Chapter 878 - Foolish Humans

Frozen Dream and the other Owl members were speechless as they stared at the dozens of dead Common Mutants.

A single Tier 2 AOE Attack Magic Scroll cost at least 200 Gold, yet Shi Feng had just used 24 of them. He had essentially blown through enough money to purchase an Epic Weapon…

Meanwhile, not only had the abundant EXP allowed Shi Feng to level up once, but the rest of the team also leveled up once or twice. Every Owl member was now at Level 40, with some being only a short distance away from Level 41.

"These monsters give a ton of EXP!"

"Hahaha! This is awesome! I'm fully recovered after leveling up!"

Joy began to fill these players' eyes.

Both the healers and the magical classes, who had been running out of Mana, had fully replenished Mana bars. Their confidence in dealing with the remaining Level 50 Elite and Chieftain Mutants had been restored as well.

Previously, these players had lost hope of emerging victorious as they knew that they would not outlast these monsters. There were simply too many Common Mutants. Everyone on the team would have died long before they finished them all off.

"It's no wonder why he was so calm. He really does have a way to deal with these monsters by himself." Frozen Dream could not help but shift her gaze towards the cloaked Shi Feng. When she thought back to her previous words, a light blush colored her pale-white cheeks as embarrassment overtook her.

If not for Shi Feng's aid, they would have died here.

None of those who had spoken out against Shi Feng's participation said a word. They only admired the cloaked Swordsman.

At this point, only the 14 Elites and one Chieftain remained. Their team had finally reclaimed the advantage of numbers. Although the remaining monsters were far more difficult to deal with, they shouldn't have any issues taking down the remaining adversaries with a powerful damage dealer like Shi Feng on their side.

Just as the thought of ridding themselves of the Mutants entered everyone's minds, the remaining Mutants transformed into a black liquid and gathered at a single point in the air; the black mass's aura grew stronger as the liquid gathered.

The team's caution intensified as they watched the ball of black liquid squirm in midair.

"Be careful. He has absorbed a lot of power from my body," the Silver Dragon suddenly said.

As the Silver Dragon finished its warning, the black liquid transformed into a black Dragon and fell, shattering the ground with its weight.

The Dragon the black liquid had formed was much smaller than the Silver Dragon. It was only roughly 20 meters tall. However, that was still more than tall enough to tower over players. The Dragon loomed like a seven-story-tall building. With a swipe of its powerful claws, it could rip through players like paper.

[Mutated Dragon] (Mutant Dragon, Tier 2)
Level 50
HP 80,000,000/80,000,000

After reading the Mutated Dragon's statistics, Shi Feng frowned, a grim expression overtaking his face.

Although the Mutant's Level had not changed, only transforming from a Tier 1 Chieftain to a Tier 2 Lord, the difference between them was like the difference between heaven and earth.

The problem was no longer limited to a gap between their Tiers. Rather, the problem was their positions on the food chain.

The Upper-rank Tier 3 Frost Bone Dragon Shi Feng had previously killed had not been a true Dragon despite its appearance. The Mutated Dragon before them, however, was a bona fide Dragon. It was even higher on the food chain than Fallen Angels.

Even though it was only at the Tier 2 standard and the same Level, it could easily defeat the Tier 3 Frost Bone Dragon. Furthermore, this Dragon was a Mutant, which gave it a vast potential to grow in various aspects.

Shi Feng was no longer able to determine the Mutated Dragon's true power.

However, he could say one thing with certainty: the Mutated Dragon was exceedingly strong. If they allowed the Mutated Dragon to grow, it would cause a calamity across God's Domain that was several times more severe than the Abyss Passage's opening.

Not only could the Mutated Dragon grow indefinitely, but it also wasn't restricted to certain regions. It could go anywhere it wished, unlike Abyss Passages, which only affected the country where it spawned and its neighbors.

