Chapter 1019 - Unbelievable Luck

When Shi Feng opened the Epic Treasure Chest, a purple radiance enveloped the forging room. Had he opened the chest in the middle of White River City, he would've attracted everyone's attention.

As the purple light faded, the room's Mana density increased significantly and remained that way for quite some time.

There were a total of three items in the Epic Treasure Chest.

One item was luxurious red armor fashioned with white detailing. The armor was encrusted with seven gemstones, neatly arranged to form a miniature magic array. The surrounding Mana gathered around this magic array, condensing into a thin layer of seven-colored mist, which made the armor extraordinarily eye-catching.

When he saw the finished product, even Shi Feng was shocked.

This was definitely the most visually-appealing armor he had ever seen.

What kind of armor is this? Shi Feng wondered.

This was the first time he had seen equipment that could increase the surrounding Mana density. Despite not wearing the armor, his mind felt much clearer than before. The Special Forging Room's Mana was even denser than the Basic Meditation Room.

If a player's mind could be this clear all the time, it would massively help their training and battles.

Following which, Shi Feng clicked to check the armor's introduction.

[Seven Luminaries Battle Armor] (Chest Plate, Fragmented Legendary Rank)
Equipment Requirement: Strength 1,000
Class Requirement: Berserker
When equipped:
Defense increased by 100 * Player's Level.
All Attributes increased by 3* Player's Level.
Strength increased by 60%.
Agility increased by 40%.
Endurance increased by 60%.
Magic Resistance increased by 30%.
Ignore Levels +20.
All Berserker Skills +5 Levels.
All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

Additional Passive Skill 1-
Seven Luminaries Protection: Decreases incoming damage from players of a lower tier by 70%, players of the same tier by 40%, and players of a higher tier by 20%. Grants immunity to Control Skills.

Additional Passive Skill 2-
Magic Reinforcement: Increases the Strength of wearer's attacks by 50% and improves wielder's physique by 30%.

Additional Active Skill 1-
Sky God's Glory: Grants immunity to all magical damage, decreases physical damage received by 80%, and increases Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 100% for 10 seconds.
Cooldown: 1 hour

Additional Active Skill 2-
Seven Luminaries Domain: Effective radius of 50 yards. Decreases all enemies' reaction speed within affected area by 30%, Movement Speed by 40%, and Attack Speed by 40%. Wearer can also control up to three Seven Luminaries Spears. Each spear contains 200% of wearer's Strength and causes 500% holy damage.
Duration: 2 minutes
Cooldown: 5 hours
(Skill is currently Tier 1. Skill's tier will increase with player's tier.)

The Seven Luminaries Battle Armor was a Legendary item created by the Blacksmith God, Soros. During the Great Ancient War, it had been greatly damaged by the Lord of the Abyss. However, as the battle armor's core remained intact, its repair only requires ten God Crystals. Current number of absorbed God Crystals (0/10).

Shi Feng was dazed for a long moment after reading the armor's introduction.

He had never thought that it was possible to obtain a Fragmented Legendary item from an Epic Treasure Chest. It was even a considerably powerful Fragmented Legendary item.

Whoever equipped the Seven Luminaries Battle Armor would watch their combat power soar.

Unfortunately, only Berserkers could equip this armor. If he could equip it, it was very likely that he wouldn't find a single player throughout God's Domain that could match him. After all, if he had two Fragmented Legendary items equipped, not only would he have an overwhelming advantage in terms of Attributes, but he would also possess absurdly powerful Skills.

If his opponent didn't have a similar line-up of equipment, he would be invincible.

Although the Battle Armor had its own glaring flaws, repairing it would be easier than repairing other Fragmented Legendary items. There was a much higher chance that he could repair it and transform it into a true Legendary item.

Aside from the Battle Armor, two plain, old books lay within the Epic Treasure Chest.

As Shi Feng was already satisfied with the Seven Luminaries Battle Armor, he hadn't paid much attention to the two old books. However, when Shi Feng read their introductory texts, he was shocked once more.

Icarus's Heart's effects are unbelievable! Shi Feng was speechless as he held the two books.

Of the two books, one was an Alchemy Secret Journal, while the other was the design for the Magic Tower.

In God's Domain, both books were treasures that could only be obtained with luck.

Among the two books, the Alchemy Secret Journal recorded the recipe for an Exotic Potion. However, only a maximum of ten Alchemists could learn the recipe.

There were many types of potion in God's Domain. Most generally lasted only one or two hours. Moreover, the effects would disappear upon death. However, Exotic Potions were different. Not only did they have long durations, but their buffs would remain after the player died and resurrected. Furthermore, these were only Exotic Potions' side effects.

Exotic Potions were the product of the hard work of God's Domain's Craftsman Alchemists. Every Exotic Potion was extremely powerful.

The Secret Journal Shi Feng held contained the recipe to produce an Exotic Potion named Exotic Stamina Potion. When consumed, the potion increased player's maximum Stamina by 10% and Stamina recovery rate by 80% for 10 hours.

Stamina was indispensable for players. Regardless of whether players fought or ran, they consumed Stamina. Only, the amount consumed was different. If players ran out of Stamina, even if their HP were full, they would lose the ability to move. Hence, most players generally took a break after grinding monsters for a certain time, using the opportunity to recover their Stamina.

If a player's Stamina recovery rate and maximum limit increased, they would become far more efficient when grinding.

Hence, in God's Domain, all items capable of increasing a player's Stamina or their Stamina recovery rate were extremely valuable.

Although the Exotic Stamina Potion was not as effective as the Blood Refining Crystal's Life Essence, its effects were still considerably good. It was useful to both expert and ordinary players.

With this Alchemy Secret Journal, the Candlelight Trading Firm's business would reach a whole new level.

However, compared to the Alchemy Secret Journal, the Magic Tower Construction Design was truly useful to Zero Wing right now.

In God's Domain, players could purchase defensive weapons in the Adventurer's Association after capturing a town successfully or while constructing a town. Defense Turrets were one of the most common defensive weapons. Not only did they possess massive firepower, but their attack range was also relatively large.

However, Turrets were the most basic defensive weapons. There were many others that players could find elsewhere. The Basic Mana Pulse Cannon was one example. Unfortunately, it was very expensive. Moreover, not only did it possess a very long Cooldown, but it was also costly to operate. Even so, its attacks were a force to behold. A single blast could almost rival the might of a Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell. The Defense Turrets could not compete with it.

However, there was something even more advanced than the two aforementioned defensive weapons–the Magic Tower.

Not even eight Defense Turrets were a match for the defensive capabilities of a single Magic Tower. This was precisely the reason that the Basic Tower had become a mainstream building in Shi Feng's past.

Unfortunately, constructing a Magic Tower was very difficult. Now that Shi Feng had the design, he would need a lot of resources to build it.



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