Chapter 722 - Demigod

A curse that could plague the imperial capital would require an immense amount of Mana to sustain.

Hence, places with high Mana density had a higher likelihood of holding the curse's source.

Shi Feng entered the Thunder Beast Courtyard. At this point, the once splendid courtyard had become a dilapidated ruin. Meanwhile, a fivefold magic array enveloped something in the courtyard's center.

Shi Feng could faintly see a bottomless pit in the center of the courtyard.

This pit released a continuous stream of Mana. However, unlike the Mana Shi Feng usually saw, this felt violent and cold. Just looking at sent chills down his back. Shi Feng could not imagine what would happen if someone stayed near this Mana for too long…

If not for the fivefold magic array before him suppressing the Mana, Shi Feng did not doubt for a second that this Mana would surge and flood the imperial capital in the blink of an eye.

Could Emperor Kaiser have attempted to open the Dark Abyss? Shi Feng suddenly recalled the Dark Abyss when he felt this cold, violent Mana.

The Dark Abyss had a vile environment, yet its Mana density was astounding. With the combination of these two aspects, it birthed many horrifying monsters. There were some monsters that even Gods feared. Hence, the Gods had sealed the Dark Abyss.

These frightening monsters wanted to claim God's Domain as their own. Hence, the war between the human race and the Dark Abyss had never ceased.

Rumors had it that Emperor Kaiser had reached the pinnacle of Tier 5 and was only a thread away from becoming a Tier 6 God.

Shi Feng could empathize with Emperor Kaiser. Although there was only a difference of one Tier between Tier 5 and Tier 6, the power gap was like the difference between heaven and earth. One side was doomed to be devoured by the river of time, while the other was free of any bindings.

To an emperor, nothing was more tempting than eternal life.

Hence, there was nothing surprising about Emperor Kaiser trying to open a path to the Dark Abyss in search of a breakthrough.

As Shi Feng approached the bottomless abyss and was about to take a closer look at it, a chilling aura bound him, preventing him from moving.

"Who are you? Why have you come here?"

A cold voice dripping with power echoed from the bottomless pit. The voice was void of any emotion.

"I am an adventurer. A Great Mage called Carrian Walker sent me here to lift the curse on the imperial capital, saving the suffering people within the city," Shi Feng said slowly and truthfully, showing no resistance towards the person questioning him.

"Carrian Walker?" the voice said with a hint of surprise. "I never imagined that little fellow would escape the capital with his life. He really is impressive.

"If I had not been swayed by my own feelings and my wish to improve myself, such a terrible disaster would never have occurred."

"Could you be the Thunder Emperor Kaiser?" Shi Feng could not help his shock when he heard the disembodied words.

"Thunder Emperor Kaiser… I wonder how many years it has been since I last heard that name? That's right; I am Kaiser." However, Kaiser sighed and said, "It is unfortunate, but you have wasted your time by coming here. It is impossible to lift the curse on the city. You are simply too weak right now, and you cannot help me seal this abyss."

"May I know how to seal it?" Shi Feng probed, refusing to give up.

If he gave up on the quest, only death awaited him.

"To seal this abyss, someone needs to suppress the Mana temporarily. That way, I can form a new magic array to close off the Dark Abyss."

Although Shi Feng knew that he was not nearly strong enough, he gritted his teeth and asked, "May I know how powerful I need to be to suppress this Mana temporarily?"

"You must be a Demigod!" Kaiser said straightforwardly.

When Shi Feng heard the word "Demigod," he was confused.

In God's Domain, Tier 5 classes were considered Saints, whereas Tier 6 classes were considered Gods.

What was a Demigod?

This was the first time Shi Feng had heard this term in God's Domain.

It should be known that even if players at the very peak of Tier 5 or Tier 5 NPCs that could rival Tier 6 Gods, nobody had ever been referred to as a Demigod.

"You are too weak, so it is expected that you do not know about Demigods." As if he understood Shi Feng's doubts, Kaiser began explaining, "The difficulty of crossing the threshold of Tier 5 and becoming a Tier 6 God is much greater than you imagine. Not only must you undergo a transition in your life orders, but you must also possess the Immortal Brilliance. A Demigod has only reached Tier 6 in their life order but does not possess a Brilliant Will. Hence, they are limited as Demigods."

"Transition? Brilliant Will? Is this the requirement to become a Tier 6 class?" This was the first time Shi Feng had heard details about becoming a Tier 6 classes.

Although he had played God's Domain for over a decade, he had never reached Tier 5. He had no authority to speak on Tier 6. Moreover, all information regarding Tier 6 classes were top secret. A second-rate Guild had no access.

However, once Shi Feng understood what a Demigod was, despair filled his heart.

Not only must he be a Tier 5 class, but his life order must also be at Tier 6.

There was no such player in God's Domain right now. As for the NPCs, one could probably count them on one hand. He could not simply meet with one because he wanted to, not to mention getting their help.

"Are there no other methods?" Shi Feng asked anxiously.

After a short pause, Kaiser replied, "None. Unless you have the Seven Treasures, you will need the strength of a Demigod to suppress this Mana. However, the Seven Treasures have been lost for hundreds of years. Locating them would be far more difficult than finding a Demigod."

Shi Feng knew of the Seven Treasures. In fact, he had a quest to search for them. He even had the Golden Stigmata to assist him in locating the Seven Treasures. However, he had yet to find even one of the Seven Treasures.

"Either the strength of a Demigod or a tool that can suppress the Mana?" Shi Feng wracked his mind for any relevant information.

When considering NPCs that might be Demigods, Shi Feng could think of a few candidates.

One of which was Faust, whom he had met in Star River Valley. Faust had once managed to seal a Tier 5 Great Demon King. He had also survived an exchange with a God. He was a mythical character who had lived for over 300 years.

Another candidate would be the City Lord of Blackwing City. Even kingdoms and empires feared the City Lord. He was not an ordinary Tier 5 NPC.

There was also Hell's Gatekeeper, Christie. That NPC guarded the most dangerous God Mode Regional Dungeon throughout God's Domain. The Final Boss of the God Mode Regional Dungeon was a Tier 6 God. One could just imagine how powerful Christie was. The NPC was not a simple Tier 5 class either.

However, none of these NPCs were easy to contact…

Aside from these human NPCs, Shi Feng had also encountered several monsters with the strength of a Demigod.

The Fallen Angel Serena.

Fallen Angels' life order was very high. They were only inferior to Gods. At Tier 5, they should be as powerful as a Demigod.

"Right! How could I forget?! Demons are on the same level as Fallen Angels!" Shi Feng suddenly remembered the Bible of Darkness. He possessed the original version of the summoning book. Even though it was only a fragment, it could still summon a Tier 5 Great Demon King. A Great Demon King was much stronger than a Tier 5 human. The only problem was that he wasn't strong enough to summon a Great Demon King. Maybe Kaiser could...



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