Ren Feng's rude suggestion immediately infuriated all the participants, but none of them dared to raise any objections. The person behind the request was Ren Feng, after all.

He was the publicly acknowledged most powerful flux expert in the entire Profound South Sect. In fact, he was viewed as the disciple with most potential in the last hundred years of Profound South Sect and someone who was quite likely to enter a first rate power. Because of such great potential, he had become used to receiving special treatment.

If it had been any other person except him on the stage raising such a request, he probably would've been kicked out of Profound South Sect straight away.

Yet the upper echelon of Profound South Sect were still regretting it. It has to be known that Ren Feng's success in the future would gain many benefits for Profound South Sect too.

The sect master of Profound South Sect, who was Lu Tingting's father, was put into an embarrassing position. He looked at Ren Feng with creased brows and an ugly expression, hoping that the man would take the big picture into consideration and take back his words.

Clap, clap, clap.

While the sect master of Profound South Sect was feeling embarrassed, someone began to clap on the guest platform.

"Pretty good, Old Nan, seems like this disciple of yours has quite a personality. You don't need to be embarrassed. In my opinion, you should agree to his suggestion. Strong always have the privilege, even if he is truly weak right now."

Everyone turned to look at the person who had spoken such words and found that it was the senior from Flying Snow Mountain Sect. She was one of the few sage flux experts who had come today.

Like that, the sect master of Profound South Sect got a chance to save his face with the help of her words.

The vice sect master who quickly understood the intentions of the upper echelon stood up and declared, "Alright, Lin Qingyang, you come on the stage. Today our Profound South Sect will make an exception and decide the first and second ranks straight away.

"Naturally, if any participant thinks that Ren Feng and Lin Qingyang don't have the qualifications to fight for the first and second positions, they can challenge them before the great battle."

His declaration was quite rigorous, without any loopholes, and gave every participant a chance to fight for the first place if they felt like it. Although it was unfair to they, no one was stupid—the only people who could force the sect to change their normal proceedings were only Ren Feng or Lin Qingyang.

The others didn't have such privilege. On top of that, they clearly understood that whether it was Ren Feng or Lin Qingyang, their strength had already reached the level where other flux experts of Profound South Sect couldn't challenge them.

Li Yunmu was surprised by the change, but he didn't care much for it. At least now he wouldn't have to sit around all day waiting for a few hundred people to complete their turns.

Thus, after a short silence, he didn't decline and leaped onto the stage. As he did so, he shot a gaze toward the elder of Flying Snow Mountain Sect while feigning carelessness. In her expression, he could see that what he had guessed with his keen sense was indeed correct—a hint of maliciousness toward him had taken seed in her heart.

Flying Snow Mountain Sect was a woman only sect, and for the past two thousand years, this rule hadn't been broken. Yet its elder had suddenly stood up to show her support for Ren Feng's willful request.

Li Yunmu had no illusions that it was because she wanted to recruit Ren Feng.

Did she have some ulterior motive and want to find trouble for him? Or was she trying to test his strength using Ren Feng?

But why would she do any of that? For Xie Qianxue? Did she want to eliminate a nobody like him?

My luck today is truly dogshit.

Li Yunmu etched the face of the female elder into his memory, but didn't say anything and indifferently looked away from her to the stage. His gaze landed on Ren Feng who was bursting with battle intent.

He was Profound Heaven Sect's most powerful inner disciple.

Even if Li Yunmu had secluded himself for the past two days and hadn't paid any attention to the matters of sect, he had still heard of Ren Feng's name when passing ordinary disciples.

If it had been three months ago, such a guy would've been like a high mountain to him, but now, Li Yunmu couldn't be bothered to pay him any attention.

"Lin Qingyang, you're pretty good. Although I don't know what you've experienced in the past two years, the most powerful flux expert of Profound South Sect is me. You can only satisfy yourself with second place."

While speaking, Ren Feng's presence became increasingly more intense. His flux energy erupted forth and congealed together to form matter, creating a layer of energy armor around his body.

"Flux energy armor?"

"That's right, seems like the first ranked inner disciple of Profound South Sect isn't just all talk. Just based on this fact, this youngster has the qualifications to make us look at him in a new light."

All the elders representing the third tier sects nodded simultaneously, revealing a hint of appreciation in their eyes. As for the elders of the second tier sects, their loathing of Ren Feng because of his earlier actions greatly eased.

They didn't reject or oppose this uncontrollable and willful disciple. They didn't dislike and loathe him since he wasn't someone who didn't have any strength while believing himself to be above others.

After all, all the powerhouses had such proud and arrogant nature even before they gained such titles. All of them had unique characteristics, and Ren Feng's actions received their approval.

He had been able to congeal his flux energy as substance even before opening the great circle and all flux points, which resulted in a flux armor materializing around him. Although it wasn't comparable to the flux energy armor of great flux experts, the accomplishment of it alone confirmed that his cultivation was extremely consolidated and pure. Besides that, he couldn't have accomplished it without extremely high perception and fine control over flux energy.

The number of flux experts who could accomplish this didn't go above a hundred in the whole world, but could that still be considered extremely rare? There were around a hundred such people after all.

It was obvious since the number of inner disciples in a third tier sect in the Origin World was extremely high. However, Li Yunmu didn't feel anything toward the enemy's accomplishments. In fact, his mental state had long changed by a lot.

Given that he possessed the hack system, his mentality had become identical to that of the system. What realm, what enormous talent and perception, potential—all of them were just empty words.

Regardless of what high potential a person had, they couldn't be more formidable than the system in his hand. He didn't need anything besides the knowledge that his present strength far surpassed that of Ren Feng.

In front of absolute strength, everything was futile.



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