Chapter 945 - Holy Land of Players

The Holy City of Titan was not like other cities. As soon as Shi Feng and the others emerged from the Teleportation Hall, they were stunned by what they saw.

Buildings that were hundreds of meters tall had been erected all over the city, looking very much like a modern city.

Various Lifestyle NPCs roamed about the streets. In God's Domain's NPC cities, players did not often encounter Master Lifestyle NPCs. Here, however, it was hard not to.

Yet, the Mana density was the most shocking aspect of the city.

Just by standing on the street, everyone felt an indescribable serenity. Their minds were astonishingly clear.

"This is a fantastic place to rest. This is a perfect place to relax and unwind after an exhausting day in the real world," Aqua Rose muttered to herself as she inhaled the pleasant air.

Even a Dark Player like Bloodsucker found himself nodding in agreement.

"Alright, snap out of it. Let's investigate the Lifestyle Association first," Shi Feng said, chuckling at his companions' reactions.

In the past, many people had dreamed of vacationing in Titan City. Unfortunately, very few could afford such a luxury.

Following which, the team rode an advanced horse carriage and headed for Titan City's Lifestyle Association.

There were three buildings that stood out in Titan City, and one was the Lifestyle Association's floating island. Titan City's ten saints had created this special island and suspended it above the city's western area. Players could take the floating elevator in the spire to reach the island.

When Youlan and the others saw the massive island above the 400-meter tall spire, they fell silent.

Youlan had initially assumed that the Lifestyle Association in Titan City would only be slightly better than those in kingdoms and empires' capital cities. Now, however, it would seem that there were more differences than she had thought. Calling this Lifestyle Association the 'Holy Land' for Lifestyle players was an exaggeration.

Shi Feng could not help but smile at Youlan's shock.

In the past, even Grandmaster Lifestyle players had dreamed of visiting the Holy City of Titan, and not without reason.

Upon entering the spire, Youlan immediately approached an NPC to inquire about this place.

"Hello, miss. How may I help you today?" the metal robot, which stood over three meters tall, asked from behind the front desk.

"I wish to rent a Workshop. Can you give me an introduction?" Youlan asked.

Immediately, the front desk robot began to explain the various Workshops available.

However, the NPC robot's introduction was very brief. It conveyed far less information than what Shi Feng knew. Even so, it was shocking enough the first time players heard it.

The Lifestyle Association was divided into three areas, namely the lower layer, the middle layer, and the upper layer.

The lower layer referred to the spire area. Workshops ranging from Basic to Special rank were found there. However, unlike the Workshops in other NPC cities, the Mana density in these was much higher. The Special Workshop here was even superior to the Basic Meditation Room in 3-star Shops.

Of course, its rental was very expensive.

Renting an Advanced Workshop for one day cost 10 Gold, while Special Workshops cost 25 Gold per day. This was an astronomical amount to ordinary Lifestyle players.

Meanwhile, the middle layer referred to the ordinary buildings on the floating island. The island had various Research Rooms, ranging from Basic to Advanced rank, but not limited.

Research Rooms were different from Workshops in which they stored large amounts of data that players could use to research and invent their own designs.

It was commonly known that, to reach the rank of Master, Lifestyle players needed to create their own items. Moreover, they needed to create relatively high-ranking items. This was far more difficult than producing an item from an existing design.

With these Research Room, Advanced Lifestyle players would have a much higher chance of becoming a Master Lifestyle player.

It was also precisely this reason that the Holy City of Titan had been known as the Holy Land for Lifestyle players. In the past, countless Lifestyle players had spent hundreds of Gold to get a slot into the Holy City. However, no Guild would be foolish enough to sell their slots. Only those top-class adventurer teams would sell entrance tokens. However, the various Guilds normally bought these tokens. Independent Lifestyle players had no hope of obtaining their own.

Of course, with such high benefits, the Research Rooms' rent wasn't cheap.

A Basic Research Room alone cost 200 Gold per day, though players of any status could rent one.

As for the Intermediate Research Rooms, each cost 500 Gold per day. Moreover, one needed to be an Honorary Citizen to rent these rooms. Furthermore, loaning the room to others was forbidden.

At Advanced rank, the Research Room cost 1,200 Gold per day. Only Titan City's nobles were allowed access to these rooms. This was one of the reasons that Shi Feng had been as desperate for the Holy City's Reputation Points. Without sufficient Reputation, he couldn't rent an Advanced Research Room regardless of how much money he had.

In reality, even without the Reputation requirement, the rental cost was enough to deter most Guilds at this stage of the game. However, if one calculated the cost carefully, they would realize how inexpensive the rooms were. If a Guild nurtured a Master Lifestyle player as a result of renting one of these extortionate Research Rooms, that player could bring the Guild far more profit than the rental costs.

Above the middle layer area was the Sacred Tower in the island's center. Only players who were major nobles in Titan City were allowed entry to the tower. As far as Shi Feng knew, the players that had access to the Sacred Tower had been as rare as a phoenix's feather in the past; most of them had been Grandmaster Lifestyle players, standing at the peak of God's Domain's Lifestyle players.

As for what the Sacred Tower contained, even Shi Feng didn't know.

As the NPC robot introduced the Lifestyle Association's various benefits, everyone, except for Shi Feng, gasped.

"NPCs are really skilled thieves!" Even Bloodsucker and White Night, people who had paid no attention to Lifestyle classes, were shocked by the Research Room's prices.

Renting an Advanced Research Room for a day cost as much as an Epic item. Even Super Guilds couldn't afford this.

Youlan paled upon hearing the NPC robot's explanation.

Even the Workshops' rent was astonishing.

If she calculated the cost of nurturing twenty Lifestyle players, each person could spend six days in Titan City. If she allowed all twenty to use Special Workshops, the rent alone would cost 3,000 Gold. After factoring in the material costs, the total would even endanger a first-rate Guild. Furthermore, she would have to use her own money, and there was still no guarantee that all twenty players would reach Advanced rank within those six days.



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