Chapter 465: Refusal of the Three Ancestors

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Both Dong Bo and Seventh Mei Yu? Why am I not receiving any invitations? Jiu She was swelling with anguish and unwillingness.

At the same time, Seventh Mei Yu was conversing with Xue Ying. "Brother Dong Bo, I'm ashamed. I have yet to let you know…that I was actually cross-dressing as a guy."

"Hahaha, it's no wonder. I was well aware that Monarch Mother Whirlpool only ever accepts female disciples, and suddenly accepting a man would have been rather queer," Xue Ying sent back with a laugh. "On top of that, I'd already found out about Monarch Mo Xue being your father, which seemed rather strange. After all, Monarch Mo Xue is well known to have six daughters, so wouldn't it be quite strange for his seventh child to be a son?"

Seventh Mei Yu giggled.

She was truly happy.

In her heart of hearts, she had actually hoped to get a teacher formidable in terms of mentoring! She saw such an overprotective teacher as counterproductive to her cultivation, since it would cause other people to definitely maintain their distance from her; they'd stay away as soon as they heard about her being a disciple of Monarch Mother Whirlpool. While that might lead to less trouble, she would also lose lots of chances to train!

But as the daughter of Monarch Mo Xue, she knew that her father would likely be unable to hold on for much longer and would soon be sealing his memories to enter the cycle of reincarnation. The chances of someone reawakening their memories after reincarnations were truly pitiful. Once her father disappeared, all of his enemies would likely pass on their revenge to his progeny! When taking that into account, a teacher who would protect her and her sisters was actually the best choice.

She immediately transmitted message to her father, who greatly rejoiced at the news!

He truly hoped his daughter would become a disciple under this sort of powerful existence, but there were only very few such beings within the Bloodshed God Palace. One was Monarch Mother Whirlpool, and another was Forefather Fierce Tyrant, both of them coming from very thick backgrounds. The latter had once been the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master's mount and also was Pang Yi's brother. The Fierce Five of the Deity world were very united, seeing how they were the only five Deity world lifeforms who succeeded in becoming powerful existences. When someone dared to bully one of them, the others would not rest on their laurels.

Only such strong background supporters would give one the qualification to support their disciples to that degree!

"Jiu She!" A World Deity guard arrived under the blazing gazes of nineteen hundred Deity experts to pass over a command token to Jiu She, who received it while hardly managing to hide his excitement.

He glanced towards Dong Bo, Drunk Guest, and Seventh Mei Yu, all of them experts from the Calm Sea Prefecture, and then joyfully read the information inscripted into the command token.

As soon as he finished receiving that information, Jiu She turned towards Drunk Guest and politely said, "Gong Yu is willing to accept me as a disciple. Jiu She greets disciple brother."

Gong Yu had accepted him as a student, but only with the status of an inner disciple. Drunk Guest, on the other hand, was a personal disciple; this information had been known long before the Bloodshed God Palace Battle.

Drunk Guest frowned slightly before acknowledging with a hum. His impression of Jiu She was not favorable.

"Should disciple brother have any orders in the future, you only need tell me, and I, Jiu She, will definitely stop at nothing to accomplish it," Jiu She transmitted to Drunk Guest.

Xue Ying found it quite strange. Jiu She had been quite tyrannical and arrogant in the past, yet he was acting this docile in front of Drunk Guest. Despite the two of them having been transmitting messages, Xue Ying could still determine this to be so. Jiu She's unbelievable politeness and reverence was received by Drunk Guest as normal and without any of the original loathing.

He wanted to be arrogant before, and he was arrogant; but now that he wants to lower his head, he's actually doing that without a second thought? The speed at which this Jiu She changes faces is quite something. Xue Ying was impressed at how thick-skinned Jiu She was.

"Dong Bo." Another World Deity guard arrived with a command token, which Xue Ying summarily accepted.

Just moments later, another command token was sent over his way.

The sight of this left the other Deities feeling great envy and jealousy. They all wanted just one command token, only to see none come their way. Meanwhile, Xue Ying had already received five command tokens in total. Just how many powerful existences were there even in the Bloodshed God Palace? To think that five of them already took the initiative to invite him to become a disciple.

Xue Ying grabbed this latest silvery-white command token and read it over.

I am Fierce Tyrant! Dong Bo Xue Ying, I would like to take you in as a personal disciple. You might be aware that I'm not good in terms of teaching disciples, but what of the others? Gu Zang wants to accept you as disciple? That Gu Zang chap has always been independent and secretive, and he's completely impoverished; he owns no treasures to give you. Old Man Cave Swan wants to take you in? Heh, he doesn't have any backing, but has lots of enemies. He only decided to depend on the Bloodshed God Palace because of all those opponents he has! Or Monarch Qian Ju? He's too rigid, and you will definitely butt heads with him if you were to become his student. Left Palace Head? Not only is he antisocial and barely has any friends, he isn't even any good when it comes to his disciples. Your best bet would be to become my disciple. I, Fierce Tyrant, will never let any of my disciples be bullied!

Other than that, I also have an important treasure which I'm willing to give you. Hehehe, this is an item I've refined over many years, and I feel it's a perfect fit for you. I've even asked the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master to give you a chance to cultivate at his Violet Bamboo Sea! That's the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master's Violet Bamboo Sea…even his inner disciples may only ever visit it after many trials, while you could enter it at any point without having to wait for those trials. That is something I can grant you. Don't worry, I swear by my name of Fierce Tyrant that I am sincere to my disciples.

