Chapter 879 - Overwhelming a Dragon with Force

The players from Owl were stunned when they saw the Mutated Dragon's Strength.

They had often seen attacks form craters after hitting the ground. However, this was the first time they had seen an attack form such a massive pit. Moreover, this had been a normal attack, not a Skill.

"Why was he so impatient?" Frozen Dream frowned at the crater beneath the Mutated Dragon's front foot.

From the damage their Guardian Knight had received, she understood that they could not stand up against the Mutated Dragon in a head-on clash. They could only rely on the melees to kite the Dragon while the ranged players dealt damage and whittled down its HP. Only by doing so would they have any hope of emerging victorious, yet Shi Feng had stubbornly rushed up to the Dragon, dying with a single swat. Now, their team had lost a powerful ally, reducing their chances of defeating the Dragon even further…

However, as the Mutated Dragon lifted its claws, these players discovered a figure beneath the giant forefoot.

"How?!" The team was astonished.

The Mutated Dragon's Strength was obvious. Even Level 50, Tier 2 MTs wouldn't withstand such destructive power, yet a Swordsman like Shi Feng had survived.

How could they not be shocked?

Such high Strength! If not for the Dragon's Domination's suppression and the additional 500 Attributes I received, I would've been forced to waste a Lifesaving Skill! Shi Feng inwardly celebrated his survival.

For each Dragon that was within 1,000 yards, Dragon's Dominator would increase all of his Basic Attributes by 500 points. Currently, two Dragons were within range: the Silver Dragon and the Mutated Dragon. The Mutated Dragon was, in fact, a member of the Dragon race.

With two Dragons present, each of Shi Feng's Basic Attributes had gained 1,000 points.

However, Shi Feng did not only enjoy this buff. As the Heavenly Dragon's Breath increased his Attributes by a percentage, his Strength, Agility, and Endurance had increased by another 50%, and his Intelligence by 35%.

Moreover, as he still had the effects of Power of Darkness, Shi Feng's current Attributes had long since exceeded that of a Level 50, Tier 2 MT. Blocking the weakened Mutated Dragon's attack wasn't an issue. However, it was somewhat strenuous.

Although Shi Feng had blocked the Mutated Dragon's attack with his swords, he had lost 2,187 HP.

Of course, two thousand damage wasn't considerable to Shi Feng.

After all, Shi Feng currently had a maximum of 83,460 HP. Such low damage was practically negligible. Not to mention, there were multiple healers on standby who could restore him to full health at any moment.

"Is he a human or a ghost?" Owl's members were thoroughly stupefied.

They had already been impressed by Shi Feng's Basic Attributes. Even their leader, White Night, was no match for him. However, they had been able to see the Swordsman's boundaries during the last fight. He had not been completely out of their reach.

Watching him now, however, they realized that they were apart of two different worlds.

While these players were still frozen with shock over Shi Feng's absurdly high Attributes, the Mutated Dragon noticed that the Swordsman was still alive. Immediately, it slammed its claws down on Shi Feng once more.


The already large crater expanded further.

This time, however, the Mutated Dragon's forefoot had not hit Shi Feng. After dodging the attack, Shi Feng swung the Abyssal Blade at the Dragon's claw and executed Chop.


Upon receiving the critical damage of over -30,000 points, the Mutated Dragon's foot trembled slightly. There was even a shallow cut across its adamantite-like scales.

"Damn, my attacks are only dealing around a thousand damage, yet he can deal over 30,000 damage with a single hit…."

"Is he really a player?"

Everyone's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets when they saw Shi Feng's damage.

White Night, who had attacked the Dragon continuously, froze momentarily, his eyes glued to the cut left on the Mutant's joint.

While it was impressive that Shi Feng's attack had managed to deal over -30,000 damage, the implication of leaving a cut across the Dragon's scales was far more significant.

Direct damage would, at most, reduce the Mutated Dragon's HP. However, inflicting external injuries would weaken the Mutated Dragon's combat power.

His longbow was an Epic Weapon, yet his attacks couldn't even scratch the Mutated Dragon.

