Chapter 994 - Rising to Epic

Everyone had already seen for themselves just how strong Shi Feng's Basic Attributes were.

Even the Level 50 Undead Fanatics were no match for him in terms of Strength. He could easily send the Elites flying with a casual attack.

However, being able to make it so that not a single monster could get within ten yards of himself was impossible just by relying on Attributes. Combat techniques and experience played important roles as well.

While players could improve their Basic Attributes through equipment upgrades, combat techniques and experience could not be easily improved. This was also the Wind God's Spear's greatest point of pride.

The various large Guilds were all busy raiding Dungeons to upgrade their weapons and equipment. They did not place much attention on improving their techniques and accumulating combat experience.

Hence, the Wind God's Spear would manage to safely break away the encirclement of the Dark Night Empire's various large Guilds time after time and continue existing with relative ease until now.

Previously, when the members of the Wind God's Spear witnessed Shi Feng killing hundreds of Undead Fanatics with one attack before, the most they felt was shock. After all, that was something he achieved through relying on powerful items and Skills. However, now that Shi Feng was using an inconceivable combat technique to slaughter the Elite monsters, the feeling everyone felt when they looked at Shi Feng was no longer that of shock but admiration and worship, instead.

Many members on the team had already become deeply mesmerized by the Sword's Orbit. If not for the Undead Fanatics constantly charging at them, they would definitely place all their attention on observing Shi Feng's technique.

"With such a sword technique, I'm afraid that even One Sword of the Eight Sword Heroes can't compare to him." When Fallen Wind looked at Shi Feng, his eyes blazed with the urge to fight.

In the entire Dark Night Empire, the number of experts that received his acknowledgment could be counted with his fingers. Among them, One Sword, whom the Secret Pavilion had dubbed one of the Eight Sword Heroes, was someone Fallen Wind admired greatly. Now, the number of people he admired had increased by one more.

If not for the Undead Fanatics, he really would have wished to fight Shi Feng to his heart's content.

"If he keeps on using such a powerful combat technique, will his Stamina and Concentration be able to handle it?" Autumn Goose asked somewhat worriedly as she looked at Shi Feng.

She was not an ordinary player. Previously, when she had gone up against the encirclement of the Dark Night Empire's various large Guilds, she had also encountered players wielding special combat techniques.

While these special combat techniques were indeed powerful, they also had a fatal flaw—they were extremely taxing to use. Utilizing a special combat technique was akin to sprinting all out. The burden it placed on a person's Stamina and Concentration was many times greater than jogging.

In God's Domain, even if players only had 1 HP remaining, they could still move freely so long as they did not receive heavy injuries. However, when players' Stamina and Concentration fell below a certain level, they would no longer be able to enter combat.

If Shi Feng exhausted his Stamina and Concentration right now, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In reality, however, Autumn Goose's concerns about Shi Feng were unnecessary.

While Sword's Orbit did indeed place a huge burden on Shi Feng's Stamina, the technique's consumption of Concentration was minimal. Moreover, before using Sword's Orbit to defend against these Undead Fanatics, Shi Feng had already activated the Basic Tyrant title, increasing his Fortitude by 30, maximum Stamina by 20%, and all Basic Attributes by 5%.

The additional 30 Fortitude reduced his Stamina and Concentration consumption significantly. Coupled with the increase to his maximum Stamina, Shi Feng could persist for much longer than Autumn Goose thought.

Moreover, even if Shi Feng's current Stamina and Concentration could not last him until they reached the distant temple, he still possessed the Blood Refining Stone.

The Blood Refining Stone was something he obtained from the Blood Refining Passage. It could absorb the Life Force of powerful monsters and turn this into Blood Energy. He could use every 100 points of Blood Energy he accumulated to produce a drop of Life Essence. When consumed, the Life Essence could increase a player's Stamina and Concentration recovery speed rapidly for two hours. Moreover, the effects were stackable up to three times.

This was an item Shi Feng always kept on his person. Although not every Elite or above monster provided him with Blood Energy, after long periods of accumulation, he now had 827 drops of Life Essence. He did not need to worry about running out of Stamina and Concentration any time soon.

Time passed quickly. Whenever everyone thought that Shi Feng's Stamina would not hold up, Shi Feng would consume Life Essence. However, the recovery speed provided by a single drop was not enough. Only after consuming three drops would his recovery speed exceed his consumption speed.

As Shi Feng continued slaughtering the Undead Fanatics, the amount of Life Force Icarus's Heart accumulated increased rapidly.

