Chapter 933 - Grand Wizard

As more people returned from their tests, the difference between Zero Wing's side and Overwhelming Smile's side became glaringly obvious.

In the end, 21 of the 30 Zero Wing members had cleared the test.

As for Overwhelming Smile's 50 members, only 15 had passed.

All of Owl and Raven's members had cleared the test.

Why does Zero Wing have so many experts? Youlan was shocked when she saw how many players from Zero Wing's side had passed. Although she knew that there was a huge gap between their teams, she had not realized how massive that gap was.

Youlan wasn't the only person caught by surprise. Even an expert like War Wolf was astonished.

They had formed their team by poaching experts from various sources. Overall, their team could rival even first-rate Guilds' main forces.

On the other hand, Zero Wing had only developed in Star-Moon Kingdom, yet regarding the quality and quantity of experts, Zero Wing's team was far greatly superior to theirs.

"Since everyone has finished the test, those who did not pass will wait by the entrance. Those who passed can head inside," Shi Feng said as looked over the team. He had sensed Youlan and her group's confusion. However, he simply smiled at their actions. He then arranged for everyone to enter the library.

Naturally, it was impossible for Zero Wing to surpass first-rate Guilds in terms of quantity of experts.

First-rate Guilds had been developing in the virtual gaming world for a long time. In addition, these Guilds weren't limited to developing in just one country, but multiple. In terms of member count, they exceeded Zero Wing by many times. Zero Wing was no match for them.

Zero Wing's only advantage over these Guilds was their number of top-tier experts.

This was also why Shi Feng wanted to develop in other countries. There were only so many top-tier experts in Star-Moon Kingdom. Unless they nurtured their own, they couldn't continue to build their forces of top-tier experts. Furthermore, they needed to recruit far more elite and ordinary expert players.

Following which, under Shi Feng's lead, all those who passed their tests began entering the Titan Library one after another.

The Titan Library was relatively ancient in God's Domain. It was far older than any kingdom or empire's library. Those libraries could not compare to the information it contained.

Suddenly a gray-robed man with a blurred face appeared before the team and said, "Young adventurers, welcome to the Titan Library. I am Warren, the manager here."

Warren was not a Titan. He was the same size as an ordinary human. As if he were a robot, he spoke without emotion. However, the instant this man appeared, everyone felt as if they were suffocating.

Warren's powerful aura rendered these players helpless.

Although they couldn't accurately guess the library manager's strength, they did not doubt that the man could end their lives as easily as blowing out a candle.

Shi Feng, however, knew exactly how powerful Warren was.

He was a Tier 5 Grand Wizard!

Moreover, Warren wasn't an ordinary Tier 5 class. He was a Grand Wizard who had mastered all four major elements. A Grand Wizard with mastery over two elements was already impressive. Tier 5 players generally only mastered one element, and it was exceedingly difficult to master another.

In Shi Feng's previous life, disaster had befallen Titan City, and it was only thanks to Manager Warren that this disaster had been mitigated.

Warren had fought three Tier 5 abyssal monsters. Normally, it would take a small army of Tier 5 players to defeat just one Tier 5 abyssal monster, yet Warren had single-handedly defeated all three. The news had spread through God's Domain like wildfire.

It was also then that players had realized just how frightening a Grand Wizard, who had mastered all four major elements, was.

"Now that you have come this far, you are allowed to search for one Skill Book to learn from. The Titan Library has stood for many years and has collected various Skill Books from all across God's Domain. One can even find legendary Tier 6 Skill Books on these shelves. However, you only have three hours to find a Skill Book, and you only have three opportunities to learn from this library throughout your lifetime. There are also various restrictions in the library. The stronger the Skill Book is, the stronger the restriction will be. What kind of Skill Book you obtain will depend on your own abilities. Do not waste time out of greed over a powerful Skill," Warren explained slowly.

Hearing this, the players' eyes lit up with excitement.

In God's Domain, a Skill's rarity increased with Levels and Tiers. Currently, even Tier 2 Skill Books were beyond players, let alone Tier 6.

Only someone like Shi Feng understood how precious a Tier 6 Skill Book was. Its value could even rival that of a Fragmented Legendary item. Tier 5 Skills and Spells weren't easy to obtain either. One had to be lucky to find one.

Even after reaching Tier 4 and 5, many players in the past had only possessed a few Skills or Spells of the same Tier.

Meanwhile, Titan Library just happened to allow players access to these rare Skills and Spells. Hence, players constantly fought to challenge the Titan Library's test. Unfortunately, very few players had ever come this far.

This opportunity to grasp a high-tiered Skill or Spell was far more valuable than an Epic Weapon.

Warren had vanished after he finished his explanation of the library. Without wasting any time, Shi Feng and the others split up to search for their own Skill Books.

The Titan Library was colossal and had many sections. Finding a suitable high-tiered Skill Book within three hours would not be easy. Hence, they needed to cherish every second they had.

Following which, Shi Feng dashed towards the section for Melee Skills.

In the Titan Library, Skill and Spell Books were not categorized by class. Rather, they fell into four main groups: Melee Skills, Ranged Skills, Healing Spells, and Destruction Spells.

Melee players like Shi Feng had to head towards the Melee Skill section. Of course, one could also choose a Skill from the Ranged Skill section.

Once Shi Feng reached the Melee Skill section, he delved deeper into the section.

Every library section was divided further into four areas: the outer area, the inner area, the central area, and the core.

There were thousands of Skill Books in the outer area. Shi Feng could waste his three hours just skimming through those books.

Meanwhile, as one ventured closer to each section's center, they would find fewer and higher quality Skill Books. However, based on what Shi Feng had heard in his previous life, even the core housed over a hundred Skill Books. The Titan Library's wealth of information would shock any player.

As Shi Feng left the outer area and approached the inner area, a barrier appeared, blocking his path.



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