In the Mirage.

There was currently a demon-like figure moving rapidly. His speed was truly too fast—so fast that every time his body flashed, he would appear five hundred kilometers away. With such a speed, he would unquestionably be first among all the Transcendents of the Xia Clan. At the same time, by using his penetrative high speed motion, his body would occasionally enter the real world, stopping there every now and then before returning into the Mirage and continuing his journey within.
This was a white-robed teenager who seemed sickly and who was currently searching for traces of the team from Dark Abyss. He was Xue Ying.

"Maybe I might not be able to kill all of you, but I’ll have to try. Who knows, I might just kill you all, right?" Xue Ying thought, "And even if I can’t kill you all, I’ll still seek for an opportunity after entering the Crimson Rock Mountain."

He had entered the real world to connect his communication wristband with the external world. After all, many Demigods in the Xia Clan were currently searching for them, and in the scenario where others found them, he would not have to waste time searching for them himself. 

Still, if they were comparing the efficiency of finding someone, Xue Ying, who could with a single teleport inspect the surrounding five thousand kilometers, would definitely rank first amongst all Xia Clan transcendents.  


Xue Ying had changed after a hundred years.
Even though all of the Xia Clan Demigods and Xue Ying were searching for traces of this team from the Dark Abyss at this moment, seeking out that enemy called Nuo Nuo An, they would not have thought that this team would arrive at the Black White Deity Mountain.

High up in the sky, a pitch black gloomy channel formed..

Three figures walked out of the channel.

The person in command was that barefooted black-skinned teenager who was wrapped in white cloth. Standing behind him to the left and right were the other two people, the black-robed Nuo Nuo An and General Ku Meng.

"Everything on the material world is truly very beautiful and perfect. Look at the Black White Diety Mountain; see how graceful it is. This is unlike our Dark Abyss, where everyone is coarse and barbarous and only know how to kill and not appreciate the true beauty of the Myriad Existences." The black skinned teenager’s voice had a bizarre cadence within, causing others to feel calm after listening to his words—to the point where they would want to crawl as to follow him.

"The souls of the material world are indeed delicious. No wonder even the Demonic Gods would like them." The black-skinned teenager laughed. "After coming back from Crimson Rock Mountain, we must remember to bring a few more human souls back."

"Lord, rest assured. At that time, we’ll completely massacre this mortal world and bring back all the human souls," Nuo Nuo An said.
"We should leave some seeds behind, so that they will germinate in the future." The black-skinned teenager looked at the Black White Deity Mountain. "They are here."

In the distance.
Outside a huge palace, four figures appeared. They were Mountain Lord He, Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo, Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong, and Palace Head Chen. Palace Head Chen had sent his Qi Avatar here to understand what happened in the previous battle.
The four of them felt some space undulations in the external world away and thus came out.

Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong’s expression remained cold as he looked out. Suddenly, his pupils shrunk. He was staring at that black-robed person, that thin and boney face of his as well as those glowing green eyes. This black-robed man looked exactly the same as ‘Master Nuo Nuo An’ he saw previously!

"Mountain Lord He, Palace Head Chen, Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo, that person in black robes is Nuo Nuo An," Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong hurriedly transmitted over.
"Right, it’s him."

"It’s him!"
Previously, Mountain Lord He and the rest had seen the demonstration of the battle and the head figure appearing in the battle.

"They actually dare to come directly to our Black White Deity Mountain." Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong was infuriated.
"Calm down," Mountain Lord He transmitted.
"Wait a moment. Since they dare to come so openly, they must have a certain confidence in themselves. The current combat power of those present at the Black White Deity Mountain is far from enough, so wait a moment. I’ll immediately send Battleship D9 from the Infernal Palace here." Palace Head Chen transmitted to the rest. They must ensure that small mistakes did not spoil the big plan. Being Demigods of Xia Clan, this patience was something they all had.

In the distant sky.
Three ordinary figures stood there.

The person in command, that black-skinned teenager wrapped in white cloth, smiled, "I wouldn’t have thought that I would be seeing Mountain Lord He here or Palace Head Chen either! Fabulous, I’ll first introduce myself. I am You Lan. You can call me Lord You Lan."
"Lord?" In front of the palace, Palace Head Chen and Mountain Lord He had some doubts. They were truly ignorant of matters in the Dark Abyss. The Xia Clan ancestors had all entered the Deity World, and there had merely been six in history who went to the Dark Abyss, though they were all traitors who went over to the Demonic Faction! Naturally, they would not contact the Xia Clan any longer.

Thus, the knowledge they had on the Dark Abyss was shallow—though at the very least, they knew that somehow…only Demonic Gods were qualified to be called ‘lords.’

"Even though I was forced to come here to the Xia Clan World, the human souls are truly so delicious that it is making me joyous!" Lord You Lan smiled. "It is just that I had never thought you Xia Clan Transcendents would be so audacious to dare kill my servants even though I am just sending them to collect some mortals’ souls, an act completely unrelated to you Transcendents."

He smiled as he said those words, causing anger to erupt in Palace Head Chen and the rest.
"Tell me, for killing my servant, you have offended me. So how should you apologize for that?" Lord You Lan asked.

"Apologize? Lord You Lan, you ordered a servant to kill countless of people from our Xia Clan, yet you still dare to ask us to apologize? You are truly outrageous to think our Xia Clan is so easy to bully," Palace Head Chen roared.

