Inside of the bandit’s nest within the mountains.

The tiles on the floor were flat and smooth. Bandits of different ranks all lived in their respective areas.

"Master, here, try this one."

"Master, try mine, mine are tastier."

Five seductive girls surrounded a man whose bare chest was covered with thick, rough hair. They all grabbed different types of fruits and started feeding them to him.

This bare-chested man was the head of the Bent Blade Union and was the strongest bandit in the entire Water Rites Town – Bent Blade ‘Ge Bin’! These scared, pitiful girls had been kidnapped by this bandit leader. If they made him the slightest bit unhappy, he would torture them to death… This fear drove them to do whatever they could to please him.

"Fuck his mother, back then I could enjoy delicious food every single day, and I was surrounded by countless beauties. Now I can only hide in this mountain and be served by these cheap bitches!" Ge Bin’s eyes were filled with an evil aura.

Now that he had become an outlaw, he could only hide his anger deep in his heart.

This life was uncomfortable.

Was there any normal human being that would want to hide in the Mountain Range of Desolation? It was a place where even food and drink needed to be brought in from the outside, and where one could come face-to-face with a magical beast at any given moment. These cheap, kidnapped bitches by his side were barely tolerable, but they were incomparable to the women from his past when he was a Meteor Knight; people would flatter him constantly, and he could pick up countless pretty girls any time he wanted.

"I’ll have to save up a lot of money to get the empire to cancel that arrest warrant," Gai Bin mused, his eyes showing a fierce spark. "That Shi family sure has a big appetite. They want me to pay at least 20,000 gold coins to cancel the arrest warrant, damn them."

The Shi family controlled almost everything in Azure River County, so canceling an arrest warrant was not difficult for them.

"I’ll just have to work hard for another 10 years. I should have the money by then."

"I will be free again!"

Ge Bin thirsted for his freedom.

He had only realized how priceless freedom really was upon becoming a wanted man.

"Head, head, head!" An ear piercing shout was heard outside.

"What the fuck are you yelling for?!"

Ge Bin stood up with a shout, scaring away the seductive girls. They immediately cleared a path for Ge Bin as he stormed out angrily.

"Head, head, good news!" the loud voice continued saying. It was obvious that the man outside understood the consequences of disturbing his leader.

"What, good news?" Ge Bin opened the door to glare at the man with cruel eyes first, before asking, "What kind of good news?"

The ferocious bandit behaved like an obedient grandson in front of the Meteor Knight Ge Bin and said with a smile, "It’s the fur of the Silver Moon Wolf King! Second leader and the others are all waiting for you."

"Fur of the Silver Moon Wolf King?" Ge Bin was shocked, and immediately rushed to the meeting hall.


The Meeting Hall.

Ge Bin was sitting in the leader’s seat while the rest were positioned around him. The other commanders were all in the Heaven realm. Because the Bent Blade Union was the most powerful bandit group in the Water Rites Town, it was only natural for it to attract some powerful outlaws into joining it.

"One Ear, tell us what’s going on," ordered an old man in a grey robe sitting beside Ge Bin.

"I was ordered to scout the perimeter as a precaution. Who would have thought that I would discover two travelers!" exclaimed the one-eared bandit. "One was the Six-Armed Serpent Demon from Xue Ying Territory, Zong Ling, and the other was a young man wearing a black robe and carrying a long spear. He looked to be around 16to 17 years old. He was the one holding the large fur pelt of the Silver Moon Wolf King!"

"Zong Ling?" Ge Bin gently tapped on the chair’s arm with his finger, before coldly saying, "A young man who is good with a spear in Water Rites Town and is related to Zong Ling… He must be the young lord of Xue Ying Territory who is obsessed with spear training."

"The spear demon Dong Bo Xue Ying." The old man in a grey robe nodded. "I have also heard of his name, but I had never considered him a threat to us. Being obsessed with practicing the spear to the point of becoming a spear demon doesn’t mean he is powerful. However, he unexpectedly has the guts to enter the Mountain Range of Desolation, and he even obtained the fur of a Silver Moon Wolf King. We must not underestimate his power."

"Brother, shall we rob them?" a bald and sturdy bandit shouted out.

"They managed to get the fur of a Silver Moon Wolf King… Don’t tell me that Zong Ling has broken through to the Meteor rank?" Ge Bin said in low voice.

"It’s very likely."

