Chapter 552: Willpower Breaking the Restriction!

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Xue Ying looked at Paragon Huo Cheng who was currently shackled within that dark cavern, laughing out, "In the Deity world, how many World Deities who are well-informed do not know of Paragon Huo Cheng?"

"Hahaha." Paragon Huo Cheng might be shackled, but he remained grinning all the still. He sighed, "You little brat, how could you be here at the Destruction Eden too?"

"I am undergoing trials to join the Destruction Legion." Xue Ying replied.

"Just you?" Paragon Huo Cheng shook his head and curled his lips. His movement had created many sounds of crashing as the shackles hit one another.

"Red-haired." A golden light descended. It was a golden-armored handsome male. The golden-armored handsome male sneered, "You don't belittle this Dong Bo brat. Dong Bo brat has already gotten through the first two trials, and am currently undergoing the final trial. As long as he passes through this, he'll be part of my Destruction Legion. Aren't you always crying out to let this avatar of yours out? Without any special reasons, there is no way we can let you leave the Destruction Eden. But Brat Dong Bo is different. He is a true life, and can enter and leave the Lake Heart ISland anytime. The moment he joins the Destruction Legion, he can bring your avatar out."

"Avatar?" Xue Ying was startled as he looked at Paragon Huo Cheng.

Paragon Huo Cheng laughed awkwardly. His red bearded face seemed to become even redder. Still, his face was originally red so there wasn't that much of a distinct difference, "That time, my avatar has entered the Lake Heart Island, yet it is too daring, resulting in a huge mess and is shackled here in the end! Who knows that my true body in the Deity world has actually lost its life after being assassinated from helping my good friend, leaving this body of mine left that is still shackled here without being able to leave. But still, I've already prepared a new avatar within my body and requested for these people from the Destruction Legion to help me, hoping for them to restrict this body of mine, and allow my other avatar to be sent out. Yet they rejected me."

"I hope you brat succeeded in your trials. By then, you can help bring my avatar out." Paragon Huo Cheng casually said, "Ai, actually, my confidence of you isn't that great. Other than Pang Yi, there hasn't been anyone who succeeded in joining the Destruction Legion."

"If I failed in the trials, I can't bring this avatar of yours out?" Xue Ying replied.

If he brought him out, this was a paragon existence, so how would he be afraid of the attacks by Nine Yang Palace Head?

"Impossible." Paragon Huo Cheng helplessly said, "I am a convict! Those who aren't part of the Destruction Legion could not even get close to this cavern."

"Ah." Xue Ying tried walking over. As he walked towards the cavern, there was a layer of forbidding array flowing. The deity marks were flowing and that prevented him from crossing through.

"I've already been trapped here for 113.4 billion years. So pitiful, truly pitiable." Paragon Huo Cheng sighed. He might be saying that on the mouth, but one could not feel the unhappiness from him either.

This might be the first time Xue Ying met him, but he felt that Paragon Huo Cheng was indeed a weirdo.

If he was to be trapped for so long, it would be tough for him to even laugh, right?

"Brat Dong Bo, what is your full name?" Paragon Huo Cheng asked.

"Senior, how long has it been since you contacted the outer world?" Xue Ying did not directly answer him.

"A very long time. Regardless, none could save me at all. My teacher and Pang Yi has formed some enmity. Teacher isn't willing to act. He might be a ruler existence, but this Destruction Eden has the power and arrays of the master of Lake Heart ISland left behind. Teacher does not dare to forcibly barge in." Paragon Huo Cheng curled his lips, "Initially, I would interact with some of the older friends, but it became less and less. I rather just seal all sorts of communication. Only my teacher will occasionally still contact me via karma."

Xue Ying felt puzzled and he could not help but ask, "May I know, Paragon Huo Cheng, which ruler existence is your teacher?"

Ruler existences could be counted with one's fingers.

It's just Bloodshed God Emperor and the others. He had never heard of whom was the teacher of Paragon Huo Cheng.

"My teacher is called 'Primal Master', and am the most ancient ruler in the Deity world and abyss." Paragon Huo Cheng's eyes were filled with respect and some fervor.

"The most ancient ruler? Primal Master?" Xue Ying felt puzzled. He had never heard of him before!

Paragon Huo Cheng sneered as he saw Xue Ying, "Dont Bo brat, not every single ruler wants to occupy a territory, and want to be famous! In the deity world, countless living beings only know of the three rulers, and they are the scheming Temporal Island Lord, the tyrannical and powerful Bloodshed God Emperor, and the more low-key Myriad God Palace Master. In reality, other than the three, there are another two who did not care about having a territory, and did not care about being famous. One is my teacher, 'Primal Master', and am the first ruler to emerge after the birth of the Deity world. The other is 'Empress Qian He', and the only female ruler in the Deity world and abyss."

