Chapter 1135 - Resource Competition

"Huh? The interface changed?"

When Shi Feng logged back into his Rest Space, he suddenly discovered that plenty of changes had occurred.

Originally, the Rest Space was an empty space with only a massive interface display and nothing else.

Now, however, the dimly lit Rest Space had a set of stone doors ten meters tall with ancient runes carved on each door, lending them an ancient ambiance. Meanwhile, at a corner of the doors was a system interface.

Mind Space System.

Owner: Ye Feng

Mind Space: Inactive (Activation conditions: Own a private space under your own name. Private space must also be located in a city at the very minimum.)

Space Size: Unknown

System: Scan discovers that you own a private space in White River City. Do you wish to activate your Mind Space?

"The system has already been updated to such a degree?" Shi Feng could not help but sigh as he looked at the familiar set of stone doors.

The previous system update had introduced the Mind Space System but had not actually applied it to God's Domain. Only the related files had been added into the game, so that the Main God System could gradually phase it into the game. At the same time, the addition could also attract the attention of the various international corporations and let them know about God's Domain's uniqueness.

However, after the update this time, the Mind Space System could be said to have truly been activated.

From now on, as long as players had a private space of their own in the game, they would be able to activate their Mind Space. With a sufficient number of Seven Luminaries Crystals, they could also expand and perfect their Mind Spaces.

The Mind Space was different from God's Domain. In God's Domain, players could connect to the official forums to search for relevant information there but nowhere else. However, inside the Mind Space, players could connect directly to the internet. Whether it was for work or shopping, players could do all that through their Mind Space. Players could even contact mobile phones in the real world and engage in conversation. In addition, players could change the environment in the Mind Space to their liking, creating their own virtual world.

Most importantly, the Mind Space shared the same flow of time as God's Domain. In the Mind Space, one could enjoy twice the amount of time they had in the real world. Moreover, the flow of time in the Mind Space could also be sped up further, though at a very huge cost.

In a limited life, who did not want to live longer?

The official activation of the Mind Space System meant that the competition for resources in God's Domain had also officially begun.

In the future, competition in God's Domain definitely would not be as peaceful as before.

It would even become normal for everyone to fight over the Seven Luminaries Crystal while disregarding all costs. And to contest for more Seven Luminaries Crystals, everyone would definitely continuously strengthen themselves, which would intensify the competition over weapons, equipment, and tools in turn.

Shi Feng grew worried just thinking about what was about to come.

Nevertheless, now that the era of resource competition had begun, he had no choice but to get his hands on some of the Seven Luminaries Crystals that he knew the whereabouts of as soon as possible.

However, it was also not that easy to get these Seven Luminaries Crystals.

Seven Luminaries Crystals were exceedingly rare in God's Domain. Even an entire kingdom would have only a limited amount. Most importantly, unlike Magic Crystals, Seven Luminaries Crystals could not be stored in a player's bag space, nor could they be transported via teleportation arrays. Players could only carry them by hand or by Transport Carriages. However, many variables could occur when one was conveying Seven Luminaries Crystals over long distances. Robbery by incomparably powerful NPCs would not be surprising. After all, Seven Luminaries Crystals were equally important items to NPCs.

However, in Shi Feng's opinion, the most criminal setting placed by the Main God System would still have to be the fact that Seven Luminaries Crystals could not be disguised.

The Seven Luminaries Crystal contained Mana of extremely high purity and density. Just its presence alone could cause a change to the ambient Mana, which allowed players and NPCs to discover it readily.

Without a sufficiently powerful transport team, even if one managed to obtain some Seven Luminaries Crystals, the crystals would not reach their intended destination.

Many of the transport teams Shi Feng led in the past, which carried Seven Luminaries Crystals, had been robbed by Tier 4 and Tier 5 NPCs.

He had to admit that this was the pitiful aspect of small Guilds. This was also precisely the reason why apex experts had gained importance in the past, and why nurturing apex experts became essential for the various large Guilds.

Following which, Shi Feng chose to activate his Mind Space.

The instant he activated his Mind Space, the massive stone doors began shattering. Chunks of stone fell one after another, revealing bronze metal behind them. When all the stone was gone, a set of bronze doors had replaced the set of stone doors. Meanwhile, the divine runes carved on the doors began radiating a faint golden glow.

Immediately after, a change occurred to the system interface.

Owner: Ye Feng

Mind Space: Active

Space Level: Bronze (3,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals will be required to upgrade to Secret-Silver rank.)

Space Size: 0 (Every additional cubic meter will require 1 unit of Seven Luminaries Crystals.)

Seven Luminaries Crystals: 0 (After scanning, it is discovered that you have no Seven Luminaries Crystals in your private space.)

After taking a glance at the interface, Shi Feng promptly chose to enter God's Domain.

Although his Mind Space was already active, without any Seven Luminaries Crystals, it was equivalent to nonexistent. Currently, what he needed to do was gather Seven Luminaries Crystals and deliver it to his private space.

In God's Domain, aside from lacking powerful experts, another aspect where small Guilds were inferior to large Guilds was the amount of Land they owned. As Seven Luminaries Crystals could be stored only in one's private space, the more Land one possessed, the easier it would be to transport the crystals. However, the Main God System had also implemented a corresponding restriction to this matter. For Bronze Spaces, the private spaces they were bound to in God's Domain could be changed only once every twenty days. This prevented Guilds that possessed a large number of Lands from gaining too great an advantage.

When Shi Feng entered the game, he found himself alone inside the Armory. Nobody else had logged back into the game yet.

He expected that the others were taking a look at the officially activated Mind Space System.

With all the traps in the Armory disabled, Shi Feng walked straight to the stone altar.

Previously, Fire Dance had managed to disable the Master Trap only at the very last second. Everyone was forcibly logged out of the game before they could even get a glimpse at what was on the stone altar. Shi Feng was very curious to find out what exactly the trap had been protecting.

Despite the rarity of Master Traps even in the inner area of the Fallen Ark, they actually found one in the Armory located in the Ark's outer area. Without a doubt, the item on the altar was extraordinary.

Walking forward, Shi Feng sent a glance at the altar.

Nothing particularly remarkable lay on the altar—only a glass bottle and some scattered designs covered in dust.

Following which, Shi Feng blew away the dust and carefully held up the glass bottle and designs. He was immediately stunned by what he saw.

"A Small Sailboat?!" Shi Feng could not believe his eyes right now.

In God's Domain, speedboats were mainly meant for individual players. A Small Sailboat, on the other hand, was intended for teams. A Bronze Small Sailboat was even more valuable than the Swift Dragon Speedboat. In terms of maritime combat power, the Small Sailboat was far superior.

Meanwhile, the Small Sailboat before him was Mysterious-Iron rank.



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