Chapter 533: Many-legged Beast

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As she walked along the icy-cold cavern passage, Jing Qiu could not help but blurt out, "Xue Ying, were we not too blind by taking this trip inside the ruins of Lake Heart Island? Our combat power is quite a bit weaker than the norm, and we even entered through a lesser-known cavern that not many cultivators use. Our companions, Armadillo Jade and Fu Qiong, have both already died, and had it not been for Monarch Armadillo Jade's aid, we would not have even managed to get to this point."

"I understand your concern, but we've already come so far, so there's no point in overthinking it." Xue Ying waved his hand to store the treasures and weapons left behind by Monarch Armadillo Jade, and continued speaking, "Both of us have long since prepared ourselves, mentally speaking. Both Brother Armadillo Jade and Brother Fu Qiong were prepared to die ever since they entered. Furthermore, if we refused to enter through this desolate cavern tunnel, did we even have the choice to take a safer route? The Nine Yang Palace Head is most likely paying close attention to such passages."

"Mn." Jing Qiu lightly nodded. "This place is relatively close to where father hid the true god weapon. I hope we can arrive there safely."

Xue Ying nodded.

Prior to his coming here, Xue Ying, as a stage three World Deity who cultivated the "Luminous Sun" absolute art to the third boundary and whose combat power would be seen as high even amongst stage four World Deities, was quite satisfied with himself. He was strong enough to be seen as an overlord-level figure in the vast Deity world! However, this trip saw him entering some of the most dangerous ruins in the entire Deity world. Only those with powerful existence-level combat power could feel relatively safe as long as they didn't leave the more ordinary regions.

As soon as they arrived, the two had stumbled across Emperor Heavencloud corpse. Afterwards, as they proceeded through the cavern, they had been attacked time and time again. It was mostly Monarch Armadillo Jade who had held the team together during that time! All of these experiences left Xue Ying feeling truly inadequate, and gave him a clearer sense of the fact that his power left him still in the lower rung, when compared to the true peak powers of the entire Deity world.

Even then, reaching that lowest level was still a source of pride! After all, this level meant his combat power was not insignificant. Even passing the initial layer of the silvery-white enormous sphere was incredibly difficult, after all.

"We're not far from our destination. Let's keep moving," Xue Ying said.

The two turned into streams of particles, flying at high speed through the rest of the cavern passage.


Roughly five million kilometers away from them, two black-armored creatures were currently resting in a narrow space inside the mountain. One was a black-armored flood dragon, the other a many-legged beast wearing a similar set of black armor.

"This time around, the team was quite weak. There was an expert who had an extremely powerful secret survival technique that was quite a bit harder to deal with, but the other three were all average," the many-legged creature muttered, its voice reverberating through the narrow space. "Two have already died, and the only ones remaining are the two weakest ones. Big brother, what should we do? Should I go, or are you going to do it? If you decide to act, big brother, you would kill them so easily."

"Very few outsiders come in through that region, and it was only once a team enters that we finally wake up again." That flood dragon's golden eyes were looking in the distance. His vision seemed to pass through any obstacle, since he was looking straight at the couple currently fleeing through the tunnel. "Their luck must be pretty pitiful; they actually arrived at the Blazing Blood Door by accident. I feel like it must have frightened them greatly, and I'm starting to doubt that there will be more teams entering our passage in the future."

"The Blazing Blood Door… they might have discovered the strangeness of that place. Who knows, they might deliberately come back to investigate it after their combat power becomes stronger," the many-legged beast said.

"That would also make sense." A glimmer of interest appeared in the flood dragon's eyes. "Since their combat power is so weak, you should be the one to go! Take your time and get rid of them, one after the other. At the very least, your combat power shouldn't leave them shaking in terror."

"Yes, big brother." The many-legged beast in black armor immediately left. Its ten legs stepping across the void, the creature smashed into the wall by its side before passing into it.

The black-armored flood dragon was just watching this happen.

In its eyes, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were simply too weak. If it were the one to act instead, it would frighten Xue Ying and his wife too much.

"For them to enter Lake Heart Island with that combat power…" The flood dragon shook its head.


Xue Ying and his wife were flying along at high speed, albeit much slower than what Monarch Armadillo Jade could achieve. The many-legged beast wearing black armor was hiding in the dark, stealthily crossing the mountain to approach the couple. It wasn't long before it chased up to them, neither of the two having sensed anything. They could not be blamed for this; they were ultimately too tender.

