Chapter 510: Action
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Monarch Cang Yong's vision landed on the distant Eastern Region City's space teleportation array. As he did so, countless grayish streams of light appeared in mid-air and enveloped the soldiers responsible for guarding the array. Everyone who fell under its effect was terrified to find that they were completely unable to struggle free from the streams. The streams then moved on to permeate the teleportation array, digging out its complex foundation from within.

The teleportation array should now be temporarily disabled. With a step, Monarch Cang Yong crossed a very long long distance to arrive right above Eastern Region City.

The city was surrounded by a meandering river stretching over half a trillion kilometers. In a way, it seemed to be protecting the city.

Monarch Cang Yong took a look at the entire place.

More of the gray streams of light appeared and spread in every direction outside the vast Eastern Region City, vaguely forming an immensely complex array. In the meanwhile, Monarch Cang Yong threw out two array plates which tore through space to appear in two different locations within Eastern Region City. The two plates became the two focal points of the enormous array, causing its overall power to increase explosively.

Even if Calm Sea Prefecture Master does come, the array will keep him busy for a while. Monarch Cang Yong was being extremely vigilant, having gone as far as to prepare the two array plates before coming.

As a stage four World Deity, Monarch Cang Yong's World Deity domain was truly sprawling. IN fact, its area of effect was larger even than the entire Eastern Region City! The countless Deities within the city could not perceive that they had been enveloped, while the soldiers responsible for the teleportation array were currently trapped and restricted. Their True Deity Hearts had been sealed, preventing them from reporting the situation. As a result, even though the starry sky outside of Eastern Region City had already been shrouded by a terrifying sealing array, the city itself continued operating as per usual.

Back in the supervisor envoy residence, garbed in her dark blue robes, Jing Qiu was currently standing by the side of a lake, brewing fruit wine. The aroma of the wine diffused out from the mouth of the wine flask. At the sight of this, a portion of the soldiers within the residence, including the attendants, were muttering inwardly. The madame of the house was very rarely seen entering closed-doors cultivation. How can she be like this? Does she not wish to become a World Deity? The lifespan of any given Deity is limited, and she wouldn't be able to accompany His Highness for a long period of time!

While the subordinates and attendants might have been muttering inwardly, none of them dared call her out on this matter.

Xue Ying had once mentioned that Jing Qiu briefly explained this issue to him before, saying that her true body was diligently cultivating back in her hometown while the avatar was simply experiencing the world. The avatar would relax, and the true body would cultivate. Xue Ying quickly discovered that his wife was telling the truth. Her true body was indeed frequently cultivating in a time-accelerated environment, but he still found it strange that her avatar would be so carefree. Could it be true that such a regime was beneficial to one's cultivation?

According to Xue Ying's knowledge, it was only when an expert reached a bottleneck that more bitter cultivation would become useless. At that point, they would have to experience the world and seek opportunities to actually break through.

But Jing Qiu was just a Deity; she was far off from reaching any bottleneck!

"Mn?" Jing Qiu suddenly looked up toward the sky. Her normally warm eyes now showed a strand of cold intent. Monarch Cang Yong? He actually arrived in person and even set down an array! Xue Ying did nothing more than kill his subordinate's avatar, which means he didn't even truly die. To think that he'd overlook that fact completely!


Monarch Cang Yong had placed down a vast array to seal the large region occupied by the Eastern Region City. Any outsiders who tried to step in would have to first bypass the obstacle he set down.

"Hmph, Dong Bo Xue Ying." As soon he finished setting up the arrays, Monarch Cang Yong readied himself for action.

"Cang Yong!"

A cold voice sounded.

Monarch Cang Yong was stunned. He saw a boundless white stream of light shooting up into the sky from within the Eastern Region City below, coming up meet him on an equal level. Upon reaching him, he saw that the stream of light was actually a girl garbed in silvery-white clothing and wearing a mask. Her long silver hair was charming to behold as it flowed down smoothly all the way down to her legs. Her entire figure was emitting an extremely frightening icy aura.

"Mn?" Monarch Cang Yong looked at the white-robed girl wearing a mask in puzzlement. She's a Deity? How can she only be a Deity?

As she had flew up to him at terrifying speed, he had begun to feel a vague sense of threat coming from the girl, which meant she had to be a stage four World Deity! However, she now seemed to only be a Deity? The aura she emitted really was no higher than the Deity realm.

