Chapter 1088 - Legendary Existence

When Abandoned Wave issued the command, a powerless look graced his face. However, this command allowed the players fighting Zero Wing to release a sigh of relief.

This wasn't a battle; it was simply a one-sided massacre.

Not only were their Basic Attributes lower than Zero Wing's members, but their senses were also disrupted. Despite having more people on their side, they were helpless against Zero Wing.

"Guild Leader, they're starting to withdraw to the north. Should we hunt them down?" Aqua Rose also sighed with relief when she saw Blackwater's and Heaven's Burial's members retreat.

This war hadn't been an easy one. It was definitely the most thrilling war she had participated in since she had started playing virtual reality games.

If not for Shi Feng's preparations, revealing one trump card after another to foil Blackwater's assault as well as dispatching Fire Dance to remove the seal over the town, Blackwater would have secured this war's victory.

Despite dispatching so many elite players and the support of the Magic Towers and Obelisk, Zero Wing had only taken 20,000 enemy lives after much difficulty. In exchange, they had lost 3,000 lives. Blackwater and Heaven's Burial's power was obvious.

Moreover, Pantheon's core legions had also taken part in this war.

If not for Zero Wing's home-ground advantage, the war's outcome might not have been certain.

"Chase after them. Kill as many as we can," Shi Feng commanded without hesitation.

This war had given Shi Feng an understanding of just how powerful Blackwater was.

Despite Blackwater's short time in God's Domain, it already possessed such combat power and foundations. If Blackwater were allowed to continue, Shi Feng even doubted that he could defend Stone Forest Town.

Hence, he needed to deal a harsh blow to Blackwater and Heaven's Burial in this war. If they annihilated the Guilds' armies now, Zero Wing could continue to develop safely for a considerable amount of time. He would also have more time to prepare for his city's construction.

A city's construction was different from that of a town. Not only did it cost more, but it was also more difficult to defend than Stone Forest Town. Most importantly, he had already used the Magic Tower Design three times. Of the two remaining Magic Towers he could construct, he had promised one for the Town of Beginnings. He'd be dreaming if he thought he could defend a city with a single Magic Tower.

Upon hearing Shi Feng's command, every member of Zero Wing charged at the scattering Blackwater's and Heaven's Burial members.

This was a good opportunity to earn Guild Contribution Points.

Many of the systems and benefits Zero Wing offered required a certain amount of GCPs. Promotions also required GCPs. GCPs had become particularly important after Stone Forest Town's Battle Arena had appeared.

One could normally only gain GCPs by completing quests or trading in good equipment or items. However, there was a limit to the GCPs that could be obtained through these methods.

It was only during Guild wars that GCPs could be earned without a limit. How could they pass up this opportunity?

"Zero Wing is despicable! We're already retreating, yet they're chasing us down!" Singular Burial could not help but curse.

Among the remaining players in the Blackwater-Heaven's Burial army, the majority consisted of Heaven's Burial's members.

Blackwater's army had mostly been wiped out. Even if more were killed, it would not make much of a difference. However, things were different for Heaven's Burial.

Although their losses during their escape would be fewer than a direct clash with Zero Wing's forces, they still lost several hundred players with each passing minute.

Elite players were not as readily available as ordinary players. Elite players were a Guild's backbone. If Heaven's Burial lost so many of its elite players here, it would wound the Guild's development. The Guild may even stagnate.

However, regardless of how many times Singular Burial cursed, Heaven's Burial's members died by the dozens. Very quickly, over half of Heaven's Burial's 50,000 elite army had been lost…

As Zero Wing's members continued to massacre Blackwater and Heaven's Burial's members, Shi Feng received a call request from an extremely familiar ID.

Endless Scars? Shi Feng's expression tensed when he saw this name. Why is she contacting me? We shouldn't have any connections.

Endless Scars had been a rather mysterious female expert in Shi Feng's previous life. Aside from her name and battle records, nobody knew anything about her. Many players had recognized her as a legend among independent players.

