Chapter 1007 - Lively White River City

Hearing the system notification, everyone was stunned.

"What's going on?"

"Isn't this the Trial of God?"

"Didn't the information say that we won't be able to leave without clearing all of the stages?"

They had found a lot of information on the Trial of God on the official forums. Until now, every person that had challenged the Trial of God had only had two options to leave the trial. Either they gave up, or they cleared it.

This sudden development made everyone wonder if this were a trap set by the system. They could not help but hesitate in making a decision.

"Big Brother Ye Feng, do you think this is a trick?" Blue Bamboo asked Shi Feng instinctively. In her opinion, there was nothing in God's Domain that Shi Feng did not know about.

Thoughtful Rain also turned to Shi Feng. Generally speaking, the game didn't use system notifications to set up a trap for players.

However, for reasons unknown, she felt as if only Shi Feng's answer would assure her of this.

Seeing Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo's hopeful gazes, Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he said, "God's Domain's system notifications will not lie to players. We were also transferred into the Trial of God forcefully rather than through the normal procedures. This is probably why the system is allowing us to leave halfway through the trial."

In reality, when Countess Katie Green had teleported them into the Trial of God, Shi Feng had been shocked.

The Trial of God was like an Otherworld. Moreover, the Gods had created this Otherworld. Even Demigods could not transfer players into the trail forcefully, much less an empire's Countess. Normally, players could only enter the Trial of God through a spatial connection point. Moreover, this spatial connection point was unstable. Not only did it appear randomly, but it would also disappear after a certain amount of time, regardless of whether or not players had entered.

Only Gods could transport a player into the Trial of God by force. How could the Countess of a mere empire achieve such a feat?

According to Shi Feng's conjecture, the Countless must've used some kind of item. Take the Bible of Darkness for example. The Bible could activate a Gate of Darkness, allowing players to travel to the Dark Den. However, such an item should have some flaws. For example, they could leave the Trial of God after completing one stage.

"Commander, do we leave? Or continue?" Autumn Goose asked hesitantly as she looked towards Fallen Wind.

The Trial of God's rewards were abundant. After obtaining the Secret-Silver Mastery Book, Fallen Wind had finally pushed his Shield Mastery to the Basic Master standard, which significantly increased his damage reduction and defense capabilities.

If they continued clearing this six-colored trial, they would emerge transformed. At that time, no one within the Dark Night Empire would be able to afford to underestimate the Wind God's Spear. Even those Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds would have to be cautious when dealing with the adventurer team.

"We're leaving!" Fallen Wind declared. "If not for Brother Ye Feng's help, we wouldn't have even cleared the trial's first stage. We are lucky that it's giving us the chance to leave."

Although the Trial of God awarded more with each cleared stage, the same was also true for the stages' difficulty. Accurately determining one's strength was one of the basics of being an expert.

Moreover, the system had clearly stated that the next stage would be an individual challenge. They would not find any more loopholes to exploit and would have to rely on their own strength.

If he had to guess who on his team could clear the second stage, he was sure that only Shi Feng was capable of doing so. Everyone else, including himself, had no hope of clearing the trial. Why should they risk suffering the system's severe punishment?

The team agreed with Fallen Wind's proposal. They all felt that greed had gotten the better of them and they had forgotten the reason they had come this far.

Turning towards Shi Feng, Fallen Wind asked in a very friendly tone, "Brother Ye Feng, the Wind God's Spear intends to leave. May I know what you plan to do next?"

"Me?" After giving it some thought, Shi Feng said, "I'll leave as well. Although the Trial of God's rewards are tempting, I still have many matters that I need to attend to."

"Since that is the case, let's add each other as friends. If not for Brother Ye Feng's help, we wouldn't have left this place in one piece. If you need any help in the future, please don't hesitate to ask. I will give my all to assist you," Fallen Wind said. He then sent Shi Feng a friend request, hoping that he could become close friends with this Swordsman.

It was also thanks to Shi Feng's display that he had finally entered the Flowing Water Realm, which he had struggled to reach for many years.

Among the many Guild experts he had met, none had truly earned his admiration. Shi Feng was the first expert he looked up to. He didn't even feel this way about One Sword of the Eight Sword Heroes.

Shi Feng instantly accepted Fallen Wind's friend request.

In the past, the Wind God's Spear had been an apex adventurer team in God's Domain. Although its fame was not as widespread as adventurer teams like the Midnight Tea Party and Owl, which even Super Guilds feared, they were still one of the few apex adventurer teams in the game.

Gaining an ally like the Wind God's Spear would definitely help Zero Wing's development in the future.

If those Super Guilds found out that Zero Wing had formed a deep relationship with two of God's Domain's future apex adventurer teams, they would most likely try to annihilate Zero Wing at all costs.

Although… the fact that Shi Feng possessed a City Building Order in his hands was already enough of a reason for Super Guilds to target his Guild.

Following which, with Shi Feng taking the lead, everyone teleported out of the Trial of God. He then returned to White River City with Thoughtful Rain and Blue Bamboo.

After seeing Shi Feng's group off, Fallen Wind glanced at his team members, addressing them seriously, "You witness today's situation for yourselves. Following this, Wind God's Spear must work even harder. None of us can afford to be cocky anymore. God's Domain is a far more amazing game than we assumed. Nobody knows just how many hidden experts are here."

Although the Wind God's Spear fared relatively well in the Dark Night Empire, in the end, the Dark Night Empire was only one of many empires in God's Domain. It was truly laughable that they took pride in their current achievements.

The adventuring players nodded in response to Fallen Wind's words.

Setting Shi Feng aside, they could already see how powerful Zero Wing was as a Guild based on Thoughtful Rain's strength. Moreover, Zero Wing's core members had the opportunity to learn advanced combat techniques. This was not something their Wind God's Spear could hope to compete with. Before this, they had all been proud of their ability to pick fights with large Guilds…

Star-Moon Kingdom, White River City:

Ever since Blackwater and Heaven's Burial had declared war on Zero Wing, the atmosphere in White River City had become somewhat tense. Blackwater and Heaven's Burial's members roamed the city. There were also plenty of players hidden under Black Cloaks.

These people had a predator's gaze when they looked at Zero Wing's members. If not for the severe consequences of attacking another player within the city, there was no doubt that these people would've already made their move.

Zero Wing's Guild Residence:

"These Red Players are getting increasingly brazen! They are bold enough to eye Zero Wing's members openly on the streets!"

"What can we do? I don't know what Blackwater did, but it has persuaded many Dark Guilds to join hands against Zero Wing. Not only do we have to be wary of ambushes from Blackwater's teams, but our elite parties also have to look out for sneak attacks from Red Players."

"Those bastards only know how to use cowardly tactics! Once they see us rush at them, they scatter and flee. If I get my hands on them, I'll give them a good beating!"

A few core members in Zero Wing's Residence angrily discussed the situation.



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