While Xue Ying was merely a stage three World Deity at the moment, Jing Qiu herself had only just become a stage four World Deity not too long ago. She could only depend on the remnant fragment of the"Heart Sword Diagram", and the small bit she understood of it to gain her current combat power. Her skill in scouting, survival, and other similar aspects was even lower.

As such, in spite of the incoming danger, they were entirely unalerted.


The black-armored many-legged beast suddenly charged out from the mountain wall.

The luminous sun force spread through the surroundings enveloped the black-armored beast within moments, impairing its movements, while Xue Ying and Jing Qiu had both taken to evading the attacks and using their weapons to parry what they could not dodge.

Dong. The scarlet cloud spear struck lower body of the many-legged beast with incredible velocity, lifting it off the ground and sending it flying backwards. However, just as it began to tumble, the beast's body began increasing in size, and it sent out its ten legs to grabb the mountain walls and the ground surrounding it. Within moments, the layer of ice covering everything shattered, and its body stabilized.

Hou~ With a low growl, the black-armored beast's figure began emitting a dazzling gold light, so bright that Xue Ying and Jing Qiu could no longer see their surroundings clearly. However, by through the use of his luminous sun force, Xue Ying could still infer the position of his opponent.

"Die." Xue Ying's hand sent his Scarlet Cloud Spear out in a thrusting motion and within moments, three separate spear shadows appeared.


The first strike seemed ordinary at first, but a huge amount of power began accumulating to accompany it.

The second strike caused the surrounding space to distort.

And the third strike was focused completely on a single spot so incredibly small that it was essentially a point! Naturally, the feeling of this strike being extremely feeble only lasted for a moment since it was immediately followed by an eye-piercing light!

Its brightness truly was overwhelming!

Even the figure of the many-legged beast which seemed supremely bright and fierce just moments ago now was turned dim by comparison once Xue Ying unleashed his attack. A small circle surrounding the spearhead was filled with a perfect void of darkness, while its exterior displayed an eye-piercing brightness.

This was Xue Ying strongest killing move, Destruction.

After he witnessed Emperor Heavencloud's corpse, Xue Ying's understanding began to transform. Quickly afterwards, he discovered that the countless meteorites, more than a hundred million of them, surrounding Lake Heart Island formed a terrifying array diagram, which gave Xue Ying a chance to increase his comprehension regarding the aspect of destruction. At that time, Xue Ying's avatar and his true body back in the Crimson Rock Mountain of Xia Clan world was similarly injured by means of his True Deity Heart!

Using these opportunities, Xue Ying's true body had used these eleven years travel through the outer icy layer to reconstruct his Destruction secret skill from the ground-up within the hundred times accelerated environment of Crimson Rock Mountain! He had even been through multiple life-or-death encounters within these very caverns of the Lake Heart Island, enlightening Xue Ying and allowing his secret skill to improve even further. While it was still far from approaching the ancient array in complexity, the minor part he could unleash was enough to grant it the position of Xue Ying's most powerful skill.

Dong! The spearhead smashed right against the black-armored beast's head. In response, the beast took on an extremely savage expression, glaring at Xue Ying. This was the first time it spoke to the two: "There actually exists a stage three World Deity who can hurt me? Unfortunately for you, even powerful existences can't kill me."

Having arrived at this juncture, Xue Ying felt his heart start to grow cold.

The defensive ability of this black-armored monster was supreme, rendering even his most powerful killing move useless. What could he do now?

Hua. This black-armored many-legged creature's ten legs stepped on the void. Its body was moving in an extremely quick and unpredictable manner as it neared Xue Ying.

An enormous sword array diagram suddenly appeared some distance away—Jing Qiu had just taken action.


The black-armored beast found itself unable to dodge the attack, so it was forced to use its body to forcibly resist it. This strike had only managed to stop it momentarily, and it was not long before it leapt forward again. This jump brought it to a speed close 300,000 kilometers per second. While people as fast as Monarch Armadillo Jade might be able to could suppress it, Xue Ying and his wife were both too weak to do so

The two exchanged a meaningful glance. Their combat power was not enough to suppress their opponent, and their speed was much slower as well. They simply had no way of escaping by either means.




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