Chapter 307: As Long as I Survive, There's Always Hope!

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Chen Jiu, Xue Ying, Old Thief and Uncle Fu immediately forge on ahead.

At the juncture where both sides were about to clash…


Many Demigods starting appearing in mid-air. Si Kong Yang, Mountain Lord He, Chi Qiu Bai, Elder Ao Lan, and the three high priests of the Demonic Faction were formed from the nine Mirage Avatars in addition to thirty-six other Illusion Avatars. At the same time, this huge group of people started splitting apart, with a group of people heading toward the left of the Flying Venomous Scorpions and a group heading toward the right.

Chen Jiu and Uncle Fu accompanied the group of nine Mirage Avatars and sixteen Illusion Avatars.

Xue Ying and Old Thief accompanied the group of twenty Illusion Avatars.

According to their plans, Chen Jiu and Xue Ying could count on their own combat strength, and Old Thief had the illusion transformation to give him a greater certainty in getting through. It was only Uncle Fu who had the least chance of surviving! Thus, Chen Jiu personally decided to bring Uncle Fu with him.

Hong! Hong!

This group of Flying Venomous Scorpions were all very intelligent; they immediately started separating into two groups while fixating on the initial four members who appeared right from the start—Chen Jiu, Uncle Fu, Xue Ying and Old Thief.

"Hahaha, come on, come on!" The mountain-goateed Old Thief was extremely delighted. He wasn’t afraid of fighting one on one with the ordinary Flying Venomous Scorpions. If he was to be surrounded or to be attacked by the faintly violet Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpion, he would immediately switch position with his Illusion Avatar. With twenty Illusion Avatars that he could switch positions with, this group of Flying Venomous Scorpions simply could not injure him at all.


Xue Ying was also moving at high speed. The ordinary Flying Venomous Scorpions could not enter the Mirage at all. Those two Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions fixated on him. With a single flap of their wings, these two Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions could actually tunnel into his Mirage, causing Xue Ying’s expression to change slightly.

He knew that at the level of Deities, things like time and Mirage were not something very mysterious anymore.

Still, after these two Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions tunneled into the Mirage, they started slowing down as if they entered into a quagmire—matching Xue Ying’s current speed of 335 kilometers per second.

Dong dong. Xue Ying materialized a spear. He did not dare fall into a battle craze; instead, he rushed toward the other side of the Meteor Bridge, parrying the incoming Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions on the way with his spear. Fortunately…those Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions were quite weak in their offense techniques and depended more on their nimbleness and sneak attacks with those scorpion tails of theirs. Furthermore, in the Mirage, their attacks had been suppressed significantly.

It was thus quite an easy and casual task for Xue Ying to ward off those attacks.

In two seconds, Xue Ying had rushed towards the later half of the Meteor Bridge in the Mirage. Those huge white meteorites…improved Xue Ying’s mood tremendously.

"Haha, I feel so much easier this time as compared to when I was on the Floating Sky Island." Old Thief had also reached the white meteors and laughed. "Dong Bo Xue Ying, thank you so much. Fortunately, you attracted those two Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions; otherwise, it would have been more troublesome for me."

"It’s also because those Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions couldn’t attack you that they started fighting against me," Xue Ying said.

"Ai! So what if they couldn’t attack me once? What if they attacked me ten times or a hundred times? Their speed is indeed too fast, and their attacks are unpredictable. My Illusion Avatars require me to be within a hundreds meters distance to switch positions with them. A hundred meters? That’s a blink of an eye for those Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions. If it could attack me just as I was about to switch positions with my Illusion Avatar, I might not react fast enough." The mountain-goateed old man sighed.

By depending on his illusion switching, he could only dodge those attacks. If his luck wasn’t good, he might just die from a single blow.

Meanwhile, Xue Ying and Chen Jiu could directly parry against those attacks; there wasn’t a single component where luck was involved.

"They have arrived." Xue Ying glanced backward.

Uncle Fu’s figure was releasing several rays of golden light; it was shining all over the place, causing countless seals to appear. Chen Jiu’s eyes were filled with killing intent. His eight arms had already extended to a length of ten meters and swept across in all directions. He was completely parrying those Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions head-on successfully, and once that happened, the threat of those Flying Venomous Scorpions was considerably reduced. Even though there were some that occasionally got through his palms, they were handled by Uncle Fu, whose combat strength was not weak at all either.

Just like this, they arrived on the white meteorites a few seconds after Xue Ying.

The Flying Venomous Scorpions stopped their murderous pursuit.

"Hahaha, the two of you are really fast." The bald-headed yellow-robed old man, Uncle Fu, laughed out loud. Chen Jiu had a shallow smile as well. Clearly, his mood was quite good as well.

"Don’t be so happy prematurely; the final section of the Meteor Bridge should be the hardest of them all." Chen Jiu said, "The Laws of Profound Mysteries used in the attacks of the Stone Sculpture Protectors and the Flying Venomous Scorpions are very ordinary. However, it’s quite different for the final section of the Meteor Bridge… Our opponents are truly formidable in terms of the orthodox Profound Mysteries."

"Mn." Xue Ying nodded.

The final obstacle.

