Chapter 426: Heading to the Prefecture Capital
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"Greetings, Senior Yun Hai," Jing Qiu politely greeted him, as her senior in the Xia Clan.

"There’s no need for that; we’re all Deities, so we refer to each others as if we were on the same seniority," Yun Hai hurriedly replied.

Xue Ying pulled on Jing Qiu’s hand so they could proceeded inside the official residence. "Don’t just stand in the entrance. All the guards are staring at us."

Once inside, Jing Qiu looked at Xue Ying in bewilderment and asked, "Who is this person people refer to as His Highness—Seventh Mei Yu? It sounds like a girl’s name."

"He’s male!" Xue Ying helplessly replied. "And a formidable expert at that. He’s among the ones who crushed the Fierce Shaman Warrior in the Starfield Selections, and he even seems to have some powerful backing. There’s a stage two World Deity among his subordinates."

Jing Qiu was nothing short of shocked. "He has a stage two World Deity as a subordinate? What kind of exaggerated backing is that?"

"I’ve no idea." Xue Ying shook his head.

"With that sort of background…who knows if ‘he’ is not actually a she who used some sort of treasure to conceal her identity and aura," Jing Qiu deliberately said. "Perhaps she even thinks quite highly of you after the two of you exchanged pointers."

Xue Ying was holding onto his forehead. In any case, this was teasing a married couple would often do.

Emperor Yun Hai was laughing at them from the side, yet a vague loneliness resided in his eyes.

Once she arrived, Jing Qiu made those remaining days in the official residence of the Patrol Master happier and more comfortable. Xue Ying spent his days accompanied by his wife, occasionally exchanging pointers with Seventh Mei Yu in preparation for the upcoming prefecture capital battle. Their combat power was at a somewhat similar level, after all.

With each passing day, the time for them to leave for the prefecture capital drew closer.

Hong long long~

Xue Ying was sitting cross-legged on the bed of his cultivation room; his finger swept about, sending a stream of crimson-colored water flowing and dancing in the air. This stream was the accumulation of many individual water droplets, each of them easily discernible with the naked eye; their revolutions brought about an endless might, so powerful that space itself was collapsing and shrinking all around them. The droplets were dancing all around Xue Ying within the cultivation room.

There are major differences between the Chaotic Deity Heart and the World Deity Heart. Xue Ying carefully watched the crimson water droplets in their dance. The World Deity Heart is focused on all-encompassing balance, whereas the Chaotic Deity Heart favors the extremes, while finding its own balance in that aspect…


I must rid myself of the World Deity Heart’s influence and immerse myself completely in the Profound Mysteries of Chaos. Xue Ying closed his eyes. Over his many years of cultivation, especially as he worked on his self-created secret skill, Chaotic Suppression, he found a greater understanding of the Chaos Hole, and his heart realm inched ever closer to it.

Countless Profound Mysteries appeared all at once. Behind Xue Ying were now vague dark illusions of stars caving in, surrounded by a spherical layer of light. These illusions were formed of a light outer layer and an inner layer of absolute darkness.

Watching him from the side, others might focus on that visage. Xue Ying himself, however, could not possibly care for that matter while immersed in his comprehension.

That’s right! Its true subject is extremity. It seems like my previous understanding was wrong. If I focus the droplets on forming a single entity, their extremity shapes itself into a great circle of balance. Xue Ying reached sudden enlightenment. His understanding of the Chaotic Deity Heart was now much more complete, and despite not yet having a complete grasp of the next stage, he was at least able improve in some shape. The final success was just inches away.

"Great Chaotic True Force, condense!" His vision focused on the floating crimson droplets, Xue Ying took a deep breath and then sent them all into his body.

His Deity Sea now showed countless crimson water droplets in the middle of a transformation! Every last droplet increased in weight and then began caving in. Their colors turned darker, slowly encroaching to an absolute black hue!

The many black water droplets in his Deity sea were now extremely heavy—so heavy, in fact, that they could easily crush any ordinary peak Deity. Indeed, a single droplet could easily flatten a peak Deity under its weight!

