Chapter 902 - Class versus Class

The bald man's sarcasm earned the displeasure of many within the dojo. Just as Liang Jing was about to step forward and say something, Shi Feng held her back with a hand.

He was also familiar with this bald man. The man's name was Gan Xingteng, and he was one of the White Tiger Dojo's advanced disciples. The man was quite strong, even stronger than Chen Wu. He was very active in all sorts of fighting competitions and had earned himself some fame. Hence, he had the confidence to wipe the floor with every martial arts instructor in Jin Hai City.

"What's wrong? Afraid?" Gan Xingteng sneered.

In Gan Xingteng's opinion, Shi Feng's pale complexion was definitely due to fear. With this thought, he became even more certain that Shi Feng was afraid of sparring with him.

"I'm not particularly opposed to a sparring match. However, if I catered to every random person who burst into our dojo to challenge me, wouldn't I die from exhaustion?" Shi Feng responded softly.

Shi Feng's retort didn't fluster Gan Xingteng in the least. Rather, he laughed as he continued to run his mouth, saying, "The high and mighty Head Instructor of the Big Dipper Dojo only knows how to make up excuses. Instructor Shi, aren't you afraid that you might become a laughingstock if others in our industry heard about your cowardice?"

Initially, he had thought that the Big Dipper Dojo's rumored martial arts master was truly quite powerful. Now, however, it seemed that those rumors had been nothing but lies.

"I see that the Big Dipper Dojo only amounts to so much. If even its Head Instructor is too afraid to spar, what's the point of starting a dojo? Might as well switch professions; start a dance hall instead!"

"You and I are closer in age. If you don't want to spar with Senior Brother Gan, how about my challenge? Do you dare to accept it?"

Although Gan Xingteng was not angry, the intermediate disciples behind him were more than raring to fight. Wrathful flames filled their eyes when they looked at Shi Feng, and they wanted nothing more than to teach him a lesson, showing him exactly how powerful the White Tiger Dojo was.

Any one of the White Tiger Dojo's advanced disciples could easily serve as a dojo's Head Instructor in a second-tier city. Even Chen Wu, Jin Hai City's top expert, had lost to Senior Brother Gan, yet Shi Feng had actually implied that their Senior Brother wasn't qualified to fight him. It was an insult to the White Tiger Dojo and their Senior Brother Gan.

In their opinions, even one of the White Tiger Dojo's basic disciples could easily defeat Shi Feng with a few moves. Sparring against their Senior Brother Gan was too much of a privilege for this man.

"Don't misunderstand me. I did not refuse your invitation to spar. However, since you are White Tiger Dojo members, I can't use my status as an instructor to bully you, right? I intend to allow our disciples to spar with you. What do you think?" Shi Feng asked as he glanced at Gan Xingteng.

The entire dojo fell silent as Shi Feng finished his question.

The crowd from the White Tiger Dojo looked at Shi Feng as if he were an idiot. If even the Big Dipper Dojo's instructors were no match for them, why would the disciples have any chance?

Even with one hand tied behind their backs, they could easily defeat any of Big Dipper's disciples.

Meanwhile, when the Big Dipper Dojo's disciples heard Shi Feng, they were all dumbfounded.

They had already learned how terrifying the White Tiger Dojo was when they had watched the previous fights. Even if they fought together in groups of five or six, they wouldn't be a match for one of the White Tiger Dojo's fighters, much less in a one-on-one.

"Sure. Only, once every Big Dipper disciple has been defeated, I hope that you will stop giving me excuses and spar against me yourself," Gan Xingteng sneered and nodded.

"Rest assured; if you win, I will step up." Shi Feng laughed. He then turned to Liang Jing and said, "Fetch Fire Dance and the others."

"Fetch them? But aren't they…" Liang Jing was momentarily stunned by Shi Feng's order.

