Chapter 422: First Time Showing His Ability
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Only a sparse three hundred or so contestants were left in the palace hall at this point. When Xue Ying heard the shouting from outside, Xue Ying stood up and walked toward the palace’s entrance.

When he reached the entrance, the first thing he saw were the countless Deities looking at him.

"The time for me to finally reveal my abilities to the Deity World is coming!" Xue Ying walked toward the huge palace gates and then stepped onto the illuminated path.

"Dong Bo!"

"It’s Dong Bo!"

Countless spectators who’d come to watch the Starfield Selections turned their gazes toward him when he stepped out.

"Who is this ‘Dong Bo?’ It seems that he’s quite famous?"

"He’s the one who whipped the Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master with his own whip! What, you don’t even know who the Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master is? You should at least know the patrolling army, right? Well, a small team from the patrolling army surrounded Dong Bo, yet they were easily swept back by him!"

"Even if that small team from the patrolling army is collectively stronger than the Fierce Shaman Warrior, it doesn’t mean that they can triumph over it! Xue Ying’s ability to beat that small team doesn’t mean that he’ll win for sure."

"This… mn, the Fierce Shaman Warrior is indeed quite formidable, but I still feel that Dong Bo will be able to win."

Countless Deities were discussing Xue Ying’s chances and actions among themselves.

Xue Ying could be considered quite a famous Deity, and everyone felt that he had a high chance of getting through the Starfield Selections. Of course, the possibility that he’d fail couldn’t be discounted. After all, the Fierce Shaman Warrior was able to divide itself into twelve figures, all of whom were much stronger than a soldier from the patrolling army.

"Hmph, he thinks he can get through the Starfield Selections just like that?" The Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master, Jin Mei Yang, sneered. "The Fierce Shaman Warrior is a rare and precious warrior specifically manufactured by the Bloodshed God Palace to serve as an opponent in the Starfield Selections. It’s much stronger than that small team from the patrolling army! If he overestimates himself, he might just lose his life."

"Right, right, young master! This Dong Bo is way too arrogant; he overestimates his own ability! The way I see it, he might lose his life this time."

"In a battle of life and death, as long as he’s even slightly careless, there’s a possibility that he’ll lose his life."

"He’ll definitely die."

All of his subordinates began to respectively echo what he’d said, causing the Soaring Cloud Lake’s young master’s expression to turn even more savage. In his heart, he was looking forward to Xue Ying’s demise. So what if it’s Dong Bo? Just die, just die! The Fierce Shaman Warrior’s combat power is heaven-defying—you’ll definitely die! Definitely!

Dong Bo Xue Ying is a Deity from our Xie Clan! Yun Hai was truly excited compared to the majority of the surrounding Deities and was quite expectant. He’s the very first Deity of the Xia Clan to participate in the Starfield Selections!

There were quite a few who’d become Deities in the Xia Clan, but none of them had ever participated in the Starfield Selections; Xue Ying was the very first one!


As Xue Ying followed the illuminated path, he heard loud noises from all around him. Besides the Deities that were talking about him, he continued to feel more and more gazes land on him.

Just their gazes hold quite a bit of pressure. Xue Ying was inwardly startled by the pressure. If I hadn’t grasped hold of World Deity Heart, I most likely would’ve been affected by their gazes.

Ultimately, he’d only cultivated for around two thousand years.

This was just too short of a time frame, and he was far too young.

However, now that he’d grasped hold of the World Deity Heart, he’d become all-encompassing toward the World’s Myriad Existences; their gazes weren’t able to pressure him at all.

"Such a formidable heart." The World Deities’ eyes lit up as they watched Xue Ying from the high platform.

The beautiful lady’s regard for him grew even more, and she praised, "Despite only cultivating for two thousand or so years, he’s already able to remain unmoved amidst the gaze of countless Deities. He’s truly a rare talent."

"Only two hundred or so years?" Patrol Master Guan was astonished to hear this. "My realm is lower than yours, so I was only able to determine that he hadn’t cultivated for more than five thousand years… but who would’ve thought that it was within the range of two thousand years?"

"Age can represent potential, but it can’t represent combat power." The Soaring Cloud Lake’s Master said with a smile, "That person known as Dong Bo…even though his heart is quite formidable, passing the Starfield Selections will still be quite difficult for him."

"Jin Fei Yun!"

A white-robed tall and thin male sneered at him. "I’ve heard that your son was whipped quite a few times with a Heart-Branding Whip by this Dong Bo?"

"Haha, Jin Fei Yun, your son might’ve been whipped by him, but that doesn’t mean you can be so biased."

"I think highly of this Dong Bo."

Many of the World Deities present were felt truly happy to see how embarrassed the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Master was by this.

The green-bearded Jin Fei Yun just laughed when he heard their words. "Indeed, he flogged my son, but I should thank him for that! After all, this son of mine was truly too arrogant and rampant. As for his combat power? I don’t think I need to say much: It will be quite difficult for him to triumph over the Fierce Shaman Warrior. Of those participating in Mountain Wu’s Star Field selections, only His Highness Seventh Mei Yu is truly strong and has hopes of being dazzling in the future! This Dong Bo is much weaker than His Highness Seventh Mei Yu."


"His Highness Seventh Mei Yu is indeed formidable."