Many Super Guilds had even tried to recruit the woman, offering her all sorts of astronomical prices. However, the latter ignored these offers, operating alone. Surprisingly, none of these Super Guilds tried to cause Endless Scars any trouble.

Endless Scars had become a legend due to her battle records against one higher-tiered opponent after another. First, she fought Tier 4 opponents as a Tier 3 player. Afterward, she fought Tier 5 opponents as a Tier 4 player. One of her most impressive battle records was of a fight with a Tier 6 God-ranked expert as a Tier 5 player.

Tier 6 was a massive turning point for players. Any expert that reached this rank had peaked in almost all aspects, yet, Endless Scars had successfully defeated a Tier 6 God-ranked expert. After that battle, she became the number one expert on the God's Domain Experts List of the time.

Everyone had assumed that this goddess would continue her legend in God's Domain. However, Endless Scars had suddenly disappeared from the public eye. Many throughout God's Domain had speculated about her disappearance.

Shi Feng had never imagined that such an existence would seek him out.

Shi Feng immediately accepted the call.

"Hello, my name is Endless Scars. You may also refer to me as Ling Jingxuan. I am a representative of the Blackwater Corporation," Ling Jingxuan introduced herself, her voice crisp and pleasing, which made her difficult to hate.

Although he hadn't reacted visibly, Shi Feng's heart pounded madly when he heard this introduction.

To think that this legendary player would be a representative from the Blackwater Corporation....

Shi Feng finally understood why none of the various Super Guilds had issued sanctions against Endless Scars after she rejected their offers. With such a powerful backer, of course, the various Super Guilds wouldn't move against her.

"Seeing as Miss Jingxuan has contacted me, are you, perhaps, trying to convince me to show mercy to Blackwater's people?" Shi Feng asked, laughing.

As one of the Blackwater Corporation's representatives, Ling Jingxuan would care about the Blackwater Guild's development. If all of the Blackwater Guild's elite members died here, the Guild would undoubtedly stagnate.

"That's right. Doing so would benefit us both." Ling Jingxuan did not bother to hide her intentions. Instead, she chuckled lightly, acting as if this matter wasn't important to her in the least.

"Miss Jingxuan, I have received your message of goodwill. If there is nothing else, I'll end the call now," Shi Feng said nonchalantly.

"If you continue to force Abandoned Wave into a corner, he might decide to take you down with him. If that happens, Stone Forest Town will have no ruler." Shi Feng's instant rejection surprised Ling Jingxuan slightly. The reports she had received had described his personality to a T. Immediately, she explained, "I am not saying this without basis. You know that Abandoned Wave is capable of controlling that monster army, right? Those monsters have yet to enter the town because Abandoned Wave is afraid of those monsters polluting the town with Evil Energy, making the area inhospitable for players. If you continue to pursue Blackwater's members, he might release the monster army into Stone Forest Town. If that happens, everyone will lose."

"Evil Energy?" Shi Feng seemed to recall something similar.

Any area that the Evil God's Evil Energy polluted became uninhabitable for players. If players were in these polluted areas for long periods, the Evil Energy would infect them as well. If that happened, the consequences would be extremely severe. This was precisely the reason that the Evil God's Temple was the human race's common enemy.

"Evil Energy cannot be dispelled. If you let the remaining Blackwater members go, I can assure you that Abandoned Wave will not allow the monster army into Stone Forest Town. May I know your decision, Guild Leader Black Flame?" Ling Jingxuan asked, smiling at Shi Feng's poker face on the screen.

At this point, Blackwater had suffered a devastating blow. Even if it were not exterminated, it would not be capable of causing Zero Wing any trouble for some time.

In her opinion, Shi Feng had no other choice.

At the end of the day, Stone Forest Town was an important revenue source for Zero Wing. Losing Stone Forest Town was the equivalent to chopping off Zero Wing's arms.

"Thank you for your offer, Miss Jingxuan. Again, if there is nothing else, I will disconnect the call now," Shi Feng replied in the same manner as before. Without waiting for Ling Jingxuan to respond, he ended the call.



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