Chapter 1081 - Sword's Orbit Breakthrough

When the fourteen attacks landed simultaneously on the same spot on the sealing barrier, ripples propagated through the barrier like it was water, with the point of attack as the epicenter. Even Nine Kills, who was in a separate dimension, felt the ground underfoot vibrating strongly.

"How is this possible?!" Nine Kills stared at Shi Feng, an incredulous look on his face.

Previously, Shi Feng's attacks did not even garner a single reaction from the barrier. Yet, now, he was able to elicit such an effect just by increasing the number of attacks?

"Could it be…"

Suddenly, Nine Kills thought of a possibility.

Strength stacking?!

However, this feat was easier said than done. One had to grasp the timing of their attacks perfectly in addition to landing their attacks accurately on the same location. Such precise control was impossible for an ordinary expert.

Of course, for an expert of Shi Feng's caliber, merging the Strength of two sources into one was not a big problem—however, doing so with three sources was.

This was like how some people were capable of easily multitasking two jobs at once but faced much greater difficulty when they tried handling three.

There were techniques available for coping with such problems. However, such specialized techniques were generally not taught to outsiders. Precious few people could actually learn them.

Thinking up to this point, Nine Kills could not help but breathe out a sigh of relief.

Shi Feng's Strength was indeed very strong. However, even if he stacked two sources of Strength together, the Tier 4 standard would still be way out of his reach.

With Shi Feng's current Strength, he would need to combine three or four sources of Strength to break the barrier. Moreover, assuming he had not learned any special techniques, combining three or four sources of Strength would only be a dream for him. Even if he eventually managed to figure out the trick of it, he would need a considerable amount of time to do so. By then, the power of the Magic Barrier Stones would've long since been exhausted.

And the war over Stone Forest Town would've definitely ended already.

Great! It is effective as expected! Shi Feng did not fall into disappointment when he saw the ripples on the barrier. On the contrary, an excited expression had appeared on his face. He immediately resumed his assault on the barrier.

Nine Kills thought Shi Feng was trying to combine the destructive power of his attacks to destroy the barrier. In reality, however, that was not the case.

During his battle with Nine Kills, Shi Feng had continuously used Sword's Orbit to defend himself. Along with the increase of his Strength and speed, he had honed his mastery of Sword's Orbit.

Previously, after activating Heavenly Dragon's Power, Shi Feng had no trouble sending Nine Kills flying and his body planting into a wall despite the Shadow Dancer having activated Shadow Possession. While part of this outcome was due to the massive boost in Strength the Berserk Skill provided him with, the main reason was Nine Kills's attack having landed on one of Sword's Orbit's intersecting points.

The merging of the Strength of two swords into a single point had significantly amplified the Strength in his counterattack, hence that shocking result. Otherwise, Nine Kills would at most have been sent flying. The Shadow Dancer definitely wouldn't have had his body planted deep inside a wall.

With this discovery, Shi Feng thought of a way to deal with the sealing barrier. Thus, he had summoned his doppelganger as well as the twelve Abyssal Blade phantoms to execute Sword's Orbit with him.

Everything was just as Shi Feng had guessed. By increasing the number of weapons and having these weapons move according to Sword's Orbit, the technique's power had risen exponentially. However, as he was still unaccustomed to this new method of execution, the Sword's Orbit he had executed was far from perfect.

My doppelganger is somewhat of a hindrance to Sword's Orbit's operation. Without the doppelganger, I should be able to execute Sword's Orbit more perfectly. Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng immediately sent his doppelganger to a side while he and the Abyssal Blade phantoms resumed attacking the sealing barrier with Sword's Orbit.

However, this scene stupefied Nine Kills, who was observing from the side.

What's he trying to do? When Nine Kills saw Shi Feng sidelining his doppelganger, which was only second to Shi Feng in terms of the Strength Attribute, he concluded that Shi Feng was a fool. Could he have given up?

Compared to combining his Strength with that of some phantom weapons, it would be much easier if Shi Feng did so with his doppelganger. This was why expert players could work together to defend against Bosses that possessed far superior Strength.

Just as Nine Kills was having such thoughts, the blades of Shi Feng's swords landed on the sealing barrier once more.