Xue Ying felt his heart move.

He thought of a person.

That time during the Myriad Flower Feast, other than the Bloodshed God Emperor who was seated at the highest spot, there were two other rulers who came from the Dark Abyss. One was a natural and luxurious-looking woman, with an aura that was more reserved. That time, Xue Ying felt puzzled who this woman was for her status to be higher than the three ancestors.

"So there's actually five rulers in my deity world." Xue Ying sighed.

"Wait until you become a powerful existence, or that you lived for a longer period of time. You'll understand these things then." Paragon Huo Cheng casually said.

"Then what about the Dark Abyss?" Xue Ying asked.

"The Dark Abyss has a total of three rulers, nothing too concealing." Paragon Huo Cheng answered.

Xue Ying asked, "Then in addition to Primal Master, Empress Qian He, who is the strongest ruler in our Deity world?"

"I guess Bloodshed God Emperor. None is his opponent in terms of frontal battle." Paragon Huo Cheng said.

Xue Ying nodded, "Isn't senior asking for my name? I am Dong Bo Xue Ying! Also the personal disciple of the God Emperor."

Paragon Huo Cheng curled his lip. He did not find it puzzled since Xue Ying could get through two trials. He should be extraordinary in the Deity world.

"You brat is still bragging in front of me." Paragon Huo Cheng was quite amiable since he was finding for helpers, "You better hurry up with your cultivation, and not waste time. Faster break through the trial. I am waiting for you to save me! As long as you save me, this huge karma… is something I, Paragon Huo Cheng, will never forget in my entire life. The moment I leave, I'll give you plenty of good benefits."

"Plenty of good benefits?" Xue Ying was stunned.

"Mn, but it isn't useful to you since you are ultimately too weak. It might be of use to your teacher Bloodshed God Emperor." Paragon Huo Cheng said, "As long as you save me, I, Huo Cheng, will be your big brother in the future. Any matter you can just call me over."

He had been trapped for too long.

If he could be saved, this karma was too huge!

He had once thought of asking Pang Yi for help, but Pang Yi and his teacher, Primal Master, had some enmity, and would not act. Other than Pang Yi, the entire Deity world and Abyss had none who could save him.

"Rest assured, I'll try my best." Xue Ying replied.

Helping such an expert was sending karma to him. Naturally, he would do so.


Xue Ying and Paragon Huo Cheng chatted for half a day. He understood more about the behind-the-scene stories of Deity world and Abyss before continuing his stroll along the Destruction Eden, asking his true heart and analyzing it.

Year passed after year.

In the blink of an eye, the limit of 10,000 years was soon up. It was only a month left.


Xue Ying sat down cross-legged by the lake, looking at it. 10,000 years might have passed, and there was only a month left. This anxiety had long affected his state of mind.

"10,000 years is soon reaching. My willpower isn't able to break through the seal yet, and the hopes are small." Xue Ying's eyes were still filled with anxiety. He could not even sit down cross-legged peacefully. But suddenly, he was able to relax himself completely.


"If there's no other choices, then I'll just fail the trial."

"Monarch Mo Xue, it's only him that I feel sorry to." Xue Ying thought. Actually, Monarch Mo Xue had long consoled him since he had lived for a long period. And this time, Xue Ying had done much for him.

In his heart, he knew he could no longer succeed.

Right when he began accepting his failure, at this moment, the anxiety in his heart disappeared. Instead, it became more calm and relaxed!

Xue Ying's entire body trembled. His eyes brightened.

"Precisely because I have too much worries, my hometown, my children, my wife, cultivation, transcending to become a powerful existence, I am thinking too much. Only then am I full of worries." Xue Ying felt his heart becoming clearer, "But even if things become worse, so what? My children have already lived for a few tens of thousands of years. It is considered a long time already. My wife has lived for a longer period of time! Compared to the countless mortals, their lives are considered very long."

"Even I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, has lived for a long time, and am too dazzling. How many mortals could ever experience this? So what if I could not become a powerful existence? Living for more than hundreds of millions of years before dying isn't something I should feel unwilling about."

Xue Ying at this moment no longer felt any anxiety. Instead, he was satisfied and grateful.

Grateful for destiny, grateful for everything in letting him have a wife and children, allowing them to live such a good life.


No perplexity, no worries, no fear, emptiness heart realm, heart and mind together as one, moving forward without looking back.

His heart was filled with gratitude, with some curiosity towards the future, seeking to discover the wonder of this world. On this path of cultivation, he would do his utmost to proceed forward, overcoming all obstacles in the way and protecting what he deemed as important!

Within the consciousness of Xue Ying, that miniature 'Xue Ying' had started to become vaguely more transparent and am releasing some light…




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