Chapter 450: Bumpy
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Just three people were still fighting in the spherical cages suspended in the sky. They were none other than Xue Ying, Drunk Guest, and Jiu She.

Just a while ago, Xue Ying was having a very hard time and seemed to be the one to draw out first. At that point, four Xue Yings appeared without warning inside his cage. With them teaming up together, displaying the Star Meteor Annihilation, the black-scaled mutated beasts could do nothing but howl in grief. Xue Ying's bodies then followed up with Chaotic Suppression to smash the beasts directly apart.

With four of Xue Ying joining together, the beasts could no longer hope to dodge his attacks. In the blink of an eye, his cage emptied of beasts.


"Dong Bo is too formidable. His combat power has actually exploded so much!"

"He exterminated all the mutated beasts!"

Various spectators of different races let out a collective sigh at this sight. In their view, each mutated beast was easily strong enough to slaughter a huge group of peak Deities, yet Xue Ying was able to exterminate them nonetheless.

"I've heard that Dong Bo only cultivated for roughly two thousand years, yet look at how strong her is."

"My clan's ancestor has purchased a set of intelligence reports which stated that Dong Bo has only cultivated for 2,300 years, give or take a few. Despite the very short period of cultivation, his Mirage and Star Deity Hearts have both reached such a high level. The way I see it, he will likely manage to grasp a grade one Deity Heart within 10,000 years."

"He'll condense a grade one Deity Heart within 10,000 years? Doesn't that mean he will definitely become a personal disciple under a powerful existence?"

"That is hard to say! He has reached such a high realm after cultivating for just 2,000 years, but who can say that he won't get stopped here by a bottleneck for a few tens of thousands of years."

"Even if he doesn't manage a breakthrough with the Star Deity Heart, there's no chance that will be the case with his Mirage Deity Heart, right? No matter how I look at it, Dong Bo is very likely to grasp a grade one Deity Heart within 10,000 years."

Countless spectators were discussing amongst themselves.

Grade one True Meaning Transcendent?

They were no more than rumors or legends to the people…

After all, it was that rare for even one such existence to appear even after hundreds of millions of years. One of them showing up would send most powerful existences tumbling over to snatch them away, while any enemies they might have would stop at nothing to get rid of them as fast as possible.

The very next level of talent was that of grasping a grade one Deity Heart within 10,000 years! A relatively greater amount of people could accomplish this, compared to how many grade one True Meaning Transcendents there were. Opposing powerful existences would not ignore their reputations to deal with such people, and most of them would manage to become stage three World Deities in the end. Even of these people, only a small amount could become stage four World Deities. Such potential was enough to allow them easy entrance into the ranks of personal disciples under powerful existences, and they were worthy of the grooming and resources which powerful existences had at their disposal.

"He's this powerful?" Protected by a team of legion soldiers, the silver-robed General Ying spectated the battles. His expression was getting uglier by the second, and his eyes were showing signs of madness. "How…how is it that he only cultivated for only two thousand years, yet his Star Deity Heart and Mirage Deity Heart still have such accomplishments? He even has two different routes through which he can become a World Deity? What about me? Why am I unable to move a single inch forward?"

As he looked upward, his vision was starting to distort, and his True Deity Heart was starting to tremble.


"I am unwilling."


"I'll destroy him. Destroy him." General Ying's eyes were bathed in a blood-red glow, and his body was shivering.

The gray-robed old man's expression shifted as soon as he saw that. He immediately grabbed hold of General Ying, using a surging force of World Deity energy to seal the Deity energy in his body. In his condition, General Ying was unable to resist. He could only look with savageness toward the gray-robed old man behind him, speaking in a lowered voice, "Are you seeking death?"

"General Ying has turned mad again. Take him back," the gray-robed old man disregarded him and instead gave orders to the surrounding soldiers.

With the time for General Ying's True Deity Heart to crumble fast approaching, his aunt, the Venomous Ying World Deity, had ordered for him to be taken home as soon as he showed any signs of turning crazy. This would prevent him from losing her any reputation within the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital.


This group of soldiers rapidly brought him away.

Amidst the sea of spectators watching the battle, General Ying's group was merely a drop of water. In another corner, the Deities of the Xia Clan, including Jing Qiu, were watching the battle with great excitement.

"Dong Bo truly is formidable. Despite having cultivated for such a short period of time, he is able to surpass all the other Deities."


"He is, after all, the strongest Deity in the entire history of our Xia Clan."

The Purple Thunder Emperor, Emperor Yun Hai, and all the others were feeling a mixture of pride and excitement. Jing Qiu seemed to be simply smiling at this, but her eyes were very, very bright. Seeing her husband reach such heights, as his wife, there was no way she wouldn't be happy.


On the high platform.

"Hahaha…" The White Sand City Lord laughed in an exceptionally pleased manner. He stroked his beard upward-slanting beard and glanced toward the Venomous Ying World Deity to see her expression, which had turned quite ugly, and then turned to the others. "Fellow ladies and gentlemen, it would seem all of you were too early to become delighted. Did you really think that Jiu She could conceal his combat power, while Dong Bo couldn't? Hahaha…what do you think? You better just accept your losses wholeheartedly, right?"

