Chapter 1132 - Butterfly Effect

"Ten bottles?!" Xiao Yu's heart skipped a beat when he heard Shi Feng's request.

S-rank Nutrient Fluids were not cabbages that one could purchase easily. It was difficult to buy a bottle even if one could afford it. People around the world referred to the S-rank Nutrient Fluid as the Water of Life. A bottle of S-rank Nutrient Fluid could easily go for one million Credits. Even Xiao Yu himself was only willing to drink one bottle per year to repair the damaged cells in his body, significantly slowing the aging process.

The S-rank Nutrient Fluid was a treasure to well-known international fighters. Normally, they would only consume a bottle if they were heavily injured. Even drinking A-rank Nutrient Fluids during normal training was considered a luxury.

Previously, to recruit Shi Feng into Big Dipper, he had utilized his connections and spent a significant sum to obtain a batch.

No matter how he looked at it, buying another ten bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluids to obtain the Green God Company's invitation was not a worthwhile transaction.

After all, his main goal in obtaining the invitation card was to purchase S-rank Nutrient Fluid and other new products the Green God Company intended to offer. He was still uncertain about how many bottles he could purchase in the auction. It was simply too risky to invest ten bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid right off the bat.

"That's right. I'll need ten bottles at the very minimum." Shi Feng wasn't lying. Void Steps placed a huge burden on the human brain. Without the in-depth healing the S-rank Nutrient Fluid provided, one would risk their life by using the technique. Hence, whenever he trained the Guild's core members, he warned them that, if they did not have any S-rank Nutrient Fluids on hand, they were absolutely not allowed to practice Void Steps excessively. "If it is money you are worried about, I can pay half the cost. However, I want a spot on the Green God Company's invitation card."

"You'll pay half of it?" After giving the matter some thought, Xiao Yu agreed and said, "Alright, I'll try to find a way to get the ten bottles. However, they will cost slightly above market price."

Every invitation card allowed two people to attend the auction. It did not matter if he shared one with Shi Feng.

To further develop itself, the Big Dipper Group had already invested a large sum into the new dojo. They had also spent a lot on advertising. Hence, the company was somewhat tight on funds. If Shi Feng were willing to cover half of the S-rank Nutrient Fluids' cost, investing in Shi Feng's group was no different than their previous attempt of purchasing the Green God Auction invitation card for five million Credits. Only, unlike Shi Feng, that plan hadn't succeeded.

As for whether Shi Feng had the money to pay up, he had long since ordered Liang Jing to investigate the man's finances.

Recently, God's Domain had become increasingly popular around the world. Many industry giants had already invested in the game. It was definitely possible to earn a lot of money through God's Domain. Moreover, based on what he had heard from Liang Jing, Shi Feng's Workshop was considerably large. Moreover, more companies had invested in the Workshop. At this point, the Workshop had begun mass-recruiting full-time gamers. It was obvious that Shi Feng earned quite an income from the game. He shouldn't have any issues spending several million Credits at a moment's notice.

Now that God's Domain was so popular, even Xiao Yu had considered establishing a Workshop.

Based on what he had heard from his connections, he learned that Gaming Workshops focused on God's Domain earned far more than they had in past virtual reality games. God's Domain also had far more players. However, expanding the Big Dipper Group took priority. Once the Big Dipper Group had grown, it would become far more profitable than any Gaming Workshop or Guild.

After all, more people had begun to take their physical training more seriously after discovering God's Domain.

Unfortunately, what Xiao Yu did not know was that Shi Feng's Workshop was more profitable than he imagined…

After Shi Feng finalized his arrangements with Xiao Yu, he returned to Zero Wing's training room. Only the Workshop's official members had access to this room. Shi Feng had specifically instructed Liang Jing to stock the room with various training equipment. These machines would help strengthen a person's reaction speed and evasive maneuvers.

"Blackie, contact Shadow Sword and Turtledove. Have them come to Jin Hai City as quickly as possible. Report the travel expenses as a Workshop expenditure," Shi Feng instructed Blackie, who was currently occupied with basic training.

Shadow Sword and Turtledove had been members of a certain dojo before they had joined Zero Wing. They were both younger than 20. However, after officially becoming Zero Wing core members, Shi Feng had both of them leave their dojos. After all, becoming a Zero Wing core member was basically a formal job. They had to make God's Domain their main priority.

After they left their previous dojos, aside from playing God's Domain, they normally exercised at a local gym. All of their attention had shifted to God's Domain. However, as Zero Wing had yet to establish its own company officially and the purchasing agreement for Ouroboros's training center wasn't finalized, Shi Feng hadn't invited them to take part in special training with the others.

"We're having them here now?" Blackie shot Shi Feng a curious look. Suddenly, his expression shifted to one of excitement as he asked, "Is the training center ready?!"

He had already heard about the matter from Shi Feng.

Ouroboros's training center specialized in nurturing gaming experts. Setting aside its numerous facilities, it had an advanced virtual system in which players could train. Of course, Ouroboros's training center wasn't as advanced as the Secret Pavilion's simulated training system. However, it was far more efficient than a ton of people competing for the ten black cards.

Most importantly, with the acquisition of Ouroboros's training center, Zero Wing would finally have its own headquarters. They would no longer have to borrow someone else's facilities. Like the core members of those first-rate Guilds, they could then walk into their luxurious training centers in the city center every day.

"No," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "Qingxue[1] is still negotiating the price for the training center. I want them here for another matter."

Although the Blackwater's defeat had indeed dealt a major blow to the several companies backing Ouroboros, it was not an easy task to buy the training center's remaining shares. If they discovered Zero Wing's true goal, they might demand a far higher price than what Zero Wing had planned on.

Unless something forced these companies were forced to sell the shares in a hurry, Shi Feng had to let Bai Qingxue find a way to obtain the shares cheaply.

His reply disappointed Blackie. However, he suddenly thought of something else as he said, "Brother Feng, when you went to your meeting, someone came to the Workshop asking for you. However, I told him that you're in a meeting, so he's been waiting in the lounge. Do you want to meet him right now?"

"Who is it?"

"It's that youth that Big Sis Fire flattened. I think his name is You Ziping?" Blackie responded, somewhat uncertain.

"He came on his own volition? Interesting. I just so happen to be free, so I might as well meet with him." Shi Feng thought back to the bait he cast. He hadn't expected to hook You Ziping so quickly.

However, after giving the matter some thought, he found it reasonable. Now that Xie Qiwen was in Jin Hai City, as You Ziping's greatest romantic rival, how could the boy sit by and do nothing? If You Ziping remained passive, Xie Qiwen would definitely take the girl he loved. This was his last chance to do something.

Only, this development had occurred sooner than Shi Feng had anticipated. The current timeline was deviating further away from the one he remembered.

Following which, Shi Feng entered the training room's lounge.

You Ziping sat on the lounge's sofa, his legs shaking slightly. He looked quite nervous.

"What business do you have with me?" Shi Feng asked slowly as he examined the fighter before him.

Seeing Shi Feng, You Ziping stood up abruptly, anxiety flashing in his eyes as he asked, "Didn't you say that, as long as I join Zero Wing's workshop, you'll tell me how to become stronger? Is that offer still valid?"

Hall Master Jiang had already announced his intentions of driving his daughter, Jiang Lingyu, closer to Xie Qiwen. If he did not achieve some sort of feat quickly, he would be too late.



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