Chapter 882 - Uncrowned Sword King

The Guild's MTs are quite lucky this time. Shi Feng smiled at the scaled shield covered in divine runes.

A shield was an integral part of an MT's equipment. A good shield could elevate an MT's strength significantly.

On the market, MTs' shields were always the most expensive equipment. They were worth at least double that of a weapon of the same rank and Level.

[Dragonscale Shield] (Shield, Epic Rank)
Level 40 - Level 100
Equipment Requirement: Strength 600
Attributes adjust according to user's level.
Defense +4,020 (Level 40)
Block Rate: 39%
Strength +84, Endurance +107
Magic Resistance +20
Defend Skill +2 Levels

When equipped:
Strength and Endurance increased by 10%.
All Skills +1 Level
Ignore Levels +10

Additional Skill-
Dragonscale Body: Forms an energy shield around the user's body, increasing Defense by 200%, HP by 300%, and recovery ability by 500% for 30 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 minutes

Additional Passive Skill 1-
Sturdy: Halves received impact and reduced damage received from the front by 15%.

Additional Passive Skill 2-
Light Weight: Increases shield movement by 20%.

The Epic ranked Purification Robes also had high Attributes. However, it was far less valuable than the Dragonscale Shield. As for the other pieces of equipment he had obtained, they were either Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment or Fine-Gold Equipment. It was still too soon for current players to equip them.

This should be White Night's quest item. After Shi Feng tidied up the dropped equipment, he discovered a glass bottle.

The bottle contained a black liquid; it was none other than the Mutated Dragon's original form.

Although the bottle did not have a label, its introduction stated that it was a "Specimen of a Mutated Life." Other than that, there was no information.

After considering the matter, Shi Feng handed the bottle to White Night.

"This is…" After White Night saw the glass bottle, surprise colored his expression.

"Take it. Even if I keep it, I can't use it." Shi Feng laughed.

The Mutant Specimen was useless to him. On the contrary, if he gave it to White Night, he could earn a favor from the Ranger. If he came across any trouble in the future, he could even ask for White Night's help.

"Thank you. If you encounter any issues in the future, just say the word. I'll help out to the best of my abilities." White Night accepted the glass bottle without hesitation. The item was simply too important. Without it, he would fail his quest. If that happened, his account would be crippled. He would have to spend a long time to regain his strength. "Would it be convenient for you to reveal your name, sir? We can add each other as friends so that we can contact each other easily in the future."

Hearing White Night's logic, the other Owl members' jaws dropped.

Since he had joined God's Domain, White Night had never added anyone as a friend. Various bigshots from Super Guilds were no exception.

"Ah, right. I haven't introduced myself." Shi Feng took off his Black Cloak and revealed his Black Flame appearance. "My name is Black Flame."

After Shi Feng revealed himself, every witness fell silent.

They stared at Shi Feng's face.

Shi Feng looked to be in his thirties. He had a firm face with faint stars flashing in his eyes. His aura felt so profound that those around him felt oddly drawn to him.

"You are Zero Wing's Sword King, Black Flame?" Frozen Dream's delicate face revealed her disbelief.

God's Domain's players often discussed the God's Domain Experts List.

Practically everyone was familiar with the great deeds of the list's various experts.

The name "Black Flame" was a particularly hot topic.

Black Flame's rise had been intensely fast. The Secret Pavilion had even given him the title "Sword King." How high had his evaluation been to become the king among Swordsmen? When the Secret Pavilion had updated their Experts List, many Swordsmen experts had complained about the Pavilion's decision. Even Owl's many Swordsmen had been dissatisfied, declaring that they would challenge Black Flame to teach him a lesson.

Now, however, it would seem that the title of "Sword King" had not been an exaggeration. They even wondered if Black Flame's rank on the God's Domain Experts List was a little too low…

The strength Black Flame had just displayed had far surpassed the Secret Pavilion's evaluation.

Even some of the Swordsmen, who had previously intended to challenge Black Flame, were dumbfounded.

"Strong Slash, didn't you say that you wanted to challenge Black Flame? This is your chance!" A few of the Owl members teased their companion, grinning at a youth in silver light armor.

In terms of strength, Strong Slash ranked 15th among their adventurer team. Although his battle records weren't necessarily stunning, he was undefeated in their home city's Underground Arena. He had already won 99 battles with a perfect winning streak. His defeated opponents even included large Guilds' well-known experts.

Back when Strong Slash had declared that he would challenge Black Flame and defeat him, nobody had doubted the youth's words.

After all, Strong Slash's combat standards had reached the second stage of the Realms of Refinement, the Flowing Water Realm. With his Skills and equipment, it was not impossible to contend with a Void Realm expert.

"I said 'in the future,' not now!" Strong Slash rolled his eyes at his laughing companions. If he challenged Black Flame, someone who had just stood against the Mutated Dragon and won, it would not even be a fight. It would be a miracle if he survived even one of the Sword King's attacks.

The players laughed when they heard Strong Slash's response.

"My name is White Night, the leader of an adventurer team. Guild Leader Black Flame, if you need help with anything in the future, just call me." White Night had also begun to size up Shi Feng, shock filling his heart.

Only now did he understand why Zero Wing had risen to power so quickly and had grown strong enough to challenge God's Domain's major powers. With such a powerful leader, what did Zero Wing need to fear?

Following which, White Night and Shi Feng added each other as friends.

"Since Team Leader White has said as much, I happen to have something that I need your help with in one or two days." After giving it some thought, Shi Feng continued, "Recently, our Guild has tried to raid a certain area, and we urgently need experts. We need roughly 30 players."

Favors should not go to waste. It was wise to use them frequently to increase a bond between two parties.

Moreover, he required the help of a group of experts to raid the Holy City of Titan's entrance trial. His strength alone was not enough to pass the trial.

"Alright. When the time comes, just say the word. I'll lead a team over." White Night did not hesitate to agree. On the contrary, Shi Feng could see anticipation in his eyes.

A place that even Black Flame had trouble raiding… It must be immensely difficult. Moreover, he really wished to experience Black Flame's world.

After both sides agreed, White Night led his team, departing from the valley. Shi Feng, on the other hand, approached the Silver Dragon that had stood by the side all this time.

"Young hero, thank you for accomplishing my long-cherished dream." At this moment, the Silver Dragon appeared extremely weak. Even speaking seemed laborious.

"I only did what needed to be done," Shi Feng politely replied.

The Silver Dragon then took out a flashing, golden Magic Scroll and said to Shi Feng, "This Magic Scroll will take you to the shrine where the stone tablet sleeps. However, the shrine is very dangerous. With just your current strength, you will not survive. It is best if you go there only after you have achieved your Tier 2 class. At that time, you will have somewhat higher chances of obtaining the stone tablet."

Saying so, the Silver Dragon handed Shi Feng the Magic Scroll. It then flapped its wings and left the valley.

Before Shi Feng could examine the golden Magic Scroll, a system announcement reached his ears.

System Announcement: System upgrading. Please prepare to log out. The estimated duration is 40 hours.

System: You have ten minutes remaining to log out. Please prepare to log out.



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