Chapter 470: A Thousand Years

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"Dong Bo Xue Ying."

It wasn't long after Hui Ming left that a World Deity guard arrived at Xue Ying's cavern dwelling. "I'm here on His Majesty's orders to tell you that you should hurry up and prepare. Once you're done, come to the Crimson Stone Courtyard along with your subordinates."

"We've already finished our preparations, so we can leave at any time." Xue Ying stood up. Indeed, Jing Qiu and the other Deities from the Xia Clan had long ago finished their business. Whatever few treasures they had were now safely inside their storage treasures, and they were all just waiting! After all, the abode of any inner disciple would be far different from that of some expert participating in the Myriad Flower Feast.

"Time to go then. Follow me." The World Deity guard nodded and brought everyone along.


Under his guidance, an unseen power enveloped the whole group as they rapidly traveled toward the Bloodshed God Palace.

The region covered by the palace was bigger than the Calm Sea Prefecture Capital, yet it only took them an hour or so of flight before they arrived at an isolate and peaceful courtyard, the entrance of which displayed two characters from the Deity world—Crimson Stone. These two words allowed this courtyard to faintly fuse with the enormous Bloodshed God Palace into a single entity that emitted a thick and undivided aura.

They entered the courtyard through the main gate and soon arrived at a cavern dwelling that occupied an area of about five kilometers and was relatively simple in design.

"Dong Bo Xue Ying, starting from today, this will be your cavern dwelling. Both you and your subordinates will live here," the World Deity guard said. "Someone will be sent over in the future to tell you about the detailed rules and regulations of the courtyard. My task is now complete, so I will be taking my leave."

"Thank you for the assistance." Xue Ying stood up to send the guard off. He was, after all, a stage three World Deity, likely one of the His Majesty's imperial guards.

"You should just wait here. I trust it won't be long until His Majesty calls you over." The World Deity guard smiled and left.

There were several attendants arranged to remain in the cavern dwelling, from whom they learned many of the rules of the place.

The Crimson Stone Courtyard was a place frequently visited by the Bloodshed God Emperor, as well as the location where all of his disciples were housed, so the rules of the courtyard were naturally strict! Honorary disciples, inner disciples, and personal disciples all had different places they were allowed to enter. To Xue Ying…many places were forbidden ground; he was not to enter any of these! As for Jing Qiu, Yun Hai, the Dragon Mountain Emperor, and the rest, there were even fewer places they could go. They could only ever traverse through the corridors and enter or leave through the backdoor!

"The inner disciples can have a hundred total personal guards, fifteen of which will be given entry ranks." The Dragon Mountain Emperor was reading through a golden book. He could not help but blurt out, "All of us added up don't even number a hundred. Doesn't that mean we can easily get the entry ranks?"

"Whether we get entry ranks or not doesn't really matter," the Purple Thunder Emperor said. "But the rules of the Bloodshed God Palace are extremely strict. As long as we don't randomly enter certain forbidden areas, we can actually access the majority of places. After all, there's nobody who would dare deliberately go against the rules. Also, there might only be fifteen entry ranks for the moment, and Xue Ying's personal guard may only have official ranks of the lowest order, but just wait until Xue Ying improves his cultivation further and graduates from his apprenticeship. Once he receives an official position, there'll be many more entry ranks granted to his personal guards."

Xue Ying laughed.

This was just one of the things he could do to improve the lives of the Xia Clan Deities.

"Disciple Brother Dong Bo, teacher asks you to go over to him," a cold voice entered from outside by means of transmission, likely that of a woman.

"I must leave now." Xue Ying stood up and walked out.

Outside his dwelling, he saw a gray-robed woman of ordinary appearance. The aura she put on full display, however, allowed Xue Ying to easily determine that she was a stage three World Deity.

"Disciple Brother Dong Bo, I am a fellow inner disciple of our teacher. My name is Gong Feng, but you can call me Disciple Sister Gong Feng," the gray-robed woman said.

"Disciple Sister Gong Feng," Xue Ying acknowledged her request.

The gray-robed woman walked alongside Xue Ying within the courtyard, and the two engaged in casual chatting. "Teacher rarely ever accepts students during the Myriad Flower Feast. The majority of the disciples he did accept are from various other places. Whenever he would see someone he liked, he would receive them as disciples. For him to have taken you as a disciple under the observation of so many powerful existences means that teacher certainly likes you a lot. Of all the inner disciples within this courtyard today, I am the oldest, which is why teacher often hands many matters for me to arrange! If there's anything you need, you can come over and find me."

"Thank you, Disciple Sister," Xue Ying said.

"It's just a minor matter." The gray-robed woman laughed, bringing Xue Ying along into a different courtyard.

