Chapter 1130 - Talent

Inside the Offline Rest Space, Shi Feng slowly opened his eyes.

With this, all we need to do is wait for the system update to end and log back into the game. Shi Feng could not help his growing excitement when he thought about the stone altar.

Even the Intermediate Mana Pulse Cannons had only been protected by Advanced Traps.

Whatever Master Traps protected definitely stored far more valuable treasures.

Shi Feng shifted his gaze to the system interface displayed before him.

The interface showed 14 hours and 40 minutes before the system update completed. From this, Shi Feng could tell that significant changes would shake God's Domain.

A nearly 15-hour-long system update… It's roughly the same duration as when the Fallen Ark had been activated in the past. Shi Feng could not help but recall detailed information about the system update in the past.

Every time God's Domain underwent a system update, it, more or less, changed Guilds' path of development. For example, the previous few system updates had gradually increased the importance of Lifestyle classes in the various large Guilds' eyes. Guild had even begun to invest a significant amount of resources to nurture their Lifestyle classes. Similarly, the system update this time would change God's Domain once more.

There were many Lifestyle classes in God's Domain. They weren't limited to Forgers, Engineers, Alchemists, Enchanters, Leatherworkers, Tailors, Chefs, and such. There were many other Lifestyle classes that players did not pay much attention to such as Diviners, Architects, Appraisers, Fraudsters, Cultivators, Tamers, Scholars, Magicians, Locksmiths, and other minor subclasses.

This latest update would gradually increase the importance of these minor subclasses in the game.

Before the trap mechanisms in God's Domain had been perfected, adventurer players who explored the fields could get by financially in the game relatively easily. In the fields, their main problem when they found treasure was the guardian monsters. Rarely would any player pay attention to the traps protecting the treasure. This was because of the only two possibilities when one tried to disable a trap. The first was that the trap could be disabled, although the time required depended on the player. The other possibility was that the trap could not be disabled.

One wouldn't receive any kind of punishment for failing to disable a trap. As a result, players rarely paid much attention to the Trap Disabler class.

However, after this system update, a third outcome would occur.

A trap could be disabled, but failure came with a risk.

If one failed to disable a trap, they would trigger the trap itself.

Trap's strengths varied. If players triggered a weaker trap, they might retain their lives. Even in the event of death, players would only suffer the normal death penalties. For stronger traps, however, players might have to pay more than a single level for their failure.

Another example was the Magician subclass, one of the minor subclasses Shi Feng had learned. A Magician's role was to produce items such as Magic Scrolls and Magic Arrays. Although the Magician subclass was not as important as the Forger subclass, it was one of the essential subclasses in God's Domain. Moreover, as the subclass increased its rank, it would serve a greater purpose.

Due to the increased importance of the various minor subclasses, the large Guilds began to nurture these subclasses to aid their Guilds' development.

It seems that I'll have to get Melancholic to start collecting Purple Dew and Five-colored Flowers once I log back in. After some thought, Shi Feng decided to start nurturing a batch of players with minor subclasses.

Minor subclasses were not as difficult to improve as major subclasses. There was no need to expend a large stock of materials for trial and error. One simply needed to achieve a certain technical standard to rise through the ranks.

Take the Magician subclass for example. If a player produced a Basic Magic Array, they would become a Basic Magician. If they produced an Intermediate Magic Array, they would become Intermediate Magicians. There was no need to accumulate a large number of Proficiency Points. Promotion solely depended on a player's technical skills.

However, while there were no restrictions on learning minor subclasses, with players being allowed to learn over ten minor subclasses, due to personal talent, not everyone could level a subclass to Intermediate or Advanced rank, much less Master rank.

Due to this, players should learn only the minor subclasses they were proficient at if they wished to advance to higher stages in the game.

However, how was a player supposed to determine which minor subclass they were proficient at?

In the past, the most popular way to test their abilities was the Talent Potion. As long as players drank the Talent Potion, the system would provide a series of tests. After completing these tests, the system would notify players about the subclass they were most suited for. This way, players would not have to waste their time researching whether they were suitable for a certain subclass or not.

Of course, if players liked a particular subclass, they could learn it regardless of whether they had the talent. They just wouldn't be able to advance quickly.

Meanwhile, the main materials for crafting the Talent Potion was Purple Dew and Five-colored Flower. Shi Feng also knew where to find the recipe. As long as he went there to grind, he should have no problems obtaining a few copies.

After Shi Feng finished planning his development, he decided to rest in the virtual space. Only at seven in the morning did he exit his virtual gaming cabin.

After Shi Feng finished breakfast and did some light exercises, before he left to check on Zero Wing's new internal members in the dojo, he noticed his female assistant, who currently wore black working attire, waiting for him by the lounge's entrance.

"Head Instructor, Chairman Xiao has an extremely important matter he wishes to discuss with you. He is waiting in the Chairman's Office right now," Liang Jing reported as she walked up to Shi Feng, who wore blue sportswear.

"Got it." Shi Feng nodded.

In reality, even if Xiao Yu hadn't come looking for him, he would've likely sought the man out himself within the next few days.

During his previous expansion of the Zero Wing Workshop, he had recruited plenty of talented people. These people were all much stronger than the independent players he had recruited in God's Domain. Although their levels in the game were still quite low, their combat standards were already higher ordinary elite players. In addition, he and Lei Bao normally trained these new recruits. It was only a matter of time before they could clear the Trial Tower's fourth floor.

Once these people reached the fifth floor, they would become experts in the eyes of ordinary players. If they could reach the fifth floor's late stage, even large Guilds would treat them like experts.

However, Shi Feng wasn't looking for ordinary experts. He wanted apex experts capable of turning the tides of war by themselves.

It was extremely difficult to nurture such apex experts. First, he needed a sufficient amount of resources such as the S-rank Nutrient Fluid. However, Shi Feng didn't have the connections he needed to gain a large quantity. Fortunately, Xiao Yu did.

The Big Dipper Tower's 51st floor:

This floor was specifically reserved for the chairman of the Big Dipper Group. It was also the Big Dipper Tower's highest floor. From in the corridor, they could see the entirety of Jin Hai City through the glass walls.

Very few people in Jin Hai City were ever invited to this floor. Even Liang Jing, Chairman Xiao's senior assistant, had never set foot on this floor. Generally, she waited for the chairman on the 50th floor.

As Liang Jing followed Shi Feng to the Chairman's Office, she sighed ruefully as she stared at Shi Feng's back.

If not for Director Xiao allowing her to bring Shi Feng here, she would never have had the opportunity to see this floor.

When Liang Jing opened the doors to the Chairman's Office, an office the size of a basketball court appeared before her eyes. Three people sat before the room's french windows.

Shi Feng was familiar with all three. One of them was Xiao Yu; another was Gan Xingteng, the bald man who Fire Dance had thoroughly defeated, and the last Xie Qiwen, the handsome youth with a body as robust as Lei Bao's, known as the White Tiger Dojo's fighting genius.



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