Chapter 865 - Clean Sweep

The instant the pitch-black chains bound Hell Fiend, the Elementalist released a low shout as he activated a Control Removal Skill, breaking free from his restrictions. He then instinctively raised his staff and used Frozen Circle.

A wave of cold air spread out to Hell Fiend's surroundings.

However, the cold air had failed to restrain the figure that had ambushed Hell Fiend. On the contrary, the figure had moved closer.

In the next moment, a streak of blue light slashed towards Hell Fiend.

Having no other choice, Hell Fiend used his Blink Skill, vanishing and reappearing 20 yards from where he had stood in the corridor.

At this moment, Hell Fiend finally realized who had attacked him.

It was a man hidden under a Black Cloak. The cloak's hood concealed the man's face, and he could only see a pair of black eyes. A silvery-white flame burned in those eyes, making Hell Fiend shudder. Despite the man standing in front of him, he couldn't even pick up the slightest tension or oppression with his five senses; it didn't even feel as if the man actually existed.

"Who are you?!" Hell Fiend immediately realized that the man before him was no weaker than himself, and a hint of fear flashed in his eyes.

If not for his sharp senses instantly detecting the chains that had emerged from the ground, this man would have likely killed him already.

Still inside the room, Praying Lotus was similarly stunned.

She had never seen such a foolish expert before.

She had never imagined that someone would be so daring as to aim for Hell Fiend's life here.

Setting aside Hell Fiend's combat standard, Light City was King's Return's main base of operations. Moreover, they were in the Divine Colosseum. The NPCs guarding this place were far more powerful than the NPCs patrolling on the streets. Every one of them was a Level 200 NPC. Attempting to assassinate Hell Fiend here was nothing more than a suicide attempt.

However, the Oracle Praying Lotus also reacted quickly as she began casting a Spell to cover Hell Fiend.

Meanwhile, the expert that Praying Lotus considered foolish was none other than Shi Feng.

Naturally, Shi Feng understood the risks of attacking a player in the Divine Colosseum. However, those risks were exactly what he needed to increase his chances of success.

Furthermore, he had chosen this narrow corridor on the second floor to make his move. Combat in such a cramped area was highly disadvantageous for a magical class. Hence, his chances of killing Hell Fiend here were much higher than if he targeted the Elementalist on the open streets or in the fields.

In addition, the Divine Colosseum's NPCs were garrisoned in the first floor's main hall. By the time they discovered his attack and reached the second-floor corridor, they would have wasted at least ten seconds. They would need more time to react than if he had launched his attack on the streets.

"No answer? Then, die!" Hell Fiend began to chant an incantation when realized that his attacker had chosen to remain silent, firing numerous Frost Arrows at Shi Feng simultaneously.

Inside the Divine Colosseum, he had an absolute advantage. Although the terrain worked against him, he didn't need to defeat Shi Feng. He only needed to buy time until the NPCs arrived.

He refused to believe that Shi Feng could kill him in such a short time. Moreover, he currently had the ancient book's enchantment. He was confident of contending with his Guild's old monsters, much less some fool with a few loose screws.

In the next moment, the Frost Arrows flew through Shi Feng's body and struck the wall behind him, resulting in a white explosion.

Hell Fiend's expression darkened as he noticed that someone had appeared behind him. However, Shi Feng had not revealed even a strand of killing intent. Despite reaching the Void Realm long ago, Hell Fiend had been slow by half a beat in discovering Shi Feng.

Just as Hell Fiend considered using Ice Barrier to protect himself…

The Abyssal Blade was already unsheathed, and Shi Feng used Blade Liberation and Chop against Hell Fiend.

The Abyssal Blade's mental oppression while unsheathed was already extraordinary. After using a Skill, the mental oppression increased by several times. Any ordinary player would freeze and fall in fear against such a powerful oppression. Even standing would be a difficult task. To an expert like Hell Fiend, however, although he had not frozen, the mental oppression still delayed his reactions.

Although mental oppression could not distinguish allies from enemies, Shi Feng had utilized the Soul Fire's power before using the Abyssal Blade. His mind was utterly serene. With the help of the Soul Fire's power, even the Abyssal Blade's suffocating mental oppression felt like a light breeze. The Abyssal Blade could not affect him whatsoever.

As a result of Hell Fiend's delayed reactions, he allowed the Abyssal Blade to slice through Praying Lotus's Magic Shield and his Frost Shield without any resistance. Hell Fiend had no time to deploy his Ice Barrier as the Magic Weapon bit into his body.

Blade Liberation's power had doubled Shi Feng's Strength and Agility Attributes. Even if Shi Feng's Attributes were currently weakened, his Attack Power was still higher than before.

Even after the Magic Shield and Frost Shield absorbed a significant amount of damage from his attack, when his Chop struck Hell Fiend, it achieved a critical hit and dealt -13,418 points of damage. To Hell Fiend, who only had around 11,000 HP, this single attack was enough to deplete all of his HP instantly.

"Just who… are you?"

Watching his HP rapidly decrease, Hell Fiend turned his head to look at Shi Feng, regret filling his eyes. If he had activated Ice Barrier from the very beginning, he might have held this man off until the NPCs had arrived, yet he had allowed his confidence of being in the Divine Colosseum to get the better of him. As a result, he underestimated his opponent's strength. However, no matter how much Hell Fiend regretted his arrogance, his body still collapsed to the ground. He dropped a piece of equipment and an ancient book as he died.

Praying Lotus, who still stood inside the VIP room, looked at Shi Feng grimly. She no longer dared to look down on Shi Feng.

This had all happened too quickly.

She had never dreamed that Hell Fiend would die like that, without even enough time to even activate Ice Barrier. Even if she relayed this story, nobody would believe her.

However, this unimaginable scene had indeed occurred.

Killing Hell Fiend inside the Divine Colosseum might have seemed extremely foolish, but they had been the true fools. After all, how could an expert of such standard possibly accomplish such a suicidal assassination without at least some confidence of succeeding?

Moreover, the burst of mental oppression that had suddenly appeared was simply too frightening.

Even from so far away, her mind had still gone blank for a moment. If Shi Feng approached her, only death would await her.

Experts were experts because of their quick reactions. However, that kind of mental oppression had even slowed her thought process…

In a battle between experts, even an instant of hesitation could be fatal, not to mention falling into a daze.

Just who is he? Praying Lotus's mind rapidly shuffled through the well-known experts in God's Domain as she watched Shi Feng's cloaked figure. However, not one of the experts she knew of possessed a cold, ethereal aura like the man before her. She felt as if she were looking at an emotionless robot, rather than a human being.

While Praying Lotus tried to guess Shi Feng's identity, Shi Feng hurriedly collected the equipment and ancient book Hell Fiend had dropped. He then used Space Movement and departed from the Divine Colosseum silently.

Shortly after Shi Feng left, a group of Level 200 guards wielding spears reached the scene of the crime.

However, aside from Hell Fiend's corpse, nobody else was present in the corridor.

Moments after the guards arrived, a few curious players rushed to the scene as well.

When they discovered Hell Fiend's corpse, none of them could believe their eyes.

Someone had killed King's Return's Adjudicator in the Divine Colosseum…



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