Chapter 895 - Unstoppable Record

"How is he so fast?!"

An uproar broke out in the main hall the instant the players saw the record broken. None of them dared to believe it was true.

The clear record for the Battle Tower's first floor had stood for a very long time now.

Most people required nearly two hours to deal with the monsters on the first floor, taking at least double the record time. Even the personal bests of the Three Great Geniuses of the Secret Pavilion were relatively far away from the record clear time. Yet, Shi Feng had broken it easily.

37 minutes 24 seconds!

Everyone grew extremely curious as to what had happened inside the Battle Tower when they saw this new record. Just what did Shi Feng do to clear the floor so quickly?

"Sister Wen Hua, just who is this person?" Cold Autumn could not help but ask when he saw this new record.

The Battle Tower's record had remained unchanged for many years now. Even if someone could surpass it, the person capable of doing so definitely should not be a young man like Shi Feng. Nevertheless, a newcomer originating from another Guild had beaten the best record by over ten minutes.

"You've also seen this person before," Wen Hua replied, chuckling.

"I've seen him before?" Cold Autumn grew curious at these words. However, he could not figure out where he had seen Shi Feng before.

"He is Ye Feng, the apex Swordsman who defeated one of the Wolf Kings of the Battle Wolves," Wen Hua added, her words invested with strong fighting spirit. When she had only seen Shi Feng's battle videos before, she merely thought of having a match with him. Now, however, what she wanted to do was surpass the man. However, what she had to do first was defeat Sanctuary's Gale Sword Meister.

"He is Ye Feng?" Cold Autumn gaped as he took in Shi Feng's youthful appearance.

Even though Shi Feng looked relatively young in God's Domain, Cold Autumn had thought that Shi Feng's true age should be around 25 or 26. Now, however, it would seem that the man was only 21 or 22 years old. He was not that much older than Wen Hua, yet he had already managed to defeat the legendary Sirius. Although he had relied mainly on his equipment advantage and Skill advantage, a win was still a win.

"Sister Wen Hua, aren't you being a little too mean? Since you already knew he was that Ye Feng, why didn't you tell me? I nearly missed out on a big opportunity to spectate one of his battles," Cold Autumn grumbled. Inwardly, however, he felt thrilled. At the cost of just 300 Battle Points, he got to spectate the battle of an expert like Shi Feng. This was an opportunity that could not be bought even with money.

"Everyone has their own opportunities. If you miss it, then you can only consider yourself unlucky. Just like the time when the Glorious Lions went up against the Asura Battle Team. Who knew that the battle at that time would become one of the most memorable battles in the Dark Arena?" Wen Hua sighed as she shook her head. "Alright, enough talking. Focus on watching. We won't get another chance like this as easily later on."

While Wen Hua and Cold Autumn were chatting, many of the Secret Pavilion's members had also gritted their teeth and chosen to spend 300 points to spectate Shi Feng's battle.

A person capable of breaking the record of the first floor definitely possessed extraordinary abilities.

After just a short moment, the number of people spectating Shi Feng's battle grew to a total of 13, instantly increasing Shi Feng's Battle Points to 3,500.

Inside the Battle Tower, when Shi Feng progressed to the second floor, he was transported into a dark nest. Visibility was very low, and his vision only extended to 10 yards at most. He could also hear rustling coming from all around him, the sounds being hair-raisingly creepy.

Although there aren't a lot of monsters on the second floor, roughly only 20, this dark environment makes it much more difficult to evade the attacks of these monsters. I also had to attempt and train on this floor many times before I got used to this environment. Cold Autumn revealed a smile when he saw Shi Feng standing still after arriving on the second floor.

Although he was not present on the battlefield, his viewing angle was not that far from Shi Feng. Moreover, as a spectator, he had a much clearer view of the battlefield than Shi Feng, and his field of vision was nearly three times that of Shi Feng's.

At this moment, 19 Elite ranked Nightwalker Tarantulas and one Special Elite ranked Ghost Tarantula had Shi Feng completely surrounded.

[Nightwalker Tarantula] (Elite Rank)
Level 30
HP 70,000/70,000

[Ghost Tarantula] (Special Elite)
Level 30
HP 240,000/240,000

Shi Feng could get two Combat Points for every Nightwalker Tarantula he killed, while the Ghost Tarantula would give him a total of 40 points if killed. The points these monsters gave were much more than those for the monsters on the first floor.

With a visual range of 10 yards, players would have an exceedingly short time to react to any attacks from the Tarantulas. Here, even taking a breath at a wrong time could result in one's death.

Even if players were just going up against monsters of the same Level, the difficulty of the second floor was significantly higher than the first floor's. Hence, the number of experts that had managed to clear the second floor among the participants of the training system this time around was extremely low. Even a Refinement Realm expert like Violent Bear had failed to clear it.

To Shi Feng, however, this floor was child's play.

After reaching the Void Realm, even having his sense of sight weakened would hardly affect his combat power. Although Shi Feng could not visually perceive the situation beyond ten yards, the vibrations and sounds passing through the air allowed him to pinpoint the positions of all the monsters within the nest. Before the monsters even got to ten yards of him, Shi Feng had already started taking appropriate countermeasures.

Compared to the lions on the first floor, the massive tarantulas on the second floor were much easier to handle. Although the tarantulas were slightly faster than the lions, their Strength was weaker.

Up to the moment the battle ended, none of these tarantulas had landed a direct hit on Shi Feng even once. Only the Ghost Tarantula's high Attack Speed managed to force Shi Feng to block its attacks a few times, inflicting a small amount of damage as a result.

Shi Feng's evasive maneuvers and attacks completely mesmerized the spectators of the battle. Shi Feng had fought the monsters as if he was just taking a leisurely walk through the park.

Aside from these feats…

Shi Feng had also broken the clear record of the second floor. The original record time was 32 minutes 54 seconds whereas Shi Feng's clear time was 27 minutes 35 seconds.

Following which, the number of people spectating Shi Feng's battle increased by 15, boosting Shi Feng's Battle Points further by 3,000.

The third floor was a fiery hell. The majority of the ground on this floor was scorching red. Stepping on a patch of red immediately imposed burn damage. Only the areas scorched black were safe. However, there were very few of such areas in this fiery valley. Players would have their movement greatly restricted while fighting on this floor.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng's opponents for this floor were drastically different from his previous ones. Although there were only ten monsters on this floor, all ten of them were hovering around in the air.

[Flame Falcon] (Elite Rank)
Level 30
HP 60,000/60,000

[Flame Eagle] (Chieftain Rank)
Level 30
HP 900,000/900,000


"They say that the third floor is a major threshold, and until now, only a few experts have managed to clear the third floor. Just how far will he be able to go?" Looking at Shi Feng remaining motionless, many people began wondering how he would avoid the attacks of the Flame Eagle.

A Chieftain was much stronger than a Special Elite. Dodging attacks from such a monster was already extremely difficult, to begin with, not to mention the various constraints the environment placed on Shi Feng's movements. Without a proper method to cope with the Flame Eagle, Shi Feng would very quickly lose his life on the third floor.


This is rather interesting. It's no wonder they say that the Battle Tower plays a crucial role in guiding one through the various combat realms. As Shi Feng took in his surroundings and the Flame Eagle hovering above him, he suddenly understood what was going on in the Battle Tower.



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