There was one thing he was very certain of.

The ability to injure a monster's body was unrelated to a player's Attributes. It was mainly due to the quality and sharpness of the player's weapon.

Is he using Fragmented Legendary Weapons? White Night's shock increased as he glanced at Shi Feng's two swords.

He had gone through hell and back to obtain his current longbow. He had never once harbored any thought of obtaining a Fragmented Legendary Weapon.

With this revelation, White Night considered befriending Shi Feng.

He had played God's Domain with the intention of getting to know various experts. He wanted to challenge his limits and surpass them.

However, what White Night did not know was that Shi Feng's weapons were not Fragmented Legendary rank. They were only on par with Epic Weapons. However, due to the Magic Devices he had equipped, their sharpness and destructive power had improved significantly, which allowed them to wound the Mutated Dragon.

"I'll serve as the MT! The rest of you, attack from afar!" Shi Feng commanded through the team chat after attracting the Mutated Dragon's aggro.

Originally, the members of Owl had their issues with Shi Feng leading their team. Now, however, they followed his commands without argument. The healers began to focus on Shi Feng, whereas the melee players retreated to maximum range, attacking the Mutated Dragon with the ranged players. Although the melee players' ranged damage couldn't compare to their ranged companions, overall, they dealt a considerable amount.

With a powerful MT like Shi Feng, the healers had gained some peace of mind; they didn't need to worry about Shi Feng being instant-killed. The ranged damage dealers could also attack without holding back.

Even if the Power of Darkness ended right now, Shi Feng was confident he could dodge the Mutated Dragon's attacks. However, he would have far fewer chances of counterattacking.

In any case, Shi Feng's goal in attacking the Mutated Dragon was not to decrease its HP, but to injure its joints.

Although a single attack's effects were not noticeable, after a hundred attacks, the effects were obvious. Once the Mutant's joints were heavily wounded, both its reaction speed and Attack Speed fell drastically. This made evading the Dragon's attacks and launching counterattacks even easier for Shi Feng. Eventually, the Mutated Dragon became utterly helpless against Shi Feng. It could only watch as the little human before it avoided every one of its attacks.

In the end, even losing the buffs from Power of Darkness, Shi Feng was still able to dodge the Mutated Dragon's attacks effortlessly.

Meanwhile, although the other players' damages were not considerable, their total damage exceeded the Mutated Dragon's recovery speed. From time to time, Shi Feng also dealt a heavy blow. As a result, the Dragon's HP continuously decreased.

Time passed quickly. The Mutated Dragon's HP had finally fallen to 20%.

"Humans, your luck ends here!" the Mutated Dragon bellowed, its roar echoing throughout the valley.

The Mutated Dragon, which had been 20 meters tall, started to grow, reaching 30 meters instantly. Not only did it receive an enhancement to its Strength and speed, but its range had also increased, making it far more difficult for Shi Feng to evade its attacks.

In the next moment, the Mutated Dragon swiped its tail at Shi Feng, the swipe's force instantly generating a storm. However, before the storm could devour Shi Feng, the Dragon's tail arrived before him. Moreover, the Dragon's attack range with its tale was quite wide, and Shi Feng did not have enough time to dodge.

Defensive Blade!


The attack threw Shi Feng. Even the players attacking from over a dozen meters behind him died instantly.

Unfortunately, the Mutated Dragon was not done. It began to swing its tail like a whip, covering the area with afterimages.

One swipe… Two swipes… Three swipes…

By the time the Mutated Dragon's attack ended, Shi Feng's Defensive Blade had been exhausted of block counts. Meanwhile, there were less than 40 players still standing. If the Mutated Dragon launched that tail attack one or two more times, it would wipe out their team.

The Mutated Dragon's terrifying chain attack had also devastated the surrounding forest, leaving very little behind.

The Dragon race's explosive power is truly terrifying. Fortunately, I haven't used all of my cards yet. Shi Feng released a sigh of relief. Following which, he activated Heavenly Dragon's Power.



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