"You're the one who's in a rush. The crucial point hasn't arrived yet." The Ink Cloud City Lord looked upward.

"Brother White Sand, aren't you also celebrating early?" Marshal Qin looked up too.

"Right, all three have yet to give up. It's too early to tell who will be second." The yellow-robed Venomous Ying World Deity was sneering on the outside, but her heart was bursting with anxiety.

Everyone could easily tell that the current situation within the spherical cages was most favorable for Xue Ying. All things considered, the three participants had started out quite similar in terms of combat power, but Xue Ying's had risen considerably once he started displaying the Mirage secret skill, Condensing Reality. With how fast he was killing the beasts, it was easy to tell that Xue Ying would rank first.

"Not good," King Rong Hai suddenly shouted.

"I admit defeat," Drunk Guest hollered from within one of the three spherical cages suspended in the sky.


He was sent back to the sky outside. He put his Deity sword back into its scabbard and lightly shook his head as he looked toward the other two cages, where battles were still undergoing. I've already displayed all my abilities. If I wish to improve any further, I must grasp hold of a grade one Deity Heart. I can't regret losing to those two. He continued on downward.

"Haha, Venomous Ying." The White Sand City Lord turned toward the yellow-robed woman as soon as he saw that. "We can't yet tell who will end up first or second. But the third place is already decided! It is occupied by none other than Drunk Guest! Is it not a pity that you betted on Dong Bo being third?"

The Venomous Ying World Deity showed a terrible expression. She sneered once and then refused to say anything more. Regardless of how thick her skin was, losing ten million Deity crystals still left her with a sullen heart.

"Jiu She's killing pace is also starting to slow down." The Ink Cloud City Lord and the others were frowning.

"Is White Sand really going to clean us up again?" Marshal Qin felt helpless too.

White Sand City Lord was stroking his beard in absolute delight while murmuring to himself, This little brother of mine is incredible. I set up the gambling match simply because I wanted to vent some frustration, but who would have thought that Dong Bo had still been concealing his strength during the ranking battle. That Mirage Deity Heart…his Mirage secret skill lets him condense three other mirage bodies. It probably won't take him more than ten thousand years to become a World Deity.

Back in the highest section of the suspended platform, the Calm Sea Prefecture Master and Monarch Mo Xue were also looking up at the battles.

"This Dong Bo truly has incredible potential. Such a pity that he had no good teacher to guide him," Monarch Mo Xue blurted out. "Just look at him! That Star Deity Heart secret skill he's using has such hilarious mistakes! His Mirage secret skill can form three bodies as powerful as the true body, which means it reached the limit, but that's nothing more than a waste of his talent. He's doing twice the work for half the result."

"What's this; are you distressed over something?" The Prefecture Master laughed.

"I'm looking at someone with great talent, who could clearly grasp hold of a grade one Deity Heart, yet he is walking along such a bumpy road. How could I not be distressed?" Monarch Mo Xue shook his head. "Think about that Mirage secret skill of his. The Mirage Deity Heart can be evolved into the World Deity Heart, but what does the World Deity Heart really represent? It's a Deity Heart that specializes most the aspect of domains. To transform the Mirage Deity Heart into a World Deity Heart, he should be spending most of his time focusing on that aspect. But what is he doing?

"He actually spent so much time on that desolate aspect of the mirage body. He might have trained it to the very limit, but it doesn't mean it was worth the effort." Monarch Mo Xue sighed.

"Hahaha… so you would like him to be your disciple but can't have him. Instead, you're just saying this stuff," the Calm Sea Prefecture Master teased.

"You're damn right about that. Forget the fact that my True Deity Heart is about to crumble, even without that obstacle, a stage four World Deity like me would never be able to snatch such a disciple." Monarch Mo Xue nodded with a sigh. "The path Dong Bo walks down might include so many hilarious mistakes, but he's still achieved this much. Should he succeed in getting a powerful existence as his teacher, he will be able to walk down a proper road at a much better pace. There's a huge chance he'll succeed in grasping a grade one Deity Heart in ten thousand years."

"That's true. Drunk Guest was taught by a powerful existence, so his sword techniques are moving along the path of the Splitting Heaven Deity Heart in a complete manner; he'll have a much easier time breaking through," the Calm Sea Prefecture Master said.

The way they saw it, for the Mirage Deity Heart to evolve into the World Deity Heart, Xue Ying should be proceeding along the primary road, the main path!

But he was instead pursuing the side path of the mirage body and even going along it to the very end! Despite being able to produce three mirage bodies, he would still find it tough to break through to condense a World Deity Heart even if he walked close to it. Still, with a powerful existence teaching him, they were still certain he would very likely grasp a grade one Deity Heart within ten thousand years.

"It's about to end." Monarch Mo Xue looked upward. "It seems that, from your Calm Sea Prefecture, Jiu She will be ranked first, Dong Bo will be second, and Drunk Guest third. They're all pretty good, so you'll be able to hold your head high during the Myriad Flower Feast."



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