In fact, Shi Feng wasn't the only tense player in the group. The Owl members were also anxious. Even an expert like White Night felt a tremendous pressure from the Mutated Dragon. It felt as if they were sailing across the open ocean in a small boat, the threat of capsizing looming before them. Their lives could end at any given moment.

"Foolish humans, I really have to thank you. If not for your help in ridding me of all of that excess power, I wouldn't be able to display my true power." Revealing a human-like sneer, the Mutated Dragon laughed coldly as it said, "I also have you to thank, foolish Dragon. If not for your help, these humans wouldn't have succeeded. As a show of gratitude, I'll devour you all to nurture my power!"

"I won't let you have your way!" the Silver Dragon bellowed.

Suddenly, a silver magic array enveloped over half of the valley. Numerous silver chains emerged from the magic array and bound the Mutated Dragon.

"You've lost your mind! You are actually willing to sacrifice your lifespan to cast this Spell?!" The Mutated Dragon was flustered as it felt the silver chains drain its strength, yet no matter how hard it struggled, it couldn't even scratch them. "So what if you've used this Spell? How much of your lifespan can you afford to expend? Once you're exhausted, I will regain my freedom! You cannot stop me!"

"Human, I will leave the rest to you…" the Silver Dragon said weakly. Casting this Spell had obviously taken a massive toll.

Suddenly, a system notification reached Shi Feng's ears.

System: You have to kill the Mutated Dragon within two hours. If you cannot complete this task, the Silver Dragon will exhaust its lifespan and die.

At the same time, a timer appeared next to Shi Feng's system interface.

1 hour : 59 minutes : 57 seconds

"Hahaha! As expected of a foolish Dragon! Even in the face of death, you place your hopes in these little ants. Do you really believe that, even after siphoning my strength, these ants can defeat me?" the black Mutated Dragon laughed maniacally. "Fine, let me show you, foolish humans, how terrifying Dragons truly are!"

Saying so, the Mutated Dragon dashed towards the group of players.

"Be careful! Melees, focus on dodging! Do not try to block the Mutant's attacks! All ranged players, target its joints!" White Night issued his commands immediately.

The Mutated Dragon was, by far, the strongest monster they had ever faced since joining God's Domain!

[Mutated Dragon] (Mutant Dragon, Tier 2)
Level 50
HP 40,000,000/40,000,000

They might not have had any hope of victory before, but the silver chains now suppressed the Mutated Dragon. Both its Attributes and mobility had been significantly restricted. Moreover, they had recovered to their peak states and risen to Level 40, improving their Basic Attributes. All hope was not lost.

Very quickly, three Level 40 MTs moved to stand between the Mutated Dragon and the rest of the team, each one possessing over 18,000 HP. Seeing the Mutated Dragon swing one of its massive, clawed forefeet at them, all three MTs took evasive measures and activated their Lifesaving Skills simultaneously, reducing the damage they took by half.

As the Mutated Dragon attacked, the distant White Night used Triple Piercer, the Skill with the greatest impact among all his Tier 1 Skills. His Skill Completion Rate had even reached 97%, the original three arrows merging into one. The newly combined arrow tore through the air as it penetrated the Mutated Dragon's wrist.



Although White Night's attack struck the joint, it did not affect the Dragon's forefoot at all. The claws blurred as they struck a Guardian Knight that had not dodged in time. The Guardian Knight's HP instantly fell by 10,000. If he had not activated his Lifesaving Skill, he would have become mincemeat the moment the Dragon's claws reached him.

"This is after it has been weakened?" The players gasped when they saw the Mutated Dragon's Defense and damage.

With such high damage, Defense, and speed, they had no hope of contending with the Mutated Dragon as they were right now.

As the Owl members began to despair, a black figure appeared before the Mutated Dragon. This figure was none other than Shi Feng. Seeing this, disgust flashed in the Mutated Dragon's eyes. It slapped at Shi Feng with its forefoot as if it were swatting a fly.

Before anyone could react, the Dragon's forefoot struck the ground, forming a crater with a radius of over ten meters.



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