The grey robed old man nodded his head. "Zong Ling has remained in the Heaven rank for a long period of time already. There’s an extremely high possibility that he has broken through to the Meteor rank. Don’t forget that he is a Six-Armed Serpent Demon from the royal family of serpents! If he attacked furiously with six blades, the wolf pack would have been decimated! Together with some specially prepared traps, it is possible for them to have captured and killed the Silver Moon Wolf King with ease."

Dong Bo Xue Ying was capable of dealing with group attacks, but the Meteor-ranked Zong Ling who had a tail and six arms would also be highly proficient in dealing with group attacks.

"Is it possible that the young lord of Xue Ying Territory has reached the Meteor rank as well?" The bald bandit shouted again.

"How is that possible?"

"How old is he?"

"Even if he became a Knight at the age of seven or eight, there would still be no way for him to surpass the strength of a Heaven Knight right now."

The bald bandit scratched his head with a laugh and said, "I think too much."

Ge Bin coldly said, "It is very likely that Zong Ling has become a Meteor Knight, and as for that young lord, he should be a Heaven Knight at most! Even if he is also a Meteor Knight, that would only make two Meteor Knights; we still outnumber them. Besides, this is our territory, so we have the advantage in killing both of them."

"That’s only the worst-case scenario… I don’t think it is possible for the young man to be a Meteor Knight." the man in the grey robe said. "Our chances for success are high."

"Alright then, we shall kill them both and rob them of the Silver Moon Wolf King fur!" A large smile emerged on Ge Bin’s face. "Since that young man is a lord, he should also be carrying some valuable treasures on him."

"Let’s steal them blind!"

"Rob them!"

"Kill them!"

The meeting hall was filled with fervent shouts.

"One Ear, where are they now?" Ge Bin asked immediately.

"They are still far from here and are currently on the path to leave the mountain range. They will definitely have to pass through the canyon in front of us," The one-eared bandit promptly replied.

"Great, then we shall ambush them in the canyon right in front of us. Second brother, you will arrange this ambush." Ge Bin gazed at the grey-robed old man beside him. This robed figure was a Heaven rank sorcerer, and his position amongst the bandits was only second to Ge Bin’s. He originally became a wanted man because he had abducted many humans for his experiments.

"Leave everything to me," the sorcerer said with a nod.


Deep within the mountain range.

Dong Bo Xue Ying was carrying the fur of the Silver Moon Wolf King, walking side-by-side with Uncle Zong.

They were paying close attention to their surroundings, but with Dong Bo Xue Ying’s current strength, even a fifth rank monster wouldn’t be a threat.


While walking into the wide open canyon, Dong Bo Xue Ying frowned and said, "Uncle Zong, stop."

"What’s wrong?" Zong Ling was startled.

"I feel like something isn’t right." Xue Ying said as he looked at the path in front of them.

After raising his spear techniques to a near-godly level and becoming a Great Spear Master, Xue Ying had also begun to sense the Qi around him. All of the paths they took before were filled with natural Qi, but the Qi in the canyon that lay ahead was clearly mixed with an unnatural and ferocious Qi.

"There might be an ambush in front. Let’s turn back," Xue Ying said. "Let’s see if they will show themselves."

When Dong Bo Xue Ying and Zong Ling turned around to immediately walk the path that they had come from –

"Six-Armed Serpent Demon Zong Ling, since you took the effort to come here, stay a while, don’t just leave!" A cold voice resounded in the canyon. "My brothers, show yourselves, they have discovered us."

"Huh?" Dong Bo Xue Ying and Zong Ling immediately observed a large number of hidden bandits reveal themselves on the mountain walls. If counted carefully, there were nearly a thousand of them, and all of the bandits were staring at Dong Bo Xue Ying and Zong Ling as if they were looking at two, fat sheep.


A group of people walked out from the canyon in front of them. At the head of his subordinates was a ferocious looking man with two knives at his waist .

"Ge Bin!" A cold gleam emerged in Zong Ling’s eyes.

"Hahaha…. Zong Ling, oh Zong Ling, there’s no entrance to hell, but you jumped in it by yourself!" Ge Bin laughed grimly. "Even though you have become a Meteor Knight, now that you have entered my territory, you’ll definitely meet your demise. Haha, I couldn’t touch you when you were hiding in the Xue Ying Territory, but you came here by yourself… Are you seeking death? I will grant you your wish! Oh, as for that tender-skinned young lord, don’t worry, I will let you die quickly. You won’t feel any pain at all!"



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