Chapter 961 - Sword Emperor Ryan

In the garden-like mansion, Shi Feng followed the Level 150 NPC steward to the mansion's observation deck.

As Star-Moon Kingdom's only Grand Duke, Hartfield's status was only beneath the King's.

Naturally, his mansion was astonishing.

The observation deck was awe-inspiring. Not only did it float high in the air, but its floating elevator had also been crafted from Seven Luminaries Crystals. Even Star-Moon Restaurant's rooftop view could not compare to the view from this observation deck. Furthermore, only the Palace and Star-Moon Auction House were higher up than the Grand Duke's observation deck.

Shi Feng felt as if he were standing atop the clouds as he looked out. He had an unobstructed view of Star-Moon City. The gentle breeze touching his face relaxed him. Despite the relatively normal Mana Density, he felt utterly carefree.

Enjoying a meal here would be the epitome of luxury.

In the past, many major Guilds had attempted to construct similar observation decks in their own cities, not excluding Shadow. However, only after the attempt did people realize how expensive it was.

The floating deck required incomparably precious materials. Although they were not as rare as the Seven Luminaries Crystals, the Floating Stones were rare throughout God's Domain.

On the market, a fist-sized Floating Stone would sell for dozens of Gold. One could imagine just how much it would cost to construct an observation deck the size of a basketball court. Crafting the necessary floating elevator also required Seven Luminaries Crystals. Those crystals were the core components of Mind Spaces, and players were more than reluctant to part with them. Very few people could afford to use them to craft a floating elevator. Moreover, the moment the floating elevator was complete, other players would likely attempt to steal it.

Next to the Level 200, Tier 3 Grand Duke Hartfield stood a middle-aged man in silver armor. A white mantle had been draped over the man's back, and a sword with a gem-encrusted hit hung from his waist. Golden, divine runes had been engraved on the sword's scabbard, giving it both a sacred and magnificent appearance.

Seeing this treasured sword, Shi Feng had no doubt that, when this man walked down the street with that blade, he attracted a lot of attention. Countless female players and sword enthusiasts would hover around him like flies.

Oddly enough, Shi Feng recognized this man.

The man's name was Ryan Reiter, and he was the Captain of Star-Moon Kingdom's Royal Guard. He was also a Level 200, Tier 4 Sword Emperor. He was even stronger than White River City's powerhouse, Weissman, and was known for being the closest person to becoming a Sword Saint in Star-Moon Kingdom.

Although there were Tier 5 NPCs in Star-Moon Kingdom, none of these NPCs were affiliated with the kingdom. They originated from the several major NPC organizations in God's Domain. Ucarus, the Temple Lord of Star-Moon Kingdom's War God's Temple, was one such example. Even the King had to show Ucarus respect.

There was also the incomparably mysterious Sharlyn. Although Shi Feng did not know which NPC organization Sharlyn belonged to, he was certain that she did not belong to Star-Moon Kingdom.

Hence, aside from the Grand Marshal Adolf Cerrett, one could say that Ryan Reiter was the strongest NPC in Star-Moon Kingdom.

In front of the Grand Duke and the Royal Guard Captain standing side-by-side, any ordinary player would be petrified. Surprisingly, Shi Feng approached them casually. The NPC steward respectfully moved to the side.

Two of Star-Moon Kingdom's VIPs are here together. It seems that something serious is really happening in the kingdom. Seeing the two NPCs before him, Shi Feng was more confident of his assumptions.

The appearance of the Evil God's Temple hinted that something major would happen soon. This was practically a natural law in God's Domain.

Shi Feng could remember that nearly half of Lion's Heart Empire had been destroyed in the past due to the Evil God's Temple's appearance. Even the ruling Super Guild in the Lion's Heart Empire had suffered severe losses, not to mention the empire's smaller Guilds. This incident had shocked all of God's Domain.

No one had expected an NPC dark organization to be so powerful.

After that incident, players exploded into action to remove the Evil God's Temple the moment any related issues occurred. Even so, every country in which the temple appeared suffered heavy damages.

After all, when the Evil God's Temple appeared, all life and land were forfeit. Even after the threat was eliminated, the area took a long time to recover.

Such situations impact on local players and Guilds was massive.

Hence, Shi Feng had hurried here.

It was very difficult to gain entry into Star-Moon Palace. Meeting with Grand Duke Hartfield, however, was easier. Everything would be fine as long as he reported the matter regarding the Evil God's Temple to Hartfield; the Grand Duke could then travel to the Palace and inform the King.

With the power of the kingdom's army, eliminating the one-horned monsters should be easy.

"Young adventurer, we meet again," Grand Duke Hartfield greeted Shi Feng as he approached. Caressing his goatee, Hartfield chuckled lightly before continuing, "Weissman has told me much about you. I would never have imagined that, despite being so young, you were capable of helping Lady Sharlyn with various matters. If my two sons were as outstanding as you, I could retire without worry."

As Hartfield finished his praise, Ryan Reiter could not help but look at Shi Feng.

This made Shi Feng feel somewhat strange.

He had not expected his fame to spread to NPCs. Moreover, these two influential characters in Star-Moon Kingdom had heard of him.

"Lord Hartfield, I have come with an urgent message that must reach His Majesty the King. However, I cannot enter the Palace, so I was hoping that you might transmit the message for me," Shi Feng requested respectfully.

"Alright, then. If your news is as important as you say, I will pass on the message." Hartfield nodded, sternly agreeing to Shi Feng's request.

"I have found traces of the Evil God's Temple in the Starfield Forest. The forest is currently devoid of life. If we don't stop the Evil God's Temple in time, it will quickly become a threat to the capital," Shi Feng said after considering his words. "As for the validity of my claim, Lord Hartfield simply needs to send someone to investigate Starfield Forest."

High-ranking NPCs in God's Domain were incredibly intelligent. Oftentimes, players were not required to present proof when reporting an incident. The NPC would take action as long as they reported the facts, initiating their own investigations. Once the report was verified, players would receive a reward. If the report were proven false, players would be punished.

However, players needed to earn these NPCs' trust before they could report various issues. If a player lacked credibility, NPCs wouldn't bother to investigate the situations even if the player told the truth.

Previously, Shi Feng had gained some Favorability with the Grand Duke. His words alone could prompt an investigation. If he were dealing with any other NPC, however, they wouldn't even give him the light of day.

"The Evil God's Temple?"

"The Evil God's Temple has appeared so close to the capital?"

When Hartfield heard "Evil God's Temple," he tensed. The energy around him also changed.

"Captain Ryan, like the report you've recently received, it seems that those damnable evil cultists are on the move again," Hartfield said, anger filling his eyes. "After their failed attempt fifteen years ago, they are going after that item again. This time, I will erase them from Star-Moon Kingdom!"

After the Grand Duke's statement, the sound of a system notification reached Shi Feng's ears, with Star-Moon Kingdom's System Announcement following closely.



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