Three months! Almost the same as the time limit given by the doctors, but the doctors can only predict the time after checking the pulse. She only needed to take a look to predict it…

Dongfang Li was thinking while staring at Murong Xue, “You know medical skills?”

Murong Xue smiled, “I know a little. What kind of poison is it?”

“Weep blood,” Dongfang Li said, word by word, “The doctor told me that there is no medicine that could cure this disease.”

Murong Xue nodded. She’d heard about ‘weep blood’ and it was said that its toxicity is really strong. There is no medicine which can cure it indeed.

“Cough, cough, cough!” Dongfang Li suddenly covered his mouth, coughing heavily as strands of dark colored blood flowed out, dripping on his clothes.

“Prince had just consumed the medicine just now, how can the disease attack again?” Huatong was shocked, so he hurriedly took another dose of medicine from the purse.

Murong Xue stopped him, “It is not what you think. Your prince is just reacting to the arsenic; he will die immediately if you give him another pack of arsenic.”

Huotong was startled, “Our prince has not encountered this situation before, how could it be…”

“It is because his body was in good condition, so he could withstand the efficacy of arsenic. He was seriously injured yesterday and consumed a lot of energy too. His body has not fully recovered yet, that is why he could not withstand the efficacy and ended up feeling the effects of the arsenic!” Murong Xue explained with sigh.

Arsenic is also a kind of poison, so while at the moment it controlled the ‘weep blood’, it was also harming Dongfang Li’s internal organs at the same time. Dongfang Li could not overcome the toxicity of both,even if he were highly skilled in martial techniques.

“So what should we do now?” Huotong cried helplessly while looking at Murong Xue. He did not know how to help the prince as he knew nothing about medical skills!

Dongfang Li was coughing heavily and spitting out dark colored blood. His condition was getting more serious as the toxins spread quickly throughout his body. It was heartbreaking to watch!

Murong Xue whispered, “Do you want to live?”

Dongfang Li lifted up his head and looked at Murong Xue. He was shocked and asked, “Cough… Can you… cure weep blood?”

Murong Xue smiled and turned around. She took a few steps forward and said, “Follow me!”

Looking at her back, Huotong was so surprised. Does she think that she could cure the disease? How, when every doctors that had been to look after the prince said there was no cure for the disease?

He looked at Dongfang Li, who was staring at the incredible Murong Xue. Huotong whispered, “Prince!”

Dongfang Li replied, “Follow her.”

He was highly poisoned, and he did not have much time left. He could only live for three months even if he consumed the arsenic, so they will follow the woman to see if she has another method to cure it. It would be good if she can successfully cure the disease. If not, at least she tried…

As night fell, Murong Xue came to a riverside. Looking at the clear river and nodding, she declared “Here!”

“Guard, lend me some of your blood!” Murong Xue said to Huotong as she pricked his hand. She squeezed a few drops of blood onto a white cotton pad.

“What are you doing?” Huotong asked her curiously.

“You will know it later,” Murong Xue said. She handed his dagger to Xunfeng, and she took the cotton with blood on it and jumped into the river!

Murong Xuecompletely disappeared. Dongfang Li, Huotong and Xunfeng did not say anything. They just kept staring at the water’s surface.

Time passed, a half an hour followed by an hour… Suddenly a ‘splash’ sound was heard. Murong Xue came out of the water and stood on the shore. She opened up the cotton pad to reveal that several leeches were on it.

Huotong was shocked, “What do you want to do with the leeches?”

“Cure the toxin, of course,” Murong Xue replied with a smile.

“Cure the toxin with leeches?” Huotong could not believe it.

Murong Xue explained, “Do not underestimate these leeches. They are very effective in curing disease and they’re used in a lot of medical situations.”

“Really?” Huotong was curious. He did not learn about medical skills, but using leeches for detoxification sounded ridiculous.

“Of course. Why would I have to lie to you?” She turned to Dongfang Li’s side and said, “Prince Dongfang, please take off your upper clothes.”

“Alright,” Dongfang Li nodded, slowly taking off his robe, followed by his internal clothes, until his bare chest was revealed.

“Prince… are you sure?” Huotong was worried.

Dongfang Li said, “The toxin has been poisoning my internal organs, why don’t I just go for it?” Using leeches was the only method he had at the moment. If he did not try, he will end up dead. Dongfang Li was a very charming person. If he died from being poisoned by weep blood, it would be quite a pity.

Murong Xue smiled and gently put the leeches one by one onto the chest of Dongfang Li using a wooden clip. The leeches sucked his blood immediately after they touched his skin. Within half an hour, the leeches bodies flattened and became a deep black. They stopped moving and lay still on Dongfang Li’s chest.

Huotong asked, “What is wrong with the leeches?”
“Dead because of the poison of weep blood,” said Murong Xue. She picked up the leeches using the clip and put them aside. She looked at Dongfang Li, “Prince Dongfang, how do you feel?”

“The toxin is getting less.” Dongfang Li had been suffering from the toxins coursing through his blood after he’d been poisoned, but today he can feel the toxins are a lot less severe.

“Thank you so much!” He exclaimed as he thanked her with joy.

“You have been poisoned for so many years that the toxin has seeped into your internal organs, so the poison cannot be fully cleared in one night. It is too early for you to thank me,” Murong Xue joked.

“You saved me twice, so I could not thank more!” Dongfang Li was thinking that he would have been dead soon if he hadn’t encountered her.

Murong Xue smiled gently and said, “The leeches method is effective, but you cannot use it frequently. Only use it once in every three days. Where do you live? I can go to your house for detoxification after three days”
The leeches detoxification depends on the level of toxins. The leeches must be placed on specific points on the body, or the condition might get worse. Murong Xue has to do it by herself as there is no one who has these specific medical skills around Dongfang Li.

“I have just arrived in Beijing. I have not found a place to stay yet.” Dongfang Li looked at Murong Xue, “What if… I stay in your house for a moment?”



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