After getting through the Meteor Bridge, he should be able to get his poison cured. And as long as he got his poison cured, he believed that with his current comprehension of the realms, he could immediately undergo the secondary Primordial Bloodline awakening, strengthening his physical body and stepping into the Demigod realm. With Demigod Qi powering his own armor, his current defense would greatly increase. Furthermore, without any hex poison in his body, he would be able to concentrate even further into comprehending his True Meanings.

Today, he had three True Meanings all at the peak stage two realm. These had naturally increased in realms as a result of cultivating his spear techniques since he could not fully concentrate on comprehending them.

As long as he could delve entirely into cultivation, he might possibly be able to breakthrough straightaway to the stage three realm!

As long as I get the poison cured, I might be able to undergo special cultivation using Crimson Rock Mountain! Xue Ying had a plan in his heart a long time ago. Crimson Rock Mountain was huge, and there were many different special regions which the Xia Clan Demigods had surveyed before in the past.

Everything will depend on whether I can get the poison cured or not.


Xue Ying and the others had safely gotten through; the three teams behind them also started attempting to get through the first section.

It was the Meishan Clan master’s team who went first.

"Formidable." Xue Ying, Chen Jiu, and the others watched from a distance. The Meishan Clan Master brought the white-robed young woman and black-robed male across. The black-robed male had a pair of black claws placed over his hands; they were like an endless darkness, swallowing everything in their way. The white-robed young woman had a sword that was truly dazzling; she had easily parried away those Flying Venomous Scorpions.

Still, the most formidable of them was the Meishan Clan Master.

The space around the Meishan Clan Master was distorted, increasing the distance in between him and those incoming Flying Venomous Scorpions and causing those who were near him to move as if they were traversing through mud. The Meishan Clan Master’s offense was truly mystical. Every single move was impeccably accurate, and his efficiency of attack could match the that of the eight-armed Chen Jiu.

"A complete True Meaning of Space is truly amazing in how it controls the surrounding space." Chen Jiu commented, "Those two comrades of his are quite good too, and their combat strengths are both quite high."

The Meishan Clan Master had once again gotten through the first section safely! Everyone was alive.

"Congratulations.," Xue Ying and Chen Jiu said to them when the Meishan Clan Master’s team came over.

"Likewise." The Meishan Clan Master smiled. Currently, both their teams had all their members alive.

They were currently watching the battles behind them.

But this time—

"Tian Lan, go first!"

The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang’s sword rays flew in all four directions; he easily controlled those two Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpions’ advance, with even several Flying Venomous Scorpions being blocked off by him. But that tall and big man—even though his combat power was quite powerful, he was lacking in terms of speed. Just a total of twelve ordinary Flying Venomous Scorpions surrounding him prevented him from advancing. The only person in their team who could utilise the Deity grade scrolls was the recently deceased enchantress.

Jian Huang and this tall and big man, ‘Tian Lan,’ were both Transcendent Knights!

"Quick." Jian Huang was anxious.


A delayed action had resulted in a huge change.

Even though a Deity rank Flying Venomous Scorpion had been tangled up by the sword rays, it could still fling out that scorpion tail of it. A single fling was just like an illusion; the seven to eight meter-long tail directly pierced through the back of that tall and big man, piercing through his armor and causing the venom within to erupt.

The tall and big man’s face began turning violet. The other ordinary Flying Venomous Scorpions immediately surged up to him. Ka cha ka cha—they started feasting on him. The armor that had been pierced lost a huge amount of its defensive capabilities, and the armor and his body had, within the blink of an eye, been devoured completely.

"No, no." The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang was going insane.

He became frenzied and started killing everything.

But even though they might be ordinary, these Flying Venomous Scorpions had indestructible bodies.

The golden-robed teenager Jian Huang could only proceed on toward the white meteorites.

"Ai." Xue Ying’s and Meishan Clan Master’s team both sighed inwardly.

This Jian Huang was truly the most pitiful person.

His two comrades had fallen respectively on the Floating Sky Island and the Meteor Bridge, with the only Transcendent mage in their team, Xue Wei, dying under the attacks of the Stone Sculpture Protectors. If Xue Wei was around, she could still use the Deity grade scroll, allowing that Tian Lan to increase in speed and help him defend against those Flying Venomous Scorpions.

"Big brother, big brother." Jian Huang knelt down on the enormous white meteor. The meteor was cold, but his heart felt even colder.

Xue Wei was his big sister in the past. When the Temporal Temple had grabbed him as a mortal, she had already been a Transcendent.

Tian Lan was someone he met even earlier. As he grew bit by bit, it was this person who protected him like a big brother.

"Why, why must it be like this? This shouldn’t, shouldn’t be like this." Jian Huang’s body trembled lightly. His eyes were terrifying and flashed scarlet; he even began turning hysterical. They were all dead, so would it even matter if he was the only one who survived?

The Meishan Clan Master sighed inwardly as he watched from the sideline. Many Reincarnators of the Temporal Temple had turned extreme due to how savage it was for them to live straddling the boundary of life and death. He had similarly gone through the same process. When his true love had died, under that agony and pain, he had decided to leave the control of the Temporal Temple, taking on three consecutive hell-rank missions. The Meishan Clan Master sighed again, "Jian Huang, the so-called powerful existence in the Deity world could transcend space and time, transcend all restrictions of laws, and could do anything. Even those who died could be revived through the river of time. Don’t lose hope; as long as you survive, there’s hope in the future."

Jian Huang’s body trembled. Those originally blood-red eyes of his had also started regaining their



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