Chapter 885 - Guild Secret

When Yuan Tiexin had met Shi Feng for the first time, he had investigated the youth thoroughly.

The results had surprised the old man.

Shi Feng was just an ordinary person. Even when he joined God's Domain, he had used a trial helmet.

Yet, somehow, after entering God's Domain, Shi Feng had risen to become one of Zero Wing Workshop's managers.

Although Yuan Tiexin admitted that Shi Feng possessed some skill and fighting strength, he was too young.

Hence, Shi Feng's claim had surprised him.

He is a core member of Zero Wing, huh? Wen Hua, who had remained cold and indifferent, shifted her gaze towards Shi Feng. She had never imagined that the currently flourishing Zero Wing would allow someone who was only a few years older than her to join the Guild's top management.

Initially, she had not wanted to take part in the negotiations. However, upon hearing that she might meet Zero Wing's Guild Leader, Black Flame, she had agreed. She wanted to see just what the legendary Sword King Black Flame looked like. If possible, she might even find an opportunity to spar with the man. Now, however, she was disappointed.

"My game ID?" Shi Feng laughed. He then said, "I am Ye Feng in God's Domain."

"You're Ye Feng?" Yuan Tiexin's expression immediately grew hard. He simply could not believe this. Hurriedly, he asked, "Are you really Zero Wing's Ye Feng? The Ye Feng that led the Asura Battle Team?"

"Impossible! You're so young! How could you possibly be Ye Feng?!"

Yuan Tiexin wasn't the only one surprised. The male youth and Wen Hua's eyes both went wide with shock as they stared at the ordinary-looking man before them.

The name "Ye Feng" might not mean much to ordinary experts. They might not even know this name at all.

However, among God's Domain's major powers, almost everyone knew the name. This was particularly true for the Secret Pavilion, which was known for its information network. The Secret Pavilion had even created an exclusive database that collected information on Ye Feng.

Based on what they knew so far, although Ye Feng looked young, no one believed it.

No youth in his early twenties could reach the Void Realm. He should be at least 24 or 25.

Even so, he was considered an extremely talented individual.

God's Domain's various major powers also suspected that Ye Feng had been secretly nurtured by whatever major power stood behind Zero Wing. Otherwise, he never would have defeated the Battle Wolves' Wolf King Sirius. Meanwhile, even now, Ye Feng's identity was shrouded in mystery.

They would never have dreamed that…

The Shi Feng before them was actually the Ye Feng who had caused such a commotion among God's Domain's major powers.

"I'm young?" Shi Feng scratched his head awkwardly as he glanced towards Wen Hua. Wen Hua was only 19 years old, while he approached 22 years old. Yet, she had called him "young."

"I didn't mean it that way. I just don't believe that you are Ye Feng," Wen Hua replied seriously, shaking her head.

She was most proud of her age and strength. Within her age group, no one could stand, shoulder-to-shoulder, with her. She did not even take the Pavilion's number one genius seriously.

However, if Shi Feng had truly defeated Sirius at such a young age, his talent was truly terrifying.

Even she could not afford to take him lightly.

Hearing Wen Hua's honesty, Shi Feng was momentarily at a loss for words.

It had never crossed his mind that they would refuse to believe him even when he revealed the truth. If he told them that he was also Black Flame, they would, most likely, deem him a con artist…

"I'm truly sorry for Wen Hua's rude behavior," Yuan Tiexin apologized as he tugged Wen Hua's sleeve and sent the girl a glance. He then returned his gaze to Shi Feng, smiling as he said, "I have come here representing our Guild Leader, and we would like to keep the subjects of our talks absolutely secret; hence, Wen Hua has spoken out of hand. Since we've confirmed that there are no issues, let's discuss business."

Although Wen Hua had fallen quiet, her interest in Shi Feng grew. A passion fighting spirit filled her eyes when they landed on Shi Feng. He felt as if she would challenge him to a duel at any moment.

If Wen Hua's past admirers could see this, they'd probably tear Shi Feng apart.

Understanding Yuan Tiexin's intentions, Shi Feng looked towards Liang Jing and said, "Liang Jing, head down for now."

Liang Jing sighed helplessly as she left the room. Truth be told, she was very curious about who Yuan Tiexin and his companions were.

Rather than fear or awe over Shi Feng's identity as a martial arts master, the two youths had been shocked by his game ID.

After watching Liang Jing leave the room, Yuan Tiexin adopted a serious tone as he said, "You are aware that the various Super Guilds and super-first rate Guilds in God's Domain have their own expert training programs, correct?"

"Mhm, I know a little about it. After selecting a few talented youths, these Guilds have them sign an agreement and put them through a training regimen, helping them become peerless experts." Shi Feng nodded.

These powerful Guilds' internal nurturing programs were no secret. However, the majority of virtual gaming Guilds could not establish their own programs.

"You are correct. But, that is only on the surface. Regarding cost, many first-rate Guilds could easily do the same," Yuan Tiexin said, smiling.

"You're saying that it is not a matter of funding?" Shi Feng was slightly surprised.

As he understood it, one needed a specialized training venue and expert instructors to nurture expert players. In addition, one needed a large supply of advanced Nutrient Fluids. All of these aspects required money. Without sufficient capital, it was simply impossible to nurture a large number of experts.

"That's right; it's not an issue of capital. A simulated training system is far more important. This is a system that the various Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds have developed on their own. They have collected information on countless experts with this system, and with it, can allow their newcomers to spar with the simulations at any time.

"Think about it. Which has not had to experience countless life-threatening battles to reach their current status: a real martial artist or a virtual gaming expert?

"The main reason behind the Secret Pavilion's transcendental status in the virtual gaming world is our dabbling in the sales of information on various gaming experts, a practice that other Guilds rarely implement. With this information, one can realistically reproduce these experts in their simulation training system.

"You understand now, right?

"No matter how much capital those first-rate Guilds manage to obtain, as long as they do not possess the simulation training system, they can't progress, and they will never become true powerhouses in the virtual gaming world.

"I believe that you are aware that there are multiple first-rate Guilds in the virtual gaming world that are even stronger than a few super-first-rate Guilds, yet they have failed to be recognized as super-first-rate Guilds themselves. The reason for this is their lack of a simulation training system."

Yuan Tiexin's explanation had shocked Shi Feng once more. At the same time, Shi Feng now had answers to many of the issues he had faced before.

"Meanwhile, there is a defining difference between a Super Guild and a super-first-rate Guild."



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