This "Great Chaotic True Force" really lives up to its name of having a focus on extreme offense, Xue Ying praised. That underlying power within his body was still undergoing transformations, but he was well aware that it was now only a matter of time until he reached the second level of the Great Chaotic True Force. He could already use part of its might. It doesn’t quite match up to the third level of the Time Immemorial Body in various aspects, but its offensive ability alone is miles ahead.

The Time Immemorial Scripture was split into nine levels, three of them stipulated for the Deity realm. His participation in the Bloodshed God Palace Myriad Flower Feast meant that he could not train this body above the third level! With it at the fourth level, any random idiot could guess that he grasped hold of a grade one Deity Heart. Not only that, with his having only cultivated for two thousand or so years, it would be nothing short of broadcasting that he was a grade one True Meaning Transcendent!

On the other hand, the Great Chaotic True Force was split into six levels, the first and second of which were set apart for the Deity realm.

The Time Immemorial Body specialized in toughness, so even if he reached the third level in it, he still only had the strength, speed and other bodily aspects of an entry level World Deity.

However, the Great Chaotic True Force put all its emphasis on offense. Anyone able to cultivate it to the second level would see their offensive might reach the level of a stage one World Deity! Naturally…a bigger part of the reason World Deities were so formidable was their comprehension of the realm! They could control an area of more than fifty million kilometers from their location, and their grade one Deity Hearts were all unfathomable. Even then, if judged purely in terms of offense, the Great Chaotic True Force was enough to match them.

As of this moment, only those who have also trained in World Deity ranked secret techniques can match up to me in terms of strength, Xue Ying thought. However, while others might also train in World Deity ranked secret techniques, it didn’t mean cultivating them to the peak of the Deity realm was an easy task.

Just half a month now, before we leave for the prefecture capital. That I could train this technique to the second level gives me a slightly higher chance of success. Xue Ying was pleased with the outcome.

Half a month later.

Patrol Master Guan met up with everyone who got through the Starfield Selections, be it Seventh Mei Yu, Xue Ying, as well as his own people. They were flanked on all sides by a sizeable group of soldiers who were there for protection purposes!

It looked like a mighty army was marching off to battle from within Mountain Wu City.

"On this trip to the prefecture capital, everything lies in your hands," Patrol Master Guan said with a laugh.

"With His Highness Seventh Mei Yu, as well as Dong Bo, our Mountain Wu Star Field will surely get to put on a dazzling display this time around," the black-robed General Tu stepped in to say from not too far away. Some of them other World Deities following them also turned to chat amongst themselves.

Meanwhile, Xue Ying and the rest were much quieter by comparison. They were not in any position to boast about themselves.

"Hmph." That red-haired man with a half-mask snorted at the words of Patrol Master Guan, General Tu, and all those World Deities. All of the praise Xue Ying and Seventh Mei Yu were receiving served to build up a cold gaze in his eyes.

He glanced once toward the lone, arrogant, yet handsome teenager in white robes and then once at Xue Ying, laughing alongside his wife, Jing Qiu. His killing intent further increased in intensity at the sight of them.


Very soon, the group reached the space teleportation array outside Mountain Wu City, where the Deity soldiers responsible for it immediately busied themselves with greeting everyone who arrived. After all, amongst this group of people were the Starfield Patrol Master, the general of the stationed army, and various other World Deities—none of them beings they could possibly afford to offend.

Hua~ The space teleportation array activated.

The process caused the array to become swamp-like as space in the area seemingly solidified.

The other side of the array was now in clear sight.

Stretching before them was a towering metropolis,one significantly grander than Mountain Wu City. Its vastness was such that mountains surrounded it on all sides, and amidst the ranges were a large amount of planets. A single city occupied an area that could normally house dozens of planets! It was easy to see just how grand the whole place was.

"The prefecture capital." Everyone looking at the capital from afar, even the Patrol Master, drew back their auras.

The Calm Sea Prefecture Capital was the heart of an entire prefecture, of which there was a total of nineteen in the entire territory ruled over by the Bloodshed God Palace! The number of experts in the Calm Sea Prefecture was boundless like the clouds. When looking at it from that point of view, this group of theirs was insignificant.



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