A dent immediately formed in the barrier. A ripple many times stronger than before also shook the entire barrier, making Nine Kills lose his balance and fall flat on his butt.

Not enough! I need to be even faster! This time, Shi Feng decided to go all out. He swapped out his Basic Tyrant title for the Swordsmanship Master title, increasing his Attack Speed by 20%. At the same time, he switched the Aura of Fire to the Aura of Wind. Although his damage decreased, his speed underwent a qualitative change.

Following which, Shi Feng executed Sword's Orbit together with the Abyssal Blade phantoms once more.

This time, a transformation to Sword's Orbit also occurred.

Seen from afar, Shi Feng appeared to be surrounded by numerous twinkling stars. The speed of his swords had reached a point where they were invisible to the naked eye. The twinkling stars were none other than the intersection points of Sword's Orbit.

For a time, it was as if Shi Feng stood in a cocoon of starlight. The scene looked absolutely breathtaking.

"What kind of Skill is this?"

At this moment, Nine Kills wasn't the only person who had noticed this change; even Dark Feather and the others outside the barrier spotted the change inside.

Previously, Shi Feng's attacks had already shaken Dark Feather and the others greatly.

In just a single attack, the sealing barrier had inflated like a balloon, and it felt as if this balloon could burst at any time. How could this situation not panic Dark Feather and the others?

"Break!" Shi Feng released a low shout as he violently attacked the sealing barrier.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At this moment, the twinkling stars surrounding Shi Feng looked like real stars as they continuously bombarded the sealing barrier, relentlessly hollowing it.

The dent on the barrier deepened with each step Shi Feng took forward.

No… No, this is impossible! Nine Kills, Dark Feather, and the others were stricken with anxiety and dread, every one of them very nearly shouting their thoughts out loud.

However, with the sealing barrier continuously deforming, it eventually reached its limit.


Suddenly, like a bursting balloon, the entire sealing barrier exploded.


When Nine Kills noticed he was back in the secret room, he was shell-shocked.

At this moment, even a fool could tell that what Shi Feng had used just now was not a Skill but a combat technique. Moreover, the might of the technique completely surpassed Nine Kills's imagination.

In addition, there was the difficulty of combining the Strength of attacks. Nevertheless, Shi Feng had accomplished it in such a short time…

Even geniuses would pale in comparison to Shi Feng.

After escaping the sealing barrier, Shi Feng shot a glance at the barrier protecting the Town Token. When he noticed that the Protection Barrier still had over three million HP remaining, he breathed out an involuntary sigh of relief.

Had he not received a breakthrough, most likely, the Town Token would've fallen into Blackwater's hands. At that time, it would have been much more difficult to snatch the token back.

After all, only a limited number of players could enter this secret room. This constraint greatly benefited Zero Wing, which was currently at a numerical disadvantage. However, once outside the Guild Residence, Blackwater would have the upper hand.

Thank goodness I made it in time. Shi Feng then shifted his gaze to Nine Kills and the others. "Die!"

Saying so, Shi Feng executed Sword's Orbit again as he charged at the group of five.

"Dodge!" Nine Kills warned hurriedly.

Unfortunately, with Shi Feng's current speed, even if Nine Kills and the others managed to react in time, they had no way of shaking him off. In addition, he was executing Sword's Orbit so swiftly that even the naked eye had difficulty keeping up with it. Blocking it was next to impossible.

The instant Shi Feng appeared before the five people, Dark Feather's group of four immediately turned into particles of light and disappeared, leaving behind four pieces of equipment in their place. Nine Kills managed to react fast enough to activate Shadow Shift, a Skill that allowed him to become immune to all damages coming from the front for two seconds.

However, Shi Feng took another step forward—and Sword's Orbit suddenly struck Nine Kills's back.

What kind of combat technique is this?! As Nine Kills collapsed to the ground, his mind was filled with surprise and curiosity.

As one of the top experts of a Super Guild, the things he knew about far exceeded the information of ordinary players. He had also seen many combat techniques that surpassed one's imagination. However, this was still his first time to encounter this kind of domain-type combat technique.

Although Nine Kills wished to continue gathering more information, when his HP hit zero, his body transformed into particles of light and disappeared, just like Dark Feather's and the others'. Right now, only Shi Feng remained standing inside the secret room.



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