Chapter 525: Emperor Heavencloud

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The two finished looking at the characters left behind by Zhen Yun, though they learned nothing new in the process.

Xue Ying then turned to the characters in the middle. "Like Zhen Yun before me, I, Chen Yu Tian, am stuck as a stage four World Deity. The Lake Heart Island ruins are supposed to be either the best of the second-best ruins in the entire Deity world, and I am certain that there will be opportunities here that can help me break through.

Reading up to that point, Xue Ying looked to Jing Qiu beside him. She softly said, "I've never heard of him."

"Neither have I. I'm afraid he also failed," Xue Ying replied, then immediately raised his head and continued reading through. The handwriting continued on the back as such, "I've cultivated to this point, yet I still cannot seem to take that final step. My True Deity Heart has already become unsteady, and it is not far from crumbling. There's not much I have to regret about my life, and I have at the very least lived splendid and free ten billion years. I've done whatever my heart has ever wised. After living in this residence for a very long time, I've discovered a secret. I trust that there are no more than a few powerful existences in the Deity World who are aware of this matter, but not one of them would ever be willing to divulge it to others. My life will soon be gone, so I will record the secret here for a fated person to learn.

"The secret is as follows: in the surroundings of the Lake Heart Island float more over a hundred million nearly indestructible meteorites, so tough that even someone like His Majesty, the Bloodshed God Emperor, is unable to damage them. These meteorites are so sturdy precisely due to the material that they are made up, something known as Calamity Stone Essence!"

Xue Ying was stunned speechless.

Calamity Stone Essence?

This rare material was not the slightest bit inferior to Demon Bone Ash. It was rumored that places which went through great calamities would have a chance of spawning Calamity Stone Essence. Normally, it was only found in the form of a fine powder, and each time it was seen, the amount was exceedingly tiny. However, Calamity Stone Essence was truly known to be indestructible, so it was mixed into weapons as they were forged; it one of the greatest materials for refining weapons. Just five hundred grams of Calamity Stone Essence went for about sixty million deity crystals. On top of that, the material could only be obtained through chance encounters!

"To say that all of these meteorites that are thousands of kilometers in diameter are all made up of Calamity Stone Essence… This Lake Heart Island is known to have more than a hundred million of these meteorites which form a gigantic array." Xue Ying didn't dare to believe it.

Xue Ying continued parsing the written description.

"While the material is known as indestructible, there's nothing that can truly resist the test of time. The Lake Heart Island is surrounded by a vast and mighty layer of flowing water which has been unceasingly battering the meteorites since time immemorial, with the undercurrent crashing into them over and over again. One year, ten years, a hundred years. A hundred million years, one billion years, ten billion years… Even a firmer material would eventually be worn away. After being battered over an endless amount of time, some cracks formed in the outer layers of the meteorites. These cracks accumulated, bit by bit, and some pieces of them eventually broke off. The pieces that broke off would sometimes weigh fifteen hundred to twenty-five hundred grams, and other times even five or ten thousand grams. They are incredibly valuable.

"Furthermore, by my judgment, these Lake Heart Island meteorites have not actually been formed through a natural process. Instead, it was the creator of the Lake Heart Island who, by unimaginable techniques, set up the terrifying formation array. This array actually draws in the energy of the world to produce the meteorites, essentially creating Calamity Stone Essence out of nothing. Such a method is simply unfathomable. Since the meteorites here are eternally nourished by the energy of the world, they will continue growing ever larger even if they end up receiving some damage.

"This is all because of the formation array exists! Although the Lake Heart Island ruins have been around even before the creation of the Deity world, they are still completely intact."

Xue Ying couldn't help but let out a gasp of shock upon reading this description. Using a formation array to condense and create Calamity Stone Essence? And it had already formed no fewer than a hundred million meteorites already?

"We'll have to go check it out in a bit," Jing Qiu said. She then looked towards the last set of character on the wall which left her just as startled. "Look, Xue Ying. These are Emperor Heavencloud's words."

Xue Ying also looked over.

Emperor Heavencloud was also a stage four World Deity, but he was a very famous one amongst them. He was, after all, a grade one True Meaning Transcendent as well as a Realm Lord! He was well-known for his valiant might. At first he was no more than the personal disciple of an ordinary powerful existence, but he then came across a fortuitous encounter which gave him access to a mysterious absolute art. Using it, he slaughtered and fought, spreading his name far and wide.

At that point, the Myriad God Palace Master took a fancy to him, causing him to appear in person before him and giving Emperor Heavencloud the chance to become a disciple for a second time, this time under of the Myriad God Palace Master himself who provided him with careful guidance.

At that point, the Heavencloud Emperor began to soar even higher. He eventually obtained two absolute arts which complemented each other, raising his combat strength to an exceedingly high level! He was still a stage four World Deity he gained the great achievement of having killed a powerful existence in a head-on fight. This was simply an inconceivable matter. Even if his name was already two hundred billion years old, his fame was simply enormous, and it natural that both Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were aware of such an incredible character.