"His Highness was able to defeat the Fierce Shaman Warrior in just fifteen strokes of his sword, and even did so while it was still in its strongest state." Many of the World Deities immediately began to praise His Highness Seventh Mei Yu.

The beautiful lady smiled as she sat in the highest seat. Even though she thought that Xue Ying was young and had enormous potential, he was naturally still far from her own clan’s Seventh Mei Yu.

Xue Ying followed the illuminated path until he finally reached the battle platform and then stepped onto it.

Once he stepped onto the battle platform, Xue Ying immediately felt the voices surrounding him become much softer. Countless gazes from the surrounding Deities and World Deities were directed toward him, all of them waiting for the battle that was about to begin.

"Hmm?" Xue Ying glanced toward the high platform and was easily able to make out the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Master, Jin Fei Yun.

He most likely hopes that I’ll be defeated, so that I don’t have the chance to participate in the Myriad Flower Feast. If that happens, the moment I leave the Bloodshed region, I’ll be toyed with him as he pleases. Such a pity that he’ll be greatly disappointed, Xue Ying thought. He then casually turned around to face his opponent. The Fierce Shaman Warrior’s entire figure was covered with brown hair, and its face was both tender and white. Its eyes glowed with ferocity as it stared at Xue Ying.

"Begin!" The golden-armored commander’s voice reverberated through the surrounding space.

The hourglass that was floating in mid-air above the battle platform immediately inverted itself, and the sand within it began to flow downward.

Xue Ying stared at the Fierce Shaman Warrior in front of him and then extended his right hand, a thick black spear appearing in it. This spear was recognizable as the standardized weapon given out to Patrol Masters.

Hou~ The Fierce Shaman Warrior turned its head upward and let out a roar visible to the naked eye.

Xue Ying remained calm when he saw this.

The Fierce Shaman Warrior was mildly startled when he saw this, as according to its experience, most of its opponents would immediately run away, making use of their high speed to pull away from it and causing it to divide into twelve bodies to take care of them. Yet, the starry-robed teenaged in front of him hadn’t moved, which caused him to feel bewildered.

"You’re actually not escaping? Then die for me, brat!" The Fierce Shaman Warrior revealed its vicious mouth and then immediately rushed toward Xue Ying.

It immediately turned into a stream of light.

The Fierce Shaman Warrior barreled toward Xue Ying, full of unparalleled ferocity and killing intent.

If one were to compare the individual power of its original state to when it split in twelve, then its current form could be considered the best, as its split versions had decreased power compared to its whole self. Its strength, speed, and proficiency with the Laws of Profound Mysteries were all balanced and formidable. The Tapir Beast that he’d previously faced was truly too stupid in comparison and could be easily defeated.

Hong~ As the Fierce Shaman Warrior flew toward Xue Ying, its pair of sharp claws struck out at the same time. Its claws created a vaguely black-and-white maelstrom; one claw had a black maelstrom around, while the other had a white maelstrom, both of which caused space to distort.

Xue Ying finally moved.


He held onto his spear with both hands as he fiercely swung downward with it, a dark star slowly revolving visibly in his surroundings, causing everything around it to crumble and be destroyed. His entire spear seemed to be made of darkness.

After entering the Deity World, he’d cultivated for another three hundred years and had spent most of his time perfecting his secret skill, Chaotic Suppression.

This secret skill of his was even more specialized toward offense and held the combat power of an entry-level World Deity.

He’d created this secret skill when he was a Transcendent! He’d also fused the Deity-rank secret technique, Great Chaotic True Force, into it! At this point, the secret skill had been polished to a high degree. When he’d fought the Tapir, it was instantly defeated because its realm was much lower than his; he hadn’t needed to display this secret skill.

"Hmm?" The fierce shaman warrior was shocked when it saw this strike. Its figure immediately turned illusory as it tried to dodge the spear swinging toward it. Its long arms and claws continuously struck out as it sought to dodge.

However, no matter how hard it tried to dodge, the spear still fiercely hacked down toward it!

The spear held a truly mighty amount of power; it was as if the endless Chaos Hole would swallow everything. No matter how much it tried to dodge, it was to no avail. Its only choice was to face the attack head-on.

"A direct attack?" The Fierce Shaman Warrior casually swept its claws out in an attempt to parry the spear coming toward it. It was prepared to first parry the spear and then tear apart the teenager in front of it.


Claws and spear met.

An endlessly terrifying power immediately swept through the Fierce Shaman Warrior’s claws and burrowed into its body. The Fierce Shaman Warrior’s eyes immediately went wide, and with a peng—its body suddenly exploded.


Xue Ying continued to move forwards for thirty-three more meters before he finally stopped.

His surroundings were completely…

A peaceful silence reigned.

Not just the countless Deities, even the Soaring Cloud Lake’s Master, Yun Hai, and all of the other World Deities were simply quietly staring at the battle platform.

This scene had caused all of the spectators to fall into a daze.

One move!

The Fierce Shaman Warrior had exploded with just a single strike of his spear? The two had exchanged moves, yet the fierce shaman warrior had been the one to explode?

Xue Ying turned to face the high platform. Starfield Patrol Master Guan finally regained his senses at that moment, and an inconcealable excitement blossomed on his face as he announced, "Deity Dong Bo has defeated the Fierce Shaman Warrior in one move and has thus passed the Starfield Selections!"



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