Chapter 598: Arrangements

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"Right, this is my wife, Jing Qiu." Xue Ying passionately went to welcome him.

"Jing Qiu? She changed even her name after reincarnating." Forefather Golden Firmament looked at Jing Qiu, but he knew that it was different from the past. The current Jing Qiu had her husband, 'Xue Ying', backing her up. And Xue Ying was someone with a combat power not any weaker than his. After all, many experts had attended today's opening feast notably that life and death brother of his, Paragon Huo Cheng. Even if he wanted to vent his anger, it was not appropriate to do so today!

"Haha." Xue Ying laughed before changing the topic, "Forefather has given I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, respect for being here today. A little gratitude and grudge in the past showed that we are fated to meet. How about we continue chatting in private after the feast?"

"Alright." Forefather Golden Firmament nonchalantly acknowledged. He glanced at Jing Qiu, "Star Sword Mysterious Girl, your luck is not bad. In the past, you have your father protecting you, and now, you have your husband protecting you."

Jing Qiu stood by the side of Xue Ying, giggling, "Thank you, Forefather, for your praise. My luck has always been good."

Forefather Golden Firmament snorted before leaving.

He was already controlling himself not to act when facing Jing Qiu.

Sending Forefather Golden Firmament off, Jing Qiu let out a sigh of relief somewhat before transmitting a message over with a giggle, "Xue Ying, I still thought that Forefather Golden Firmament would come with hostile intention given the violent temper of his."

"He might be violent but not a fool." Xue Ying transmitted back, "If he dares to act, Big Brother Huo Cheng can defeat him with a single palm."


Guests were coming in succession.

There were quite a few Stage Four World Deities that attended, such as Calm Sea Prefecture Master whom he was friendly with, and Monarch Armadillo Jade and King Fu Qiong who he adventured with at the Lake Heart Island. Many stage four World Deities came, with the majority being those he had once befriended. Xue Ying was passionately welcoming them.

"Big Sister!"

A white-robed girl, 'Seventh Mei Yu', came with Monarch Mother Whirlpool.

Xue Ying and his wife brought along their children and welcomed them with greater enthusiasm. Even the smile on Jing Qiu became much brighter.

"Little sister." Jing Qiu was delighted. When they were at the Myriad Flower Feast, she had recognized her little sister, yet she did not dare reveal her identity.

"Little sister greets Big Sister and Uncle." Seventh Mei Yu was full of joy as well.

Xue Ying who was conversing with Monarch Mother Whirlpool began smiling even more brightly.

Monarch Mother Whirlpool laughed, "Haha, that time, this disciple of mine has participated in the Myriad Flower Feast together with Monarch. Who would have thought that she would end up being your wife's little sister? This is fate indeed."

"That time, this wife of mine has even hidden it from me. I didn't even know that Seventh Mei Yu was a girl." Xue Ying sighed and shook his head. Now that he thought back, it was fascinating.

"Yu'er, Qing Yao, why aren't you greeting your aunt?" Jing Qiu and her little sister were very close.


Dong Bo Yu and Qing Yao both obediently greeted.

"The two of you, bring your aunt together to find grandpa." Jing Qiu ordered.


"Aunt, follow us." Dong Bo Yu and Qing Yao were quite enthusiastic when meeting their aunt. Seventh Mei Yu had immediately spoken a few words with her teacher, Monarch Mother Whirlpool. Monarch Mother Whirlpool naturally replied, "Go, go." She had many disciples, yet she only brought Seventh Mei Yu this time. It was, of course, to close up the gap between them. After all, Xue Ying's combat power was extraordinary, and he was one of the Monarchs of the Five Places. If she met with danger, she could always come seeking Xue Ying for help.


The guests, other than Forefather Golden Firmament who had some disagreement with him, were relatively friendly. Some even had an extraordinary relationship with him.

Just then, two figures were walking in–one was a bald white-robed teenager, and the other was a white-haired child-looking old man.

Xue Ying took the initiative to welcome them, "Elder Disciple Brother, Forefather."

These two were none other than Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming and Forefather Scarlet Flame.

"I've long known that Junior Disciple Brother has a boundless future, yet I would never have thought that you could grow so fast." Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming's laughter was genuine, "Senior Disciple Brother has to say this to you–admirable."

