Chapter 237 - Nie Sangyu, die a wretched death! (2)

Lianyi widened her eyes in horror. She straightened her body and asked, "Why? No one else died. It was only you..."

"Little Five" helplessly said, "It's because I helped someone commit an evil act. It's the cycle of karma. The King of Hell said that if the truth isn't revealed, then he has to sentence me with being unable reincarnate. This way, the mortal world will see that there's a price for doing something nefarious."

Lianyi could only blankly stare at him as tears kept falling from her eyes.

Ji Man tugged on Marquis Moyu's sleeve, and the two of them quietly went back inside.

Ning Yuxuan asked, "You want Lianyi to act as a witness against Qian Lainxue?"

Ji Man pursed her lips. "Why not?"

"Then, what do you want her punishment to be?"

Ji Man seriously thought over his question before saying, "At minimum, didn't she try to kill me? According to the law, isn't the punishment death?"

Ning Yuxuan slightly furrowed his brow.

Lianxue was someone that had been with him for several years and helped him with many tasks. For her to die like this...

Clearly understanding his feelings, Ji Man patted his shoulder and said, "This servant knows that the marquis will definitely feel heartache if Lianxue dies. This servant isn't an unreasonably demanding person either. How about you just write a divorce letter?"

Was she really someone that would kind-heartedly let off Qian Lianxue like this? She just wanted him to divorce her? Marquis Moyu looked at her in disbelief.

Ji Man seriously said, "This servant won't go back on my word."

Ning Yuxuan mulled over her words. For the time being, he would just wait and see. Perhaps, with Qian Lianxue's skillful rhetoric, Nie Sangyu wouldn't be able to defeat her.


The next day, as expected, Lianyi followed Nie Sangyu to meet with Old Madame and tell her the truth about the poisonous snakes incident in Feiwan Courtyard. She exposed Qian Lianxue as the hidden mastermind. Little Five had just been following her order.

Qian Lianxue felt furious as she knelt down in front of Old Madame. In tears, she said, "This servant has always whole-heartedly served the marquis and Old Madame. This servant didn't expect that even after all these years, Madam still can't tolerate this servant. This servant hasn't treated Lianyi unwell either. This servant is shocked that she would turn around and bite me."

Old Madame was frowning as she looked at Nie Sangyu. She wasn't quite sure what was going on.

However, Ji Man said, "This household has always been in disharmony. A lot of servants have said that it’s because Sangyu has been inciting trouble. But, Old Madame, did you know? It's the meekest person that's the scariest."

"Lianyi is Xuesong Courtyard's loyal servant. If she hadn't seen Little Five's ghost last night, she would have never exposed the truth." Ji Man glanced at Marquis Moyu, who sitting on the side, and said, "The marquis was also there last night."

Old Madame froze in surprise, then she looked at her son.

Ning Yuxuan quietly looked at the kneeling Qian Lianxue. He wasn't a cold and ruthless person. Even if Lianxue had a lot of hidden secrets, and it would be better to deal with her sooner rather than later, he couldn't stay an indifferent bystander. After all, they had been married for so long.

If he allowed her to stay here, she and Sangyu wouldn't stop fighting until one of them died. Perhaps, even more secrets would be dragged out into the light. Since it was like that, then he should just release her and give her freedom.

Ning Yuxuan finally spoke, "I'll write a divorce letter. Lianxue can return to her maiden home."

Qian Lianxue incredulously looked at him. She probably didn't know that she had already lost her usefulness. "My lord, you want to divorce Lianxue?"

Ning Yuxuan looked at her and lightly said, "You conspired to murder Madam. Normally, the punishment would be a death sentence. But, because of our past years of mutual affection, I'll allow you to leave this estate."

Old Madame looked at her son and didn't say another word. She didn't especially like Qian Lianxue. It was just that Qian Lianxue had helped her with so many things. Although she didn't understand why Qian Lianxue had wanted to drive Jinse out of the estate, Qian Lianxue hadn't made any other mistakes.

Ji Man smiled. Looking at the shocked expression on Qian Lianxue's face, she lightly said, "My lord, thank you for fairly settling this matter for Sangyu."

Qian Lianxue had already thought that Nie Sangyu had acted outrageously by demoting her from an honored concubine to an ordinary concubine. She couldn't believe that the marquis was now divorcing her because of this woman.

What was the result of being divorced? The important thing wasn't her reputation, it was the fact that she had completely lost her usefulness. For now, let's not even discuss the third prince. That was related to Nie Sangyu. But, what about her other master? She had always hidden herself well. She absolutely shouldn't have been exposed at this point!

No, this was wrong. Old Madame and the marquis shouldn't have treated her like this just because of Lianyi's words. Nie Sangyu must have used some underhanded tricks. It was all her fault.

Qian Lianxue was filled with an endless amount of anger and resentment. After gasping for breath for a few seconds, she fainted.

Even after she fainted, Qian Lianxue's teeth were still clenched. She was feeling too resentful. She hadn't reached her goal yet. She had helped so many people with their tasks. As long as one of them succeeded, she would be able to enjoy untold riches and luxuries. She wouldn't have to continue being a pitiful concubine. Why? Why did Marquis Moyu choose to give up on her at this juncture?

"Master..." Danzhu watched as the other servants carried her master out. She knelt down and kowtowed at the marquis and Old Madame. "Master has always been sickly and now she's fainted. There aren't many people left in Qian Clan. Old Madame, Marquis, please just look the other way and spare my master!"

Ji Man started walking outside and had Dengxin pull Danzhu up. "Don't worry. I'll personally escort your master back home. Qian Clan's estate, I'll definitely properly sort it out for your master."

Danzhu wanted to say more, but Dengxin was especially forceful and was already dragging her out of the room.

"Nie Sangyu, die a wretched death!"



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