After she had become Shi Feng's assistant, he had often enlisted her help to manage some of Zero Wing Workshop's affairs. Hence, she knew Fire Dance and the others' identities. None of these people were professional fighters; they were professional gamers. Rather than having them fight the White Tiger's members, it would be more effective if the dojo's disciples fought.

"Go. It's about time they take part in an actual battle." Shi Feng understood the reason for Liang Jing's shock. However, he still had her summon Fire Dance and the others.

Fire Dance's group might not be professional fighters, but after such a long stay in the Greenwater Villa, they had undergone various training. Lei Bao had even guided their foundations. In addition, they received an endless supply of A-rank Nutrient Fluids and the occasional S-rank Nutrient Fluid. Their current physiques were already many times stronger than when they had first arrived at the Greenwater Villa.

Fire Dance and the others had even surprised a martial artist like Lei Bao, and the man often praised the group for being martial arts geniuses. Lei Bao had even wanted to accept them as his personal disciples. Unfortunately, Shi Feng had rejected his requests.

A short moment later, Fire Dance and the others entered the dojo. Immediately, their appearance caused a great commotion.

When the White Tiger Dojo group saw Fire Dance and the others, their jaws nearly hit the floor. Rage flashed in their eyes as thoughts of murdering Shi Feng surfaced in their minds.

Originally, they had thought that Shi Feng had summoned a group of powerful experts to spar against them. Now, however, it would seem that he was simply ridiculing them.

The group Shi Feng had called to face them actually included girls.

Although there was no lack of female disciples in the various dojos, and there were female-only competitions in major fighting competitions, males and females were simply on different levels. The fact that Shi Feng had sent for a female disciple trampled on their glory and pride. Why wouldn't they be angry?

"Instructor Shi, are you trying to insult the White Tiger Dojo?" Gan Xingteng asked Shi Feng with a frosty tone.

Gan Xinteng intended to wait for an answer. However, Fire Dance walked up to the arena and pointed at the White Tiger's members, issuing her challenge, "One-on-one matches will be too boring. I want to take on all of you at once!"

Before the White Tiger Dojo's members could react, Liang Jing nearly fainted.

Just who did Fire Dance think these people were?

This wasn't a game!

They were all bona fide fighting experts. They were not random monsters that one could casually defeat in a game…

Liang Jing had thought of warning Fire Dance. However, seeing the murderous looks from White Tiger Dojo members, she rushed up to Shi Feng and said softly, "Master Shi Feng, please ask her to stop! These people are from the White Tiger Dojo! If she angers them and they stop holding back, someone will end up in the hospital!"

"You're right," Shi Feng nodded. He then looked towards Fire Dance and said, "Hold back. We shouldn't hospitalize them."

If it were Cola or Ye Wumian, they could've played with their opponents without hurting them too badly. If it were up to Fire Dance, however, her opponents would be in danger. After all, Fire Dance had never fought ordinary people before. After reaching the Refinement Realm, she usually only trained with Lei Bao. If she fought an ordinary person, she could miscalculate her opponent and use too much strength.

"I understand." Fire Dance nodded and smiled.

Shi Feng's instructions left Liang Jing speechless. Although she wanted to inform him that that was not what she had meant, the indifferent youth from the White Tiger Dojo had entered the arena. As for the other White Tiger members, they shouted their indignation.

"You Ziping, you better not hold back just because she's pretty! Show them the strength of the White Tiger Dojo!"

"You Ziping, if you can't defeat her with a single move, I'll mock you forever!"

The visiting fighters' eyes were all bloodshot with anger. They all wished they were in the cold You Ziping's place, eager to show these bumpkins from the Big Dipper Dojo the extent of their strength.

Meanwhile, Gan Xinteng laughed out of anger. He even wondered if Shi Feng acted out of desperation after realizing the hopelessness of the Big Dipper's situation.

You Ziping nodded seriously as he turned to Fire Dance with a chilling expression.

Since You Ziping was already prepared, Shi Feng promptly initiated the fight, "Alright, then. Since you have decided, let the match begin."



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