Chapter 826 - Background of the Number One Guild

"Growth-type Equipment?"

Everyone stared at the image that released a faint, white glow. Many divine runes decorated the pair of gloves. There was also a small, dark-blue magic array etched onto the back of the gloves, with a light blue bead in the array's center.

[Frost Gloves] (Gloves, Cloth Armor, Bronze Rank)

Level 40 - Level 90

Defense +348 (Level 40)

Intelligence +26

Vitality +22

Endurance +21

Additional Passive Skill-

Forced Chant: While casting, there is a 5% chance to cast Tier 1 or below Spells instantly.

Additional Active Skill-

Frost Breath: Deals 500% magic damage in a cone to enemies within 30 yards and freezes all targets hit for 5 seconds before reducing their Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 40% for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 hour

The Frost King had once worn these gloves embedded with Frost Beads, which he had sealed and cannot display their full power. To lift the Frost King's five-layered seal, the wearer must sacrifice an abundance of EXP to the seal. (Removing the first seal requires 300,000,000 EXP)

"The upgrade requirement sure is rough. The first seal alone requires 300,000,000 EXP." Blackie's eyebrows rose when he read the gloves' description. The EXP was enough for an ordinary player to level up once. Moreover, this was only the first seal. There were four more seals after that. Needless to say, the following seals would have higher requirements.

"But the Skills are amazing. It can instant-casting Tier 1 Spells. Only, the chances are a little low. The AOE Control Skill, on the other hand, is quite good. With these two Skills, this pair of gloves is no less powerful than any Dark-Gold Equipment," Aqua Rose commented.

When Shi Feng heard the various unbiased evaluations, he could not help but shake his head and laugh, saying, "Do you guys think that removing the seals will only improve the equipment's Basic Attributes? This is Growth-type Equipment. It can be upgraded to Epic rank if you remove all of the seals. Both the gloves' Basic Attributes and its Skills will improve as you undo the seals. Dark-Gold Equipment definitely cannot compare to something like this."

"This is Epic Equipment?" Every player on his team was surprised.

Zero Wing's core members had a profound understanding of just how powerful Epic items were.

Compared to Epic Equipment, Dark-Gold Equipment was practically garbage. The two were on entirely different levels. Equipping a single Epic Weapon or piece of Equipment could instantly boost a player's combat power by a large margin, unlike Dark-Gold Equipment, where one would need multiple pieces to display their advantages.

"So, this is Epic Equipment?" Autumn Goose and her friends at a loss for words when they looked back at the Frost Gloves.

While they had rejoiced after obtaining a piece of Dark-Gold Equipment after defeating a Great Lord, Zero Wing had set its sights on Epic Equipment. Over time, the gap between them and Thoughtful Rain would unquestionably grow.

Following which, Shi Feng held an internal auction among Zero Wing's members. Autumn Goose, Death Wind, and Gunfire's envy grew as they watched.

They had never imagined that, even for such powerful equipment, Zero Wing would willingly distribute them with an internal auction. In other Guilds, the team's leader usually chose who obtained what equipment.

In the end, Ye Wumian won the Frost Bone Shield, while Thoughtful Rain obtained the Frost Ring. This outcome surprised Thoughtful Rain. Of course, part of the reason for this result was that the other magical class members had set their sights on the Frost Gloves.

Unfortunately, Aqua Rose won the Gloves.

After the equipment distribution, everyone teleported out of the Abyss Battlefield together.

As soon as the team appeared at the teleportation array in the War God's Temple, a wide array of noises reached their ears. Players shouting, recruiting team members, filled the Temple.

After just a few days, the War God's Temple had undergone tremendous changes.

Players crowded the Temple's main hall. These players' Levels had also changed drastically.

Originally, Level 30 players were considered mainstream. Now, however, the majority of the players in the main hall were around Level 32. Among them, there was no lack of Level 34 or 35 independent players. These players were also relatively well-equipped.

However, shortly after Shi Feng and the others appeared, the main hall fell silent. Practically every player in the building had shifted their gaze towards Shi Feng's group.

"Aren't they Zero Wing's upper echelons?"

"Damn! They're the real deal!"

"As expected of the top-tier experts in Star-Moon Kingdom. Even though I'm so far away, I can't help but shiver at the pressure they give off."

"Who are those three independent players with them?! All three are Level 39!"

"What?! Level 39?! The number one player on Star-Moon Kingdom's Ranking List just reached Level 38 not long ago. Did they hide their levels on the Ranking List?"

"How did they level up so quickly?"

"I wish I could mooch off of them!"

"Pros, carry me please!"

No one could believe their eyes when they saw Autumn Goose and the others. Shi Feng and the other members of Zero Wing wore Black Cloaks, so no one could identify their Levels. Autumn Goose and the others, however, did not; their Levels were quite visible to the public.

Autumn Goose and the others could not help but feel slightly embarrassed.

If not for Shi Feng bringing them along to kill so many Great Lords, they would never have reached Level 39 so quickly. At most, they would have reached Level 37 by now. After they returned to the Dark Night Empire, the other Wind God's Spear members would be just as shocked upon seeing their Levels.

"Ye Feng, are you not coming with us to turn in the quest?" Thoughtful Rain asked as she turned to Shi Feng.

"I still have some matters to attend to, so I won't be joining you," Shi Feng said as he shook his head. He had just received a message from Melancholic Smile, informing him that representatives from King's Return wanted to meet him to discuss an important matter.

After considering the situation for a long moment, the only conclusion Shi Feng reached for this sudden visit was the matter relating to Sinned Heart. After all, Zero Wing did not have any connection to King's Return.

However, he doubted that possibility.

A Super Guild like King's Return could annihilate an upstart Guild like Immortal Light easily. Like Nine Dragons Emperor of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion, King's Return could attack Immortal Light directly. They didn't need to go through so much trouble to deal with one upstart Guild.

However, since people from King's Return had chosen to visit him, he had to pay back their sincerity regardless of what was said or done.

As for the Silver Legend quest, even if he turned in the quest with Thoughtful Rain and the others, the most he would get was a little EXP. That meager amount of EXP was practically negligible to him. Now that the final arc of the Silver Legend quest was complete, there was no reason for him to tag along anymore.

Hearing Shi Feng decline her invitation, a hint of disappointment colored Thoughtful Rain's face.


Zero Wing's Guild Residence:

Inside the large Guild Hall, Zero Wing's members busied themselves with various tasks.

The sudden commotion was due to the Guild Stable's completion.

To purchase their own Guild Mount once they reached Level 40, everyone began to frantically take on one quest after another, earning as much money as possible. This situation caused the Guild to buzz with activity.

However, inside the busy hall, two people sat inside the second floor's reception room, observing the situation leisurely.

"They've managed to run the Guild quite well. It's no wonder why Zero Wing is known as Star-Moon Kingdom's number one Guild. Unfortunately, the Guild's background is poor, and it doesn't have any expert-nurturing capabilities," a robust man in silver heavy armor spoke disdainfully as he watched the situation downstairs. This man was a Level 38 Berserker.

Although there were many elite players in Zero Wing, at the end of the day, they were only slightly stronger than Star-Moon Kingdom's ordinary players. They were no match for empire players. This was especially true when comparing expert players' Levels.

Currently, the highest-leveled player in Star-Moon Kingdom had only recently reached Level 38. On the other hand, many of the players on Empire Ranking Lists had reached Level 39.

Suddenly, the reception room's doors swung open. Shi Feng, who currently used his Black Flame appearance, walked into the room.

Level 40?! How can this be?!



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