Two thousand points…

Three thousand points…

Four thousand points…

By the time the team arrived before the dazzling, golden temple, Shi Feng had long since accumulated 5,000 units of Life Force.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng upgraded Icarus's Heart.

[Icarus's Heart] (Necklace, Epic Rank)
Equipment Requirement: All Attributes 120
Level 40 - Level 100 (Currently Level 44)
All Attributes +44
Luck +18

Additional Skill 1-
Divine Providence: Temporarily increases player's Luck by 50 points for 30 seconds.
Cooldown: 30 minutes
Luck, Duration, and Cooldown can be increased, prolonged, and reduced by sacrificing Life Force. Maximum of 200 points of Life Force allowed to be sacrificed at a single time.

Additional Skill 2-
God's Blessing: Forcefully upgrades all Lifestyle classes learned by the user by one rank (up to a maximum of Master rank) for one hour.
Cooldown: 5 hours
Duration and Cooldown can be increased, prolonged, and reduced by sacrificing Life Force. Maximum of 500 points of Life Force allowed to be sacrificed at a single time.

Passive Skill-
Life Storage: Player can accumulate up to 10,000 units of Life Force. Current amount (0/10,000).

Shi Feng was momentarily stunned when he saw the improved Attributes of the Epic ranked Icarus's Heart.

Although Icarus's Heart did not receive much of an improvement in terms of Basic Attributes, it was definitely a godly item all players would want to have.

Setting aside the increased Luck Attribute Icarus's Heart provided, just the necklace's ability to forcibly upgrade a Lifestyle class's rank could easily skyrocket a Lifestyle player's worth. Particularly during this period when Lifestyle players were still low-leveled, being able to upgrade an Advanced Lifestyle player to the Master rank, even if it was only for one hour a day, would help a trading firm massively.

Currently, Shi Feng could not help but wish he could fly back to the Candlelight Trading Firm right this instant. Unfortunately, he first needed to clear the Trial of God.

When everyone arrived before the temple, they were still thinking of a way to shake off the Undead Fanatics' pursuit. However, once everyone entered the main hall of the temple, the mob of Undead Fanatics suddenly transformed into mists of blood before vanishing into nothingness. There were no signs that those monsters had ever existed.

"Are we safe?" Blue Bamboo looked at her surroundings. After failing to find even a single Undead Fanatic in the vicinity, she automatically breathed out a sigh of relief.

Had the battle dragged on any longer, her Mana would've definitely run out.

Before, in order to keep everyone's HPs above a safe margin, she had never once stopped casting her Healing Spells. On their way to this temple, she had consumed over a stack of Intermediate Mana Recovery Potions.

Not only were Intermediate Mana Recovery Potions expensive on the market right now, but their supply was also very low. The ones that appeared in trading firms or Auction Houses would sell out almost instantly. After all, Mana was the second life of magical classes. Without Mana, magical classes were no different from rubbish. Hence, those who played a magical class would always carry around three or four bottles of Basic or Intermediate Mana Recovery Potion at the very least.

She had obtained these Intermediate Mana Recovery Potions using the Guild Contribution Points she had earned with great difficulty. Now, however, she had used up half of her stockpile in just this short time—truly a disheartening situation.

Just when everyone thought that they were finally safe and could obtain the Seven-colored Treasure Chest sitting atop the towering altar located at the very back of the main hall, the steps of the staircase leading up to the altar suddenly released red beams of light, which then formed into three-meter-tall, fully armored Undead Guardians.

[Undead Guardian] (Dark Creature, Chieftain)
Level 50
HP 2,400,000/2,400,000

Although there were only several hundred Undead Guardians standing on the staircase—a far cry from the endless flood of Undead Fanatics from before—everyone could clearly sense that these Undead Guardians were many times more powerful than those Elite monsters.

Currently, three Undead Guardians stood on each step of the staircase, and if the team attempted to lure any one of the Chieftains, no doubt the other two Undead Guardians would follow. In other words, the team had to go up against three Undead Guardians simultaneously at the very least.

Their team's average level was ten Levels lower than the Undead Guardians'. In addition, each Level 50 Undead Guardian could most likely rival a Level 40 High Lord in strength; only their HPs were lower.

With so few players on the team, going up against three Level 40 High Lords at the same time would be extremely difficult.

"It seems we won't be able to clear this stage without defeating those Guardians," Shi Feng said. He could not help but wet his lips as he looked at the Seven-colored Treasure Chest sitting atop the staircase.

This was not his first time challenging a Trial of God. However, having a lucrative reward like the Seven-colored Treasure Chest appearing in the first stage of the trial was definitely a first for him.



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