beside his One-handed Sword Mastery. Picking up the last Mastery Book, he clicked "Use."

As the needle began spinning, Shi Feng inhaled deeply before shouting, "Stop!"

If he could not obtain eight points, then he needed to go elsewhere to search for more Ghouls.

The Trade Area housed the highest Ghoul population. Other places had fewer Ghouls. If he wished to obtain another Mastery Book, he would have to kill at least a hundred Ghouls. He would have to waste another two or three hours.

Immediately, the needle began to slow, passing through the double-digit sections and the 5-point section. The needle continued through the 6-point section. In the end, the needle gradually came to a halt at the 9-point section.

System: You have obtained 9 Free Mastery Points.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng placed all nine points into his One-handed Sword Mastery, boosting the Mastery to 451 points.

System: Congratulations! Your One-handed Sword Mastery has reached 451 points. For becoming the first player to upgrade your One-handed Sword Mastery to the Basic Sword King, you will be rewarded with the title of Swordsmanship Master.

Shi Feng examined the Swordsmanship Master title.

[Swordsmanship Master]

When using sword-type weapons, Attack Speed increased by 20%. When attacked by sword-type weapons, Evasion +20.

(You may only use one title at a time. Effects will not stack with other titles.)

Increase Attack Speed by 20%?! Such a powerful title! Shi Feng was shocked.

In God's Domain, very few weapons and equipment increased a player's Attack Speed. Every item that did was precious. This was the first time Shi Feng had seen a title capable of increasing a player's Attack Speed by 20%. In the past, the highest amount he had heard of was 15%.

I had been unsure about going up against that Void Realm expert from the Flower of Seven Sins. Now that I have my One-handed Sword Mastery at the Basic Sword King level and the Swordsmanship Master title, I should be able to end the battle quickly. Shi Feng could not suppress his grin as he looked at the Swordsmanship Master title.

Shi Feng wished he could return to White River City immediately. However, he was only halfway done with his quest.

It's about time I pay the Palace a visit. Shi Feng immediately switched his title to Thunder Beast Marquis. He then activated Wind Rider and flew towards the Palace.

With his rank as a Marquis, none of the Thunder Beast Guards on either side of the Palace's main gate moved to stop Shi Feng. The Grand Lords simply allowed Shi Feng to enter the Palace. However, the Guards instantly killed the Tier 3 Demon Shi Feng had summoned. It frustrated Shi Feng slightly.

As soon as he passed through the Palace gates, Shi Feng was greeted by the sight of numerous mechanical guards patrolling the spacious hall.

[Thunder Beast Patrol] (Great Lord)

Level 200

HP ? ? ? ? ? ?/ ? ? ? ? ? ?

Although these Thunder Beast Patrols were not as strong as the Thunder Beast Guards, they were far more of them. Each squad had 20 Thunder Beast Patrols. Against such a force, even a Level 200 Tier 4 player would have to tuck tail and run.

If I had really tried to barge my way in, this would have been my grave. As Shi Feng watched the Thunder Beast Patrols, he recalled the rumors of so many Tier 4 players dying here.

These Thunder Beast Patrols merely glanced at Shi Feng before continuing with their duties.

Shi Feng moved through the Palace unhindered.

Due to the Thunder Beast Patrols, not a single monster was present in the Palace. Shi Feng easily reached the Palace's heart—the Thunder Beast Courtyard.

The map indicated that the Thunder Beast Courtyard was where Thunder Emperor Kaiser lived. Hence, Shi Feng had made his way there.

Such intense Mana. The density here is almost triple that of the outside world. Before Shi Feng even entered the Thunder Beast Courtyard, he could feel his mind clearing. This was a phenomenon that would only occur when the Mana reached a certain density. It seems that I was right to come here.



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