To Act as the Regent Queen [11]

Because Yelu Ji had his head lowered, his expression was hidden. But his body was shrouded with unwillingness.

Liu Yue swept her gaze across Yelu Ji, she didn’t make any more actions. She only waved the hand which was holding the tiger tally and said: “Officials, please rise. In the future, I hope that you all will aid me.”

Just as Liu Yue’s voice fell, Ouyang Yu Fei’s voice sounded outside the hall: “Move aside.” Although the sound of his voice was still floating in the air, he had already rushed into the main hall.

“Quickly.” Liu Yue immediately turned around and made way for Ouyang Yu Fei.

Ouyang Yu Fei didn’t say anything, he immediately squeezed himself in front of Empress Dowager Xiao’s bed. He quickly moved his hand. Behind him, Xiao Xique and Xiao Hua had also rushed in. While one took medicines, the other one was holding needles. They all moved in synch.

That day, Ouyang Yu Fei had only headed out one day before her. It seems that the people she had sent out are very hardworking. They have only arrived a step later than her.

“The matter here will be handed to you.” Her back was facing Ouyang Yu Fei as she left the main hall while holding Yelu Hong in one hand and the tiger tally on the other.

Outside the main hall, all the royal court officials were gathered.

When they saw Liu Yue come out while holding Yelu Hong, they immediately surrounded them.

The court officials were quickly heading their way, but their footsteps soon stopped. Liu Yue was holding the blood-red tiger tally of the emperor. Under the sunlight, it could almost blind everyone.

They looked at each other when they saw the tiger tally is in Liu Yue’s hand. This…

“Representing the god’s will, Prince of Zhong Yi, Yelu Liu Yue has been blessed by many gods… Yelu Liu Yue will be granted the title, the Regent… command the world.”

The imperial edict was read out loud. Along with the wind, the voice floated out of the solemn Bei Mu imperial palace and towards the cloud.

“This subject pays respect to the Regent.”

The group of officials all bowed when they said that.

The fiery red figure jumped on top of Bei Mu’s stage.

The cold wind was bitingly cold, this winter is very cold but also very hot.

Flying snow danced in the air, the end of the year is about to arrive.

The regime of Bei Mu was replaced because Empress Dowager Xiao is injured. Due to this, the power of Bei Mu fell.

However, all the citizens of Bei Mu didn’t care about who would obtain the monarchial power. They only care about whether they would have food to eat this winter and whether they would be able to survive this year.



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