"Who are you?" Monarch Cang Yong frowned. He should have been able to recognize all of the stage four World Deities found in the Deity world, but for the moment, he could not discern the girl's identity.

"Cang Yong, you've sent over an assassin who killed one of Dong Bo's commanders, while your subordinate lost no more than his avatar. Considering that, you still came here in person?" The white-robed girl with silver hair was standing in mid-air. At the same time, a freezing-cold air began to condense in the void covering an area of half a trillion kilometers above Eastern Region City. In fact, the air was so cold that it took on a form that could be perceived with the naked eyes. Even space itself began to freeze.

It was terribly cold, the sort of freezing temperature that could seep into the bones! Monarch Cang Yong vaguely detected the frost entering his body. The surrounding space in that half a trillion kilometers wide area simply froze.

The white-robed girl with silver hair appeared to be the overlord of this region. She stared at Monarch Cang Yong. "You should leave."

"You want me to leave? You think you're enough to force me away? This avatar of yours is restricted to the Deity realm, having yet to be promoted to the World Deity realm; do you really think you'll be able to stop me with just this?" Monarch Cang Yong's figure suddenly grew dramatically in size to become a towering figure. While he could not compare to the the size of the entire Eastern Region City, he was much bigger even than the capital of any normal starfield. A row of bony spear protruded from the back of his enormous figure, and he emitted a cruel aura.

"Get lost." Monarch Cang Yong waved his enormous hand in an attempt to grab the girl, his five fingers bending at the joints.


In the distance,the girl simply stood there, looking at the hand so huge it could blot the sky come toward her. However, in a flash, a great number of icy sword lights flew out from her body. On one side, the sword lights were fierce and exceptional, but on the other, they were gentle and fleeting. They immediately went on to meet the huge incoming hand. Hong long long. An enormous bang resounded as they clashed. The impact even forced the towering Monarch Cang Yong to take a step back, while the sword lights were shattered in the aftermath.

"It's Her Highness, then. I had heard you were long dead, so I'm quite surprised to see that you instead broke through to stage four realm! To reveal yourself so brazenly, that's quite the daring more!" Monarch Cang Yong's hands grabbed hold of two bone spears from his back and went on another frantic assault. "You're nothing more than a new stage four World Deity, and you do not have a blood-refined Deity warrior, or a World Deity domain. How do you even plan to stop me?"

Hong long long~

If it meant getting his hands on the relic, Monarch Cang Yong would not show any mercy to his opponents. For an moment, the whole sky started to crumble and the earth to crack. The pair of enormous bone spears seemingly imbued with abnormal power struck out.

"Delaying you for a while isn't too difficult. The Calm Sea Prefecture Master is going to arrive soon in any case!" the white-robed girl coldly replied.

"It won't matter even if does come. As for you, you won't be able to stop me." Monarch Cang Yong was truly cruel. With the array seal he placed outside, it would not be easy for anyone barge in.

Within the underground palace of the supervisor envoy residence, back when Xue Ying first probed the black sphere…

How exactly is this treasure even supposed to be used? Xue Ying had even probed the object with his consciousness, thoroughly investigating and pondering its secret, but for the moment, he failed to understand anything about it. However, once he sent his World Deity energy into the black sphere, the uneven veined patterns on its surface began to release a bright light which brightened the entire void.

What ended up forming was a truly mystical and complex three-dimensional image.

This is…?

Xue Ying was astonished by the sight of this truly mystical three-dimensional image. It was incomparably more complex than the uneven patterns previously investigated; it truly was a solid, three-dimensional image projected in mid-air and visible to the naked eye. Looking at it, Xue Ying fell in a daze.

It truly was complex and mystical. The various sorts of profound mysteries of the laws it contained were unfathomable.

As a cultivator, Xue Ying could not help but immerse himself in the image. After he begun comprehending its secrets, he felt himself finally understand and experience a certain something…



A mysterious spherical illusion appeared behind Xue Ying, giving off the sense that it was both very big and very small at the same time. It could not be measured through approximations done by means of spacetime, and it felt like the beginning of all myriad existences, as well as the end of all laws.

Xue Ying opened his eyes with the spherical illusion of extremity still behind his back.

I didn't even have to ponder and focus on the secrets of this treasure before enlightenment actually struck me, allowing me to break through and comprehend the Extremity Deity Heart. Xue Ying revealed a grin. I am now finally a stage three World Deity! And I've become one much faster than I initially expected!




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