Zhang Xiao Qiang held onto the Jing Wei Blade on his back and looked at the HMG that was ready to fire. The old tractor was still moving around the abandoned vehicles. At the rate at which the horde of zombies was gathering ahead, by the time the old tractor arrived, unless they had a bulldozer in front of them to create a path, they would not be able to get past the zombies.

Once the old tractor got held down by the zombies, the passengers on the car would be eaten by them. Upon thinking about the child on the passenger seat, a thought flashed past Zhang Xiao Qiang’s mind….. The large toy cabinet in the corner of the room, the white ceiling with plenty of colorful flags, the various cartoon posters pasted on the wall, and the pile of small bones and tiny skull, where its dark eye sockets remained fixed on him.

When he thought back to the toddler’s room in the small town, Zhang Xiao Qiang gritted his teeth and turned, “This is a suicide mission, do you guys dare to go?”

The two subordinates stood behind him and had their eyes fixated on him, followed by the driver and HMG marksman who ran and arrived before them. All of them stood there and listened to Zhang Xiao Qiang.

“This mission will be dangerous, I’ll lead you guys to rush into the zombie horde, any mistake will turn you guys into zombies, of course, I’m included as well. This isn’t the plan in the mission, I have no power to ask any of you to throw your lives away and refusing isn’t considered running away, your treatment in the base will still be unchanged”

The four subordinates listened to Zhang Xiao Qiang without any reaction and simply looked at him.

Noticing that there was not a trace of fear in his subordinates, Zhang Xiao Qiang nodded his head….their off-road vehicle drove downwards and they encountered even more human bones and trash. Zhang Xiao Qiang held onto a Type-56 AR and squatted inside the HMG post where the machine gunner remain fixed on the scope and took aim on the zombies ahead of them.

“Tatata….” The Type-53 HMG beside him spewed out a meter long blue flames as the gatling sound struck Zhang Xiao Qiang’s eardrums endlessly and the hot empty bullet shells landed on his thighs.

Feeling the warmth of the bullet shells, Zhang Xiao Qiang drew up the Type-53 AR and fired at the zombies. The vehicle’s windows were pulled down as well as two muzzles fired out from within.

Countless bullets sprayed out of the vehicle and struck the heads of the zombies on all sides, and the zombies started to fall like grass.

The Type-56 AR in Zhang Xiao Qiang’s hand continued to unleash 7.62mm bullets, the recoil from the butt of the gun caused his entire body to tremble. He did not know whether his bullets landed on the zombies or not, he simply pulled the trigger and allowed the empty bullet shells to drop in the HMG post and caused clanking sounds while taking in the smoke from his rifle.

“Plop…” The rover flew in the air, “BANG….” the vehicle had a momentary lapse in the air before dropping to the ground, the huge impact almost caused Zhang Xiao Qiang, who was in that moment changing magazine, to fly out. He successfully changed the magazine and threw the empty magazine into the horde.

Before he could climb back up, the vehicle that had squashed a couple of zombies on the ground recoiled up into the air again, causing a ceasefire. Aside from the driver, everyone in the car grabbed onto the vehicle and stabilized themselves. “BANG….” A zombie was sent flying into the air after being knocked by the car and rolled multiple times after dropping to the ground. The off-road vehicle broke through the outer layer of zombies and drove towards the gathering point of the horde.

Before the vehicle could reach half its distance, countless zombies rushed out of the buildings on both sides of the road. Zhang Xiao Qiang did not have the time to think about why the zombies were hiding inside, wherever his gun fired, the HMG would spew out bullets.

When the off-road vehicle passed a three-story building, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s eyes caught sight of a shadow, he turned and pointed the muzzle at the spot but did not discover anything. He continued firing at the other zombies.

“BANG….” The roof of the vehicle shook. Zhang Xiao Qiang did not bother about the horde in front of them. “Dadada….” The Type-56 AR spewed out flames while sending bullets into the horde, the gunfires struck Zhang Xiao Qiang’s eardrums endlessly and he could no longer hear anything else.

After finishing the magazine, Zhang Xiao Qiang was about to change magazines when he realized the HMG had stopped firing. He turned to look, and the scene before him almost made his eyes split.

A healthy S2 stood behind the HMG post on the roof of the vehicle. It used the sharp hook-shaped nails on its black feet to latch itself on the roof, the nails stabbed deeply into the metal. Although the vehicle was unsteady, the S2’s petite body was able to stand steadily and its body constantly fine-tuned its center of gravity.

It had its 15cm claws on the neck of the HMG gunner, the sharp claws dug into him and causing blood to spill out, dyeing the claws a dark red. The gunner’s chest had been ripped apart as well, revealing his ribs and muscles. Blood from the wound dyed the yellow uniform a dark red but even as the uniform got stained, the machine gunner was not completely dead. His body twitched while his legs continued to struggle.

The S2 held the gunner’s hand and looked at him while its other claw held the fist-sized heart, and was about to throw it into its mouth that was filled with sharp teeth.

Everything that happened infuriated Zhang Xiao Qiang. Holding onto the empty rifle, he used both hands and smashed the gun barrel onto the S2, which stabbed onto the S2’s arm.

The red parts of the gun smashed into pieces. Following the break of the gun barrel, the S2’s arm twisted at a 40-degree angle. No longer being able to hold the gunner, the gunner’s heavy corpse dropped onto the roof of the vehicle.

The S2 became furious with its broken arm, the heart that it was holding onto in its other arm was smashed into pieces as it used its arm to strike at Zhang Xiao Qiang. “BANG…” The metallic body of the Type-56 AR collided with the sharp claws. The S2’s claws were deflected away while the metallic body dropped parts onto the vehicle.

“Bang…” The S2 lifted its leg and kicked towards him, the sharp hooked nails on its leg struck the vehicle roof and unleashed sparks while the claw swung back towards Zhang Xiao Qiang….



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