"In front of me, Palace Head Chen, you still dare to be so impudent?" Lord You Lan shook his head. "I’ll not bicker with you though; only, your Xia Clan Transcendent, Feng Dong, will not be forgiven for he has killed my underling’s servant. My request is simple. Pay me 30 Deity grade scrolls! This matter will then be concluded, and I’ll not bicker with your Xia Clan. Otherwise, the consequences will be so dire, your Xia Clan will never be able to withstand it."
"You, you…"

"Killing countless mortals of our Xia Clan, and you still dare to ask for 30 Deity grade scrolls?"

Palace Head Chen, Mountain Lord He, Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong, and Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo were all speechless.
30 Deity grade scrolls?

How many scrolls had the entire Xia Clan accumulated? The moment he requested something, it was something so fierce!

And clearly, the one who killed countless of the Xia Clan’s people dared to take the initiative in knocking on their doors? That was truly bullying them!
"Xia Clan, I’ll encourage you to listen to our Lord’s order. Otherwise, hmph hmph." The black-robed Nuo Nuo An sneered.

"You all will regret it," General Ku Meng added from the side.

"Right, there’s also a matter that I had almost forgotten." Lord You Lan suddenly extended his hand. His arm suddenly grew in size, growing into a huge pillar before moving towards the Black White Deity Mountain palace in a grabbing motion. His arm was so long that it was horrifying!

This scene astonished Palace Head Chen and the others.

Mountain Lord He roared, "Stay your hands!"

Hong long long long~ All of the Black White Deity Mountain arrays were activated. Since the enemy was in sight, Mountain Lord He had long been prepared. Many space seal arrays were activated beforehand. At this moment, it was the true sealing arrays that were being activated! The huge empty space around Black White Deity Mountain had a black-white shield enveloping it, preventing any single damage from being done within.

The edge of Lord You Lan’s lip curled up. A gold seal appeared on his palm, and his five fingers were even filled with dense amounts of gold seals.

His five fingers directly tore through the black-white shield, and with a boom, the enormous shield was immediately shattered. The mountain protection arrays were easily destroyed.
"What!" Mountain Lord He was shocked. "This mountain protection arrays could defend against an era suppressant, but he can so easily destroy it? Most likely, only true Deities could achieve such destructive power…"

A true Deity?
"Quickly run!" Palace Head Chen transmitted over anxiously. The four of them dispersed..

"Black White Moon Wheel! Kill!" Mountain Lord He immediately operated his Deity weapon.

Weng, weng!

Two dazzling half moons appeared. The Black White Moon Wheel was like two streamers borrowing on the strength of the array of Black White Deity Mountain. Being the strongest Deity weapon the Black White Deity Mountain had, and with the aid of the arrays, the power that was displayed became even greater. It could reach the extent of completely suppressing an era.
"Interesting," Lord You Lan mumbled.

His palm directly grabbed towards the Ghost Deity Knight Feng Dong who was running.


Everything slowed down in the surroundings.

Not only was the running Feng Dong slowed, even the Black White Moon Wheel that was flying over to intercept had started becoming sluggish. Only Lord You Lan’s pillar-like arm remained moving at an ordinary speed. His enormous palm easily grabbed hold of that escaping Feng Dong before his palm retracted back to about ten or so meters long.
The five fingers remained wrapped around the waist of Feng Dong.
"This, this—" Mountain Lord He, Palace Head Chen and Vice Mountain Lord Zang Nuo were in a daze. This combat power was truly too terrifying!
From the history of Xia Clan, they understood that as long as the Beast Clan or the Xia Clan had a Deity emerging, the other party would completely retreat and give up the entire mortal world! This was because a Deity’s power was something any Transcendent could never go against.

And this time, this Lord You Lan might be a Demigod, but Mountain Lord He and the others felt they were battling against a Deity.

"Feng Dong, rest assured, I"ll not kill you immediately. That’s because I still want your Xia Clan to give me 30 Deity grade scrolls." Lord You Lan looked at Feng Dong. "This is very simple. As long as you apologize, beg me for forgiveness, kneel down, and kowtow to me, I’ll spare your life."

"Apologize and beg for forgiveness? Kowtow?" Although Feng Dong felt all his strength was sealed by the dark demonic energy, his eyes remained full of fury. He could never forget those countless mortals dying at the county nor those few survivors within the county, whom he had saved. Neither could he forgot those frightened youths.
"You are all outsiders, and I don’t even have the time to kill all of you! And you want me to apologize and beg for forgiveness? Dream on!" Feng Dong gritted his teeth.
"If you don’t want to apologize and beg for forgiveness, then I’ll kill you directly." Lord You Lan smiled.
"Facing an outsider, there’s only Xia Clan Transcendents who died in battle. Never would there be a Xia Clan Transcendent who kneel and beg for forgiveness!" Feng Dong retorted.
"Truly unyielding." Lord You Lan smiled.


His enormous palm suddenly squeezed, causing the space where Feng Dong’s figure was at to completely shatter! Feng Dong’s body was completely shattered, though the fury in his eyes remained as intense as ever. Even in death, he did not lower his head at all.
Xia Clan Transcendent Feng Dong, dead!

"Hold your hands!" An anxious voice came from a side at Black White Deity Mountain.

"Don’t be anxious." Lord You Lan looked toward Mountain Lord He and the others who were starting to turn crazy from their anger. He smiled. "He killed my servant, and he did not want to beg for forgiveness; so of course, I’ll kill him! Oh right, I’m still waiting for my 30 Deity grade scrolls, otherwise… hehe, Feng Dong is only the beginning. After that, it’ll be you guys."

While Lord You Lan laughed, he revealed a set of clean white teeth.



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