This new courtyard had a large lake with many aquatic plants within, and it was by the side of this lake that the crimson-robed Bloodshed God Emperor was sitting cross-legged. His big robes extended to the ground, and his eyelids were drooping. Yet, he was emitting an unseen aura that seemed to pacify the entire courtyard. On his shoulder was a rather unique-looking black bird. The bird's feathers were of a deep black, but if one were to look more carefully at them, these feathers seemed to be shimmering with unremarkable colorful lights.

"Teacher," the gray-robed woman bowed and greeted the man. "I have brought Disciple Brother Dong Bo."

"Greetings, teacher." Xue Ying joined in from the side with a respectful greeting.

The expressions on the Bloodshed God Emperor's face were hard to predict, mostly due to an endless feeling of darkness and destruction which dispersed all around him. Even though he was simply sitting cross-legged, Xue Ying still felt like no more than an ant standing before an enormous dragon, billions of kilometers long. He gave off that sort of oppressive feeling.


The Bloodshed God Emperor's drooping eyelids suddenly opened wide, and two rays of light shot out from his eyes and right into Xue Ying's.

Hong hong hong…

An overwhelming amount of information began to surge into his mind.

The World Deity Heart is all-encompassing; the same way the river flows into the sea… A world-shaking voice began resounding within Xue Ying's mind. There was simply too much information, complete with huge amounts of battle scenes and recorded movements. What they displayed was a warrior holding onto a spear in battle.

Voices, scenes, words…

Boundless amounts of information.

Half the time it took to brew a cup of tea later, Xue Ying finally regained his consciousness and woke up. His face clearly displayed his truly joyous mood which stemmed from him knowing that he had just received truly detailed guidance. This information that had just been sent was split into two parts, one focused on the World Deity Heart, the other on the Chaotic Deity Heart.

"Thank you, teacher," Xue Ying hurriedly expressed his gratitude.

"You have hope to grasp both the World and the Chaotic Deity Hearts. Cultivate properly, and don't let yourself fall into laziness by any means," the Bloodshed God Emperor indifferently stated as he waved his hand, causing two black command tokens to appear, which flew right over to Xue Ying.

Xue Ying quickly took them and gave them a good look.

The two tokens had the numbers 351 and 95 imprinted on them respectively.

"These are your tokens for the Sealed World Pagoda," the Bloodshed God Palace freely explained. "By holding onto these two tokens, you may visit both the 95th and the 351st level worlds and cultivate there! These two worlds will prove beneficial in your quest to grasp the World and Chaotic Deity Hearts. Alright, you may go back now."

"Yes." Xue Ying was feeling rather awkward in his heart. This was their first actual meeting, yet they had not exchanged more than a few sentences before he was asked to leave. The Bloodshed God Palace truly had a tyrannical way of teaching.

Xue Ying immediately stood up, turned around, and then quickly left the courtyard.

He gave me two Sealed World Pagoda command tokens?

Xue Ying was quite happy with this outcome. Having already discussed with his Eldest Disciple Brother, Hui Ming, for quite some time, he knew that inner disciples would usually only acquire a single command token for the Sealed World Pagoda! It was a very good sign that he had received two on his very first meeting with his teacher.

In his mind, Xue Ying was beginning to comprehend a great many things from just a glance. The Bloodshed God Emperor's guidance…was indeed much more formidable than Monarch Mo Xue's.

The Bloodshed God Emperor remained seated back in the courtyard with his eyes closed.

"Bloodshed," the black bird on his shoulder suddenly spoke., "Gagaga, isn't this rare. You've given an inner disciple two Sealed World Pagoda command tokens straightaway? Do you regard him that highly?"

"Mn." The Bloodshed God Emperor indifferently responded.

"How long do you think he'll need to grasp a grade one Deity Heart, then?" the black bird inquired.

"A thousand years or so. With my guidance combined with the help provided by the Sealed World Pagoda, as well as his comprehension ability, he should be able to grasp a grade one Deity Heart within a thousand years. He'll likely comprehend the World Deity Heart first, with the Chaotic Deity Heart following behind after a while longer," the Bloodshed God Emperor said indifferently. His eyelids lifted ever so slightly as he looked toward the gray-robed woman who served him. "Gong Feng."

"Disciple is here," the gray-robed woman respectfully acknowledged.

"For the next thousand years, send him a Nine-Fruit every single year," the Bloodshed God Emperor ordered. "Go now."

The gray-robed woman was slightly startled.

Nine-Fruit? Only the disciples His Majesty truly liked would ever receive such a gift. Nine-Fruit was a type of unique fruit wine made from eight different kinds of spirit fruit. It was very precious and rare.

"Yes," the gray-robed woman replied and then left.

"Gagaga! Bloodshed, you're giving him some Nine-Fruit every single year. If he doesn't succeed within a thousand years, won't you end up losing face?" the black bird joked.

"I won't be wrong," the Bloodshed God Emperor indifferently replied.

After the gray-robed woman heard the the conversation between the Bloodshed God Emperor and the black bird, she let out an inward sigh. Her teacher truly regarded this disciple of his highly.



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