"Senior Disciple Brother has overpraised me. It isn't a hard task for a grade one True Meaning Transcendent to become a stage four World Deity. I am merely fortunate that I could learn an absolute art." Xue Ying humbly replied.

"Lucky? There is no luck in combat power. Junior Disciple Brother, don't be too humble." Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming laughed giddily. He was apparently in a good mood.

"Oh right, Senior Disciple Brother." Xue Ying transmitted a message, "Let us have a good chat in private after the feast ends."

"Oh?" Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming was startled.

"It's regarding the enmity of Teacher." Xue Ying transmitted over.

Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming lightly nodded.

The death of Sacred Master Crimson Dust might not be related to him as he had never met him, yet there was gratitude which he had to repay the sacred master. Furthermore, the character of Sacred Master Crimson Dust was something Xue Ying admired. Besides, Forefather Black Devil was a crafty and sinister person. Thus, he had to avenge Crimson Dust for justice. If Sacred Master Crimson Dust was a devil, and Forefather Black Devil had done things in an honest and upright manner, Xue Ying might not be so urgent to resolve this feud. Secondly, there was ultimately some karma compelling him to act on it. Thirdly, this was training for himself. How could he possibly bury himself in cultivation forever?

"Alright." Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming nodded.

Xue Ying could see many thoughts flickering across the mind of Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming.

He had obtained the original book of the first half of "Blood Demon Scripture" and had decided to impart it onto others. But those who were qualified weren't many. He was still thinking to whom he should bestow the absolute art to!

"Xue Ying." Forefather Scarlet Flame had spoken two sentences before transmitting a message over, "Xue Ying ah, there's a matter that I'll have to trouble you on."

"What trouble? If you have anything, just tell me. Even if I have to risk my life, I'll not think twice about doing it." Xue Ying immediately answered. He could not forget the enormous kindness Forefather Scarlet Flame had presented to him! If Forefather Scarlet Flame had not acted that time, Xue Ying did not dare imagine how he would be like today.

Forefather Scarlet Flame felt warmth in his heart at that moment.

That time, he had helped Xue Ying solely because his heart was stirred, yet the gratitude made Xue Ying willing to risk his life to repay this favor.

"You don't necessarily have to risk your life, just that this matter is quite complex. Since there are too many guests present, let us have a chat after the feast." Forefather Scarlet Flame said.

"Alright, we'll talk in detail after the feast then." Xue Ying nodded.


Guests continued streaming in. Most of them were stage four World Deities and powerful existences. There were even the stronger ones amongst the powerful existences like 'North Hu Palace Head' and senior disciple brother 'Monarch Gu Zang'.

Monarch Gu Zang was frequently in closed-door cultivation, and rarely would he leave.

But he had to participate in Xue Ying's opening feast! It puzzled many of the powerful existences present, but there was another matter that shocked them–

"Dong Bo Xue Ying." A figure came walking from the front door. It was a violet-gowned male. His eyes were long and narrow, and he was emitting an invisible aura that made even the hearts of powerful existences tremble.

"Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master!"

"It is Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master." The other guests present were feeling astonished. Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master was one of the three ancestors. His combat power was deep and unfathomable. Whenever he acted, it would shock the world.

Xue Ying naturally took the initiative in welcoming him. He understood a lot of things now. He knew that the Dao Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master opened was the 'Dao of Destruction Lightning'. This Dao was extraordinarily tyrannical and powerful, and its speed was transcendental. Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master had opened this Dao when he was a stage four World Deity. He was currently ranked 18th on the Cosmos Deity-Demon List and was comparable with the ancient Paragon Huo Cheng.

Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master chuckled, "Congratulations."

"I have never expected for Prefecture Master to come today. It is truly making thrilled." Xue Ying added.

"You are feeling thrilled because I came?" Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master had a smile, "Then what if your Eldest Disciple Brother came?"

"Eldest Disciple Brother?" Xue Ying was stunned.

Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master then turned around.

Xue Ying looked over.

A figure came walking over. His hair was messy and scattered. He was wearing a simple gray robe, and his eyes seemed warm and amiable. He was walking barefooted, and his legs were massive. As he stepped on the ground, it felt like he was a ruler of the surrounding world. His aura might not be domineering, but it still caused other cultivators present to feel an urge of declaring allegiance.

Xue Ying immediately understood who came–it was a legendary existence in both the Deity world and the Abyss–Monarch Green!



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