Chapter 440: See-through
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A freezing atmosphere immediately descended upon the big hall.

The second prince, Luan Qi, and all the other heirs were shocked to witness such a scene. Even the rest of the top ten rankers, such as Drunk Guest or Seventh Mei Yu, each and every one of them was bewildered.

Not for a moment did they consider Xue Ying would have such a violent temper that he would immediately resort to violence against General Ying.

This Dong Bo, he was so humble and polite before that it would have been impossible to guess he would have such backbone. Despite my warnings about Ying’s background, he didn’t hesitate to hit him. It would seem Dong Bo might have a good temperament, but he’s not the sort of person you can recklessly insult, the second prince thought to himself, back on his high seat. He had clearly witnessed everything Xue Ying had done to General Ying.

The second prince gained a much clearer understanding of Xue Ying’s temperament from his previous actions. In the future, once Xue Ying reached a high standing in the Calm Sea Prefecture, the prince would find it much easier to deal with him being already aware of the other party’s temperament.

"You, you…" The silver-robed General Ying turned livid. Over the many years, had anyone ever dared to hit him before?

"Your mouth was too dirty, so I decided to thrash it about a little. I won’t pursue this matter any further, so just let it end like this, okay?" Xue Ying was still sitting calmly at his table. "General Ying, I hope you now understand that not everyone will sit still and take it while your provoke them through your actions."

By this point, General Ying was trembling in fury.

Truthfully, his True Deity Heart was very close to crumbling, and he was already somewhat crazy. In the end, Xue Ying’s slaps and his following sermon finally took him over the brink.

"What are the two of you doing just standing around?" General Ying turned his head to look at the gray-robed old man and another male attendant of his and shouted, "Go on and catch him for me! Catch that damned couple; I want to show them the consequences of offending me!"

"You’re telling us to act against him?" The grey-robed old man and the other male attendant were clearly hesitant.

The old man was a stage one World Deity, while the male attendant was only a peak Deity.

"Not only is he a participant in the Myriad Flower Feast, he actually took the top spot in the ranking battle…" The grey-robed old man was unsure how to proceed. His Majesty had already sent orders down to stop anyone from disrupting the Myriad Flower Feast.

"You piece of trash! I just ordered you to catch him, not kill him! What I told you to do was catch both of them. I may not be allowed to kill him, but his wife holds no official rank, nor did she participate in the Myriad Flower Feast. Go, go! You’ve already received your orders!" the silver-robed General Ying hollered.

Knowing that his young master had finally turned completely mad, the grey-robed old man didn’t dare to disobey him. He turned his head to look at Xue Ying.

Back in his seat right in front of General Ying’s entourage, Xue Ying calmly took another bottle of good wine and pour some for him. Only then did he spare a glance in their direction. This calm gesture sprouted a seed of admiration in the grey-robed old man heart. I have no choice but to move against him. The general won’t spare me if I hesitate any further.’



The old man immediately unleashed his deity domain, and then appeared before Xue Ying with a single step.

Watching this scene from his seat high above, the second prince creased his brows into a frown. An old man with a tall and skinny figure that served him was also coldly looking down on them when, all of a sudden, the palace hall covered by another, more powerful domain, in its entirety. This new domain sent even space itself in that area to the brink of collapse, and some faint particles could be seen flowing lazily all around it. Everyone could tell from a glance that the particles contained great power.

The grey-robed old man felt himself be bound. He would have likely been able to break free, but he was also well aware of the strength difference between him and the caster of that domain, so he could only look up towards the second prince.

"Lord Cang." The old man turned his vision towards the man to the second prince’s side. That person named Can Chun was the second prince’s butler. He was of the younger generation from Cang Shi Clan, a clan more powerful than the Long Shi Clan itself, since it had a powerful existence as their ancestor. Cang Chun had received great favor from Calm Sea Prefecture Master, having expressed his desire to forever serve Long Shi Clan even before becoming a third stage World Deity. The Prefecture Master therefore sent him to serve his second son instead.

"That’s quite enough." The second prince knit his eyebrows. "Brother Ying, Dong Bo took the top spot in the ranking battle. It’s already been ordered for anything pertaining to his person to be reported to the higher ups of the Bloodshed God Palace. With how you’re acting, are you perhaps seeking death of your own accord?"

"Second prince, are you sure you want to stand in my path?" The silver-robed teenager looked up at the second prince with the eyes of a lunatic, an action towards which the second prince could only feel disdain.

This one had really gone mad!

He had witnessed many Deities who had reached this stage before—they could no longer keep their True Deity Heart in check, and it would soon crumble. Unless he absolutely had to, he would never bother with this kind of lunatic. The banquet itself was a good example; he had not wanted to invite him, but was afraid that General Ying might show up even if he didn’t. It was impossible to predict the actions of lunatics like him.

"Yes. Of course I have to stop you," the second prince replied from his seat.

General Ying was stunned to hear such blunt words. The second prince rarely went hard on him, but if they really were to clash, General Ying would find himself in a difficult position; he had no way to win over the second prince.

"Stopping you now is also my way of helping you," the second prince explained. "Are you not aware that Dong Bo comes from the material world?"

"Material world? What does his coming from the material world have to do with this current matter? To have dared hit me… hmph hmph. How could I spare him after having suffered such disgrace?" General Ying said with a frown.

Second prince secretly cursed. This Dong Bo… I only asked him to endure so that I could stop General Ying in time before he became even more arrogant. Had Dong Bo not made his move, I could have easily solved this issue. But now.. This second Ying has gone completely off the rails.

His original plan was to act late so that Xue Ying would feel grateful towards him. He would only move once he felt that Xue Ying could no longer endure it any longer, but who could have known that Xue Ying would be so fast to resort to violence.

"He came from the material world, and has only cultivated for around two thousand years. Are you still unable to connect the dots?" The second prince sighed. "Brother Ying, Dong Bo is a Realm Lord! This body joining us here, at our banquet, is nothing more than an avatar. His original body still resides in the material world. Unless I’m mistaken, his wife’s real body is also still in the material world."

"He’s a Realm Lord, while his and his wife’s body are in the material world. What about it?" General Ying mindlessly retorted.

"Do you still not get it? This couple is not afraid of death in the least," the second prince shook his head as he explained. "Should you push them too far, they might just self-destruct. To them, that would be nothing more than losing an avatar; they could easily cultivate more. However, to nurture another avatar from the embryo stage to his current stage… I’m afraid he would not have enough time until the next battle.

"For the first ranker to be obstructed from joining the Myriad Flower Feast… His Majesty has already given strict orders in this regard. Should news of this reach higher up, the fault will be completely on you. You tell me, what would happen to you then?" the second prince asked.

General Ying was stunned at the revelation.

"On top of that, even your aunt and your father might be implicated in your crime," the second prince stated.

"Ah!" General Ying was startled. He glanced across the room in Xue Ying’s direction.

Still holding onto his wine goblet, Xue Ying lazily looked back.

This damned brat! He was actually hiding this kind of scheme. General Ying gritted his teeth.

Xue Ying inwardly praised, This second prince is pretty smart! He’s putting pressure on General Ying, while also explaining my true intentions to him.’

Even then, Xue Ying wasn’t afraid of General Ying in the least.


That was nothing more than a last resort, since doing that would still result in him losing an avatar!

In truth, Xue Ying understood the most fundamental part of this exchange. Other than himself, the one within the hall who wanted him unscathed most was the second prince himself!




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