Chapter 927 - Complete State

"We are letting them off too easy." Blade clicked his tongue as he watched Shi Feng's team. "Boss Peerless, should we activate the teleportation array now?"

"Wait a moment. I want to watch the King of Corrosion kill them!" Peerless shook his head.

The entrance trial's third stage was not any easier than the second.

It would be far more difficult to proceed without the Tier 3 Summoning Scroll. He wanted to kill Shi Feng and his companions himself. However, he was satisfied with the knowledge that the King of Corrosion would massacre them.

Sailu Tiban's corrosive fluid could cause a tremendous amount of damage to one's equipment. It might even destroy the other team's weapons and equipment. This was a better outcome than killing them and taking a single item from each.

Hearing Peerless's words, his people turned to watch Shi Feng's team with anticipation.

Sailu Tiban's Movement Speed was very high. Before Shi Feng and the others had crossed 100 yards, the King of Corrosion was less than 50 yards away from the team.

They couldn't help their panic as the Boss approached.

The Grand Lord's pummeling of a Level 55 Great Lord was still fresh in their minds. If even a Tier 3 Great Lord could not hold off this Boss, players such as themselves had no hope. Even if all ten of their MTs worked together, they couldn't defend against the King of Corrosion's attacks.

"I'll deal with him! Everyone else, hurry!" Shi Feng's lips hooked up into a smile as he watched the incoming Sailu Tiban.

Others might not know the King of Corrosion's power, but he did.

Although Sailu Tiban was an Archaic Species, it had a fatal weakness.

Its couldn't respond to sudden changes very well. Even a slight turn required it to waste roughly two seconds. Expert players would have plenty of time to dodge its attacks. However, they first had to draw the King of Corrosion's aggro.

Shi Feng instantly appeared before the King of Corrosion.

Seeing this, Sailu Tiban swiped its claws at Shi Feng. However, Shi Feng easily evaded its attack using Silent Steps, instantly appearing behind the King of Corrosion.

Dragon Breath!

Suddenly, a massive white beam bombarded the back of Sailu Tiban's neck.


"So tough!" Shi Feng clicked his tongue.

Dragon Breath multiplied his damage by ten, yet when the Skill struck one of the King of Corrosion's vulnerable spots, it only dealt around 20,000 damage. If an ordinary expert attacked the Grand Lord, they would probably only deal a few hundred damage.

Shi Feng's attack immediately drew Sailu Tiban's attention. Following which, the King of Corrosion tried to turn to attack Shi Feng.

However, Sailu Tiban was very slow when turning, shifting its body step by step. This gave Shi Feng ample time to activate Windwalk and leave his current position. As for the Corrosive Beasts and Corrosive Beast Kings blocking his way, they were no threat.

"You're quite durable. Unfortunately, this Grand Lord isn't that easy to deal with. You're just wasting your time," Peerless sneered as he watched Shi Feng.

In the face of absolute power, techniques were useless. Even if Shi Feng bought his team some time, it wouldn't be enough to reach the teleportation array.

"Roar!" Sailu Tiban roared is fury as it chased Shi Feng.

In the blink of an eye, the King of Corrosion had moved away from Shi Feng's team, the team sighing in relief. A moment later, however, tension gripped their hearts once more.

Sailu Tiban was simply too fast. Even after Shi Feng activated Windwalk, he could not match the King of Corrosion's speed. If he allowed the Grand Lord to catch up to him, he wouldn't have a Skill like Silent Steps to help him avoid another attack.

After Shi Feng crossed about 20 yards, Sailu Tiban had caught up to him. Sailu Tiban's claws transformed into afterimages as it swiped at Shi Feng, a sonic boom blasting through the air.



Like a bullet, Shi Feng was thrown over 30 yards, his body slamming into the ground. The impact even created a large crater around Shi Feng's body.

As expected of an Archaic Species. Although its Strength is lower than the Mutated Dragon's, it is still stronger than an ordinary Grand Lord. Once Shi Feng stood back up, he felt as if every bone in his body was about to pop out of its socket; his arms were numb after taking the King of Corrosion's hit. If he had not used Parry to block the attack, he would have been dead by now.

Seeing Shi Feng's HP remain static, Sailu Tiban flew into a rage. Taking two steps forward, it instantly arrived before Shi Feng and stomped on the tiny Swordsman.

Seeing the mountain-sized foot descending towards him, Shi Feng stopped holding back.

Heavenly Dragon's Power!

Thunder God's Descent!

The two Skills instantly increased Shi Feng's Strength Attribute by 150%, HP by 500%, Defense by 300%, Agility by 60%, Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 150%, and damage by 50%. He also received a 50% damage reduction.

Shi Feng's HP climbed to 122,800. As for his Defense, even Cola couldn't match his.

After receiving these massive buffs, Shi Feng swung Killing Ray towards the King of Corrosion's feet.


Three arcs of blue light gathered at a single point, tearing space itself apart. This spatial tear then extended towards Sailu Tiban's feet.


The powerful shockwave from the impact knocked the surrounding Corrosive Beasts back. Suddenly, there were no monsters within 20 yards of the King of Corrosion.

"Is he an NPC?" When the dust settled, everyone's jaws hit the floor as they stared at the shockwave's epicenter. No one could believe their eyes.

Shi Feng had actually blocked the King of Corrosion's powerful attack. Moreover, he had caused Sailu Tiban to shudder slightly.

Although Shi Feng was buried up to his knees, he had only received around -7,000 damage from the attack. To Shi Feng's over 120,000 HP, this damage was nothing.

The upgraded Heavenly Dragon's Breath is wonderful. I won't even have to activate Twofold Berserk at this rate. Shi Feng flexed his muscles, joints popping. Although he felt somewhat stiff, overall, Shi Feng's combat power had not been affected.

When he had faced the Mutated Dragon, he had been suffering a Weakened Soul state, reducing his Attributes by nearly half. He had relied on Dragon's Domination to overcome the Mutant. Now that his soul had recovered, although his Strength was still not a match for the King of Corrosion even after activating Heavenly Dragon's Power, the gap was not as wide as it had been. In addition, with his extremely high Skill Completion Rate, he wouldn't have a problem defending against the Grand Lord's normal attacks.

However, his Sacred Sword, Killing Ray, was the main reason that he could contend with Sailu Tiban. Killing Ray increased his damage by 100% against Dark Creatures.

However, just after Shi Feng pulled his legs out of the ground, the enraged King of Corrosion swung its claws at him once more as if it were trying to swat a fly.

Just in time. Let's see how you fare against this. Shi Feng did not dodge the attack. Instead, he used his sure-kill Skill, Flame Burst.

A miniature sun then collided with Sailu Tiban's claws.



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