However, Emperor Heavencloud seemed to have always been fighting and slaughtering his way through life since birth.

He once had found a woman whom he truly loved. She was also a stage four World Deity, but she had died at the hands of the Overlord of Destruction, one of three ancestors of the Bloodshed God Palace. Emperor Heavencloud was overcome with hatred. With his identity as a Realm Lord, there was nothing that could threaten his life, so he embarked on a quest to defeat the Overlord of Destructing. At the start, the fight was very bitter, and his avatar would be killed time and time again! Every time, however, he would simply recreate his avatar in the material world and then send it out to attack again.

He was killed so many times, yet with each battle, his strength would increase further and further.

As a stage four World Deity, his strength was already approached that of the three ancestors. Of course, he never reached a point where he was truly comparable to them. In all of history, there was only one figure who could become as powerful as the ancestors as a stage four World Deity—the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master.

Emperor Heavencloud and the Overlord of Destruction were engaged in a bitter fight.

Eventually, the Bloodshed God Emperor appeared in an attempt to broker peace, but even this had led nowehere.

Emperor Heavencloud refused to show anyone face, and his master, the Myriad God Palace Master, was also defending him.

At that time, he caused a sensation in the entire Deity World, leaving many powerful existences in fear of him. They were afraid of the outcome a fight against such a madman would have.

However, he was said to have failed his attempt to break through to become a powerful existence, and word of him quickly stopped spreading. He disappeared without a sound.

"I did not expect that this evildoer who fought against the heavens and the earth, and even battled the Overlord of Destruction for an endless amount of time, would have also lived here for any stretch of time." Xue Ying began reading through the characters on the wall.

"For a part of my life, I, Heavencloud, have had countless grudges and killed many who stood in my path. Whomever I disliked, I would fight and kill as I saw fit, and I was extremely content with that life. At some point, I came across Qiu Lan, the true love of my entire life. However, that old thief Destruction destroyed everything. I promise here that I will behead him, even if he is the master of the Bloodshed God Emperor himself! Hahaha… That old thief Destruction is a cowardly figure. Afraid for his future, he unexpectedly pleaded his own disciple, the Bloodshed God Emperor, asking him for a Karma Fire Flower. His plot caused an endless amount of karma to fall upon me.

"But even if he'd placed a greater amount of karma on me, should I really care?

"I have confidence that my Dao Heart will break through any obstacle.

"I have single-mindedly cultivated inside this residence, waiting for an opportunity in the formation array core within this very meteorite. With the help of the meteorite formation array core, I was able to sense the entire vast array of the Lake Heart Island. I have been studying it for years beyond count, and I've learned much. I now have the confidence to use force and break through the laws. Once my comprehension reaches a high enough level, and my Dao Heart becomes strong enough, I will break through the fetters of karma and become a powerful existence.

"My message ends here, with a pledge: I will use my life to end this fight! My True Deity Heart might now be on the verge of collapse, but the more I approach the final moment, the more I feel that it is time for me to struggle free of these fetters and transcend.

"Failure means death.

"I must succeed, and I will succeed. At the core of the meteorite formation array, I have constructed a pavilion. Those from later generations should be able to find it.

As they finished reading the words, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu exchanged a glance.

"To think that one of the three ancestors, the master of the Bloodshed God Emperor, the Overlord of Destruction, would actually use the Karma Fire Flower of legends just to plot against Emperor Heavencloud." Jing Qiu sighed. "In spite of his incredible status, he did not dare fight a head-on-battle, and neither did he dare wait for Emperor Heavencloud to become a powerful existence, deciding to rather plot against him. News of this has never spread through the Deity World before."

Xue Ying could sense a heaven-shattering violence in those words. He could vaguely relate to this dazzling character who had lived two hundred billion years before him. Even at a time when his True Deity Heart was on the verge of collapse, his Dao Heart remained so firm. That truly was formidable.

It was a pity… a pity that he had been ruined. Otherwise, after he became a powerful existence he would have had boundless prospects.

"The Overlord of Destruction is still teacher's master," Xue Ying said. "Emperor Heavencloud might have been a dazzling when he was still alive, but as soon as he perished, his fame vanished like smoke in thin air. The reason these news never spread is likely that teacher and the Myriad God Palace Master reached some kind of compromise after negotiation.

"Ai, what a pity." Taking one last glance at the words, Xue Ying shook his head.

The Overlord of Destruction belonged to his faction, but Xue Ying couldn't help but sympathize more with Emperor Heavencloud.

Emperor Heavencloud's Dao Heart could not be shaken, and his will to fight remained steady even in his last hour. However, Xue Ying, as a member of the later generations, was very clear that Emperor Heavencloud had ultimately failed.




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