Come now, become my disciple! I can guarantee you will become the first stage four World Deity disciple of my future sect, and you might even succeed in becoming a powerful existence under my tutelage!

Xue Ying could not help but be stunned after reading through the message.

In four of the five total command tokens he received, the powerful existences sent very blunt messages.

They would only ever have one or two simple sentences, such as "I, Qian Ju, am willing to accept you as my personal disciple."

They had all taken on the same behaviour, seeing how powerful existences were generally proud and lofty. Liking a disciple did not mean they would pamper him! Even when teaching their disciples, most powerful existences would occasionally be very strict. They could send their disciples into life-or-death training while being too lazy to act themselves, and even if their disciples were to perish, they would only ever think that their combat power had not been sufficient. An overwhelmingly large amount of powerful existences acted this way!

This was the path that led to the most formidable of experts.

But there were also people like Forefather Fierce Tyrant, who would send a huge pile of messages alongside their command token, even trying to lower the value of the other powerful existences in the process.

Monarch Gu Zang? He might be low-key and not one to go out for adventures, and it was true that he was poor. But his teacher was none other than the Bloodshed God Emperor!

Forefather Cave Swan? He had many enemies indeed, and the reason he chose to depend on the Bloodshed God Palace was for protection. But he was also quite good at teaching his disciples.

Monarch Qian Ju? He was, as the message said, quite rigid, but he was also heavily depended on by the Bloodshed God Emperor. He was, in fact, the one to handle most matters in the Bloodshed God Palace. His influence was not to be disregarded.

The Left Palace Head? Despite being antisocial, arrogant, and asking much of his disciples, he was one of the better individuals at tutoring disciples.

Each choice came with its own merits, yet Fierce Tyrant had still ruthlessly tried to lower the value of the other four while taking out many benefits to attract Xue Ying.

In any case, Forefather Fierce Tyrant is, indeed, famous for being overprotective, and he is quite fond of his disciples. I could feel that even from the messages he sent with the command token, Xue Ying thought. His only shortcoming is his inability to properly teach his students.

Are these five all of my choices?

Xue Ying was still waiting for it.

He had yet to make a decision, mostly because he sought an invitation from the three ancestors and even dared to hope that His Majesty, the Bloodshed God Emperor, would accept him. Even one of the three ancestors accepting him would be a joyful matter.

As more time passed, there were now almost no powerful existences who sent over command tokens. A total of eight Deity experts had received command tokens, with Xue Ying alone having received five.


Back at the Myriad Flower Feast, Hui Ming and Forefather Scarlet Flame were observing the situation.

"Junior disciple brother has received command tokens from Monarch Gu Zang, Forefather Cave Swan, Monarch Qian Ju, the Left Palace Head, and Forefather Fierce Tyrant. None of the three ancestors sent out one." Hui Ming revealed a slight frown.

"None of the three ancestors are going to make a move?" Forefather Scarlet Flame shook his head inwardly.

It wasn't just these two; many of the powerful existences attending the Myriad Flower Feast, were quite observant as to which of the others were accepting disciples.

"Bamboo Mountain, aren't you going to accept a disciple?" said the ruler from Dark Abyss who was seated quite close to the Bloodshed God Emperor. He was towering in size and figure, and his two eyes were filled with boundless bloodthirst. As one of the rulers from the Dark Abyss with a very high status, similar to the Bloodshed God Emperor's in the Deity world, the number of friends within the Deity world and the Dark Abyss he had could be counted on one's fingers. Still, the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master was one of those friends, their relationship actually being quite deep.

Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master was quite the handsome gentleman. His eyes were narrow and long, sharp like a blade. In between his eyebrows was a crack filled with golden light. He smiled slightly. "Big Brother Ni Luo, I can't even take that final step despite my bitter cultivation sessions. Do you think I'm in any mood to teach a disciple?"

Seated at the highest spot in his crimson robes, the Bloodshed God Emperor's vision cut deep. He looked once toward the cold and arrogant Pang Yi who sat close to him. This man was none other than the leader of the Fierce Five of the Deity World. His cutting edge was hard to hide from the eyes of His Majesty and the others. Pang Yi had steadily built his great fame; very long in the past, when there were still few powerful existences around, Pang Yi was the most famous and terrifying lifeform of the Deity world. He had killed countless beings, and words of his tyranny spread across the Deity world and the Dark Abyss.

As time passed, however, Pang Yi became more reserved.

"My teacher doesn't want to accept student, while Bamboo Mountain has also refused to take one. Pang Yi, do you also not have any plans to take a disciple?" Bloodshed God Emperor looked downward with a hint of a smile.

"Mn. I've yet to perfect this cultivation technique of mine, so I prefer to not be distracted." Pang Yi nodded.

The Bloodshed God Emperor lightly nodded.

Listening to this conversation between Pang Yi, one of the three ancestors, and His Majesty, the other powerful existences were finally convinced. Even Forefather Scarlet Flame and Hui Ming in the distance felt rather disappointed at this. It seemed…that the three ancestors would not accept any disciples this time around.

Even this was considered normal.

It truly was too hard for any disciple to attract the attention of a being as powerful as the three forefathers.

"Attendant," the Bloodshed God Emperor suddenly spoke. In an instant, a World Deity guard who heard him speak moved closer and respectfully acknowledged his orders.

The Bloodshed God Emperor waved his hand